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Bible Distribution Integral to India-based Ministries

May 30, 2019

FORT ERIE, Ont. (INS)—Distributing the Bible and other Christian literature are integral to two India-based indigenous ministries partnered with Intercede. Thousands of people have become Christians as a result of their work.

For more than 60 years, since 1958, Karnataka-based Siloam Evangelical Fellowship has won thousands to Christ through literature distribution, evangelism, and practical demonstrations of Christ’s love. SEF has been dedicated to working for the Word of God and for the testimony of Jesus Christ. The ministry has a goal to reach every home in the state of Karnataka with the Gospel within the next few years—and to make Christ known to many perishing souls in these last days. They have also expanded their ministry to neighbouring states.

SEF workers distribute hundreds of thousands of tracts and Scripture portions through Gospel booths, reading rooms, and correspondence courses. In places such as hospitals, schools, marketplaces, train and bus stations, SEF workers bring the written Word of God to those lost without Christ. Letters, such as the following one, arrive at ministry headquarters often:

“I saw your Bible showcase on the railway platform at Hubli station and read a Scripture portion. I received Christ as my Saviour. Please send me a Bible in the Marathi language.”

Praise God that many people receive Christian literature with great joy. “Yet some young men refused to take them,” reported then-leader Rev. Jesuratnam Buraga, who passed away in June 2018. His wife, Mariamma has since taken on the leadership of SEF. “However, praise God with us that a total of 210 souls have made a strong decision for Christ and 184 souls were baptized in different places through SEF.”

Each December, SEF missionaries hold Gospel meetings and reach thousands of people. For example, SEF held Free Health Camps and Gospel Meetings two years ago in four villages. “In four days of Gospel Meetings 20 new souls made decisions for Christ and were added to our church at Markapur Town,” reported Buraga. “We distributed more than 10,000 Gospel tracts house to house. The program was very fruitful for the Lord’s glory. Many pastors and village people have appreciated the program and glorified the Lord.”

Rev. Buraga’s life and leadership of SEF reflected his focus on the Word of God. “He communicated the Word of God with confidence, simplicity and authority to many kinds of people,” reported his son, Paul Buraga, Secretary of SEF, in an October 2018 Field Report. “Because he did not compromise the Gospel to please the itching ears of men, God blessed his ministry with a growing church of godly men and women who are spreading the Good News throughout India. He attracted many people who inwardly groan for eternity because he conveyed eternity in his earthly life. In India, he was well known, both inside and outside the Christian community, among rich and the poor.

“Rev. Buraga showed a keen interest in delving into the truths of the Scriptures,” explained Paul Buraga. “He used to display an insatiable appetite in learning God’s Word, after his conversion at the age of 14 with a God-given vision of starting a ministry in Hubli, Karnataka State, in order to train and win lost souls. Siloam Evangelical Fellowship became a reality in the year 1958, with a vision to win the lost souls for His Kingdom.”

Currently, SEF urgently needs to print at least 200,000 Gospel tracts in the Kanarese and Telugu languages for village evangelism purpose, as its pastors often request Gospel tracts.


Christmas Evangelism

Intercede ministry partner Orissa Follow-Up, based in the state of Orissa (now known as Odisha), distributes Bibles as part of its evangelism program. Thousands of people attend OFU’s Christmas Festival Celebrations. OFU missionaries welcome new believers, seekers and people from other faiths to attending those meetings and hear the Word of God. The mission provides meals, accommodations and free Christian literature to the participants. OFU needs more Bibles in various languages for its evangelistic outreach.

Praise God for these ministries and how they are reaching so many unreached people with the Gospel.


Photo: A Siloam Evangelical Fellowship missionary (right) gives Bibles to children and youth.