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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the primary purpose of Intercede International?

To encourage and strengthen New Testament Christianity, particularly where Christians are impoverished, few, or persecuted; and to encourage Christian witness and ministry to the International community in North America. Intercede’s chief purpose is to establish a witness for our Lord among all nations. Matthew 24:14

Do you send out foreign missionaries?

Yes, we do send our staff and international representatives to other nations as missionaries that do missions work and research. We concentrate on sending indigenously trained missionaries serving with local indigenous based missions boards (native to their land) to reach their own peoples and other unreached tribes in their own nations. Intercede International also sends out short term mission teams from Canadian churches to visit and help in the various indigenous missions we are serving around the world.

Where is Intercede International located?

Intercede International is located in Fort Erie, Ontario, just across the border from Buffalo, N.Y., about a 2 hour drive from Toronto, or a half hour drive from Niagara Falls. Located on a lot  is the Canadian Headquarters. It serves as a nerve center for 51 indigenous ministries with collective outreaches in more than 50 nations. In addition, Intercede’s Overseas Material Aid Shipments program (OMA) and Missions Conference Centre is also in Fort Erie at another location: 3397 Garrison Rd HWY 3 in Ridgeway Ontario.
Intercede’s address is 201 Stanton Street, Fort Erie, ON L2A 3N8. We may be reached at 1-800-871-0882. Email inquiries may be sent to friends@intercedenow.ca.

How many missionaries are available to go out with the gospel today?

The 51 Indigenous groups with which we have established partnership collectively have close to a 1000 missionaries teacher and workers on the field and many more would be ready to go if support were to become available. Many more thousands of other national workers in mission field countries, though not partnering with Intercede, are there doing the job of world evangelism.

Where did all these missionaries come from?

Out of tens of thousands of indigenous churches that God has raised up in other nations during the past 100 years. As new churches are born out of evangelical revivals in Asia, Africa, and Latin America, they very quickly begin to send out missionaries. Hundreds of these gospel workers have given up secular employment to go out by faith in full-time service for the Lord. Many are Bible school or university graduates.

What about the thousands who are ready and waiting to go out – what are they doing now?

Some are about to finish their training in Bible schools. Others are working to provide for their families. If support were available for their families they would go out immediately.

Why do the indigenous mission boards not provide support for their own workers?

Many do; but most of the mission boards that Intercede helps are based in lands of abject poverty. A billion people, including many evangelical Christians in Asia, Africa and Latin America, have jobs that provide small income. They stay alive by growing tiny plots of rice, fishing, or hunting insects. Those who do have paying jobs give generously and sacrificially. They give until it hurts, but their wages are so low that all their tithes and offerings may be only a few dollars a week. So there often are little or no funds available to send out missionaries in poorer countries.

If these mission boards have so little income, why don’t they give up and quit trying something they can’t afford?

Because of the Great Commission. Christ commanded His disciples to go and tell the Good News to every creature. Our Christian brothers in poorer countries believe that this command applies to them as well as to those in rich countries such as Canada and the USA. So they continue to send out missionaries even though they have little to no support for them.