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President’s Perspective

Survivors and Samaritans

By James S. Eagles

Jesus …said, ‘A certain man … fell among thieves… But a certain Samaritan, as he journeyed, came where he was: and when he saw him, he had compassion on him… and took care of him. – Luke 10:30-34 KJV

james_eaglesWe are living amidst unprecedented change, disaster, calamity—and yet behind all this bad news, a great opportunity—global opportunities that the living God has put in our path by which we as believers can make an eternal difference for the individual souls of men and even the destiny of nations.

As Christians we must take our position now and stand in the gap for the innocent, the downtrodden, the poor and the persecuted—because God has given this task to us. Now is the time for Christians to Intercede—because He is our Immanuel—God with us and He is coming back soon!

A Great Missionary Story

In the Bible, Luke, the beloved physician, recorded our Lord’s perspective on this in the story of the Good Samaritan. This story is an analogy of missions work today—reaching out beyond our comfort zone to make an eternal difference in the lives of others. In the pages of this issue you will read about the work of many Good Samaritans with our focus on Latin America and the Caribbean.

Tragedy is a certainty in this world. And certain people are going through all types of it. Affliction, tribulation and great hardship fall as rain upon the just and unjust alike. And whether it be experiencing the horrors of war, as many are in Ukraine and also in many parts of the Middle East, Christians in many developing countries often suffer the same fate or even worse than their non-Christian countrymen. Just recently, a young evangelist street preacher was gunned down by gangs in El Salvador as he declared the Gospel in an open-air meeting. But Christians there are not letting this stop their outreach and their witness—in fact they are increasing their witness to bring a witness of Christ’s love to these street gang members.

The Good Samaritan “as he journeyed, came where he was.” Christ’s message is about opportunity. The Samaritan’s journey was guided by God. God presented him with a great opportunity and a choice. Global opportunities to minister Christ’s redeeming Gospel exist today as never before. We must not lose sight of these great open doors. Right now isolated tribal groups are being reached in Peru, Colombia and Bolivia by Latino missionaries—and we can encourage these missionaries by our prayers and by our gifts of support.

“When he saw him… he had compassion on him.” Christ’s message is about compassion.

The Samaritan himself had experienced attack and discrimination. He identified with this man’s suffering and saw the awful calamity that befell this poor soul. He saw him not as a disturbance to his regular routine in life but as someone to whom the Almighty had directed him to help. The Israelite Survivor suffered the need and the Good Samaritan recognized the need. Compassion then drew them together.

In many poor countries today, Christians are both Survivors and Samaritans. Inside this issue of Mission Gateway I hope you will hear their hearts, see their world ™ and be moved to intercede on their behalf.

“He… took care of him.” Christ’s message is about action. Today we are encompassed about with a great cloud of witnesses who are both Survivors and Samaritans. Intercede exists to introduce them to you. As believers we are called and chosen to Intercede Now on behalf of those outside of Christ and those of His Body who suffer! While opportunities yet remain, the time for Intercession is now. Shall Jesus find our faith in action and us standing in the gap when He returns? Let’s continue to intercede in prayer and with our financial support to rescue the perishing, bring hope to the poor and relieve the affliction of the persecuted and bring an eternal witness to the multitudes whose souls hang in the balance.