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Fruitful Ministry in Borneo Despite Challenges

INDONESIA (INS)—Despite challenging travel conditions, Oneness Fullness Witness missionaries have settled in the remote hinterlands of Borneo and have already won 28 souls to God’s Kingdom.

OFW, an Intercede International partner mission based in Indonesia, has an evangelistic team dwelling among the Dayak tribe of Sanggau, in western Borneo.

“Till now, we are still full in spirit in the frontline of evangelism expansion only on behalf of our Almighty God in Christ Jesus’ Kingdom on this earth,” declared OFW leader Daniel Antone, in an Intercede Field Report.

“Our team Rev. Sipur Christopeni and Evangelist Masna Simamora have hearts longing deeply to reach and to serve many non-Christian lost souls there,” reports Antone. “The conditions in areas of hinterland Borneo island are very difficult—full of challenges. There are very badly damaged roads, in rainy season the lands are very muddy.” A local river sometimes floods. Occasionally there is no land transportation available, so the OFW missionaries have to travel by foot, or use a small boat or strong bicycles.

“Praise the Lord, only by God’s help in Christ our faithful native ministers there were able to win 28 new souls,” reported Antone last November. Missionaries have been teaching those new Christians the Gospel. They were all baptized in the Kapuas River.

Now, “those new Christians together with the native ministers want to build a simple permanent church there,” Antone explains. The missionaries need about $3,400 to construct a church building and Christian library. “We say thank you very much for all of your special attention and for your generous financial help as long as the years you have ever supported help for all of us in Indonesia. Surely, by steady faith in our daily prayer, the Lord will be pleased to bless you all in Canada more abundantly in return.”

Other OFW missionaries visit Javanese tribal villages and have established a home church among new Christians, with weekly worship services.


Photo: A Oneness Fullness Witness missionary preaches to listeners in a forest.

April 12, 2017


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