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Matching Gift Challenge For Savannah Boys’ Home
By: admin
Jul 22, 2015

Matching Gift Challenge For Savannah Boys’ Home
The construction of the Savannah Boys’ Home has seen great progress over the last few months! About 50% of the work has been completed to date. We praise God for all the faithful friends who have contributed to help make the Boys’ Home a reality. To date we have raised and disbursed about 50% of the total amount needed. The remaining amount needed for the dorm, caretakers’ houses, latrines and furnishings is $70,000.

Exciting New Development!
Recently, a Canadian donor has come forth who has offered to match dollar for dollar for up to half that amount – $35,000. This means when we receive all the other donations from all the friends of this project, totalling $35,000, this donor will match this amount!
We praise and thank our Lord for this amazing development! Pray for this to happen. It would be awesome to have this realized by June 30, 2014, because then the Boys and caretakers could be in their new home by the end of this year!