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Donations May Also Be Made…



1. By making a donation by Credit Card by Telephone or by regular Mail:

(VISA, MasterCard or American Express) During normal business hours: Call 1-800-871-0882 OR 905-871-1773 to make a donation over the phone or send to the Address on this page.
Donations by credit card may be a one time gift or the donor may choose to setup such gifts on an automatic preauthorized monthly, bimonthly or quarterly basis on the credit card.


2. By cheque or monthly, PreAuthorized automatic withdrawals:

from your bank account.: Send in to the INTERCEDE office your single cheque, post dated cheques or for PAP’s – a “void” cheque, with an accompanying note, stating how much you would like withdrawn from your bank account on the 1st or the 16th of the month and gift designation, if any.
Donations by cheque should be made payable to “Intercede International” and Mailed to:
Intercede International
201 Stanton St
Fort Erie, ON L2A 3N8


3. Donations of Securities:

(stocks, bonds etc) may be made as Gifts in Kind to Intercede International with no taxation on the capital gain. This recent decision by the federal government provides welcome tax relief for those who wish to give gifts of securities. Please contact Intercede by phone, letter or by email and the Mission together with the Mission’s broker shall help arrange for the orderly transfer of your gift of securities.


4. Donations of Material Aid (Gifts in Kind):

Intercede welcomes gifts of material aid either to send overseas on container shipments or other gifts of equipment, land, real estate or items of value which can be sold and the funds used in Missionary work. Gifts which qualify will be receipted for income tax purposes. Material gifts in kind with a valuation of more than $1000 will require an appraisal to be done for the Mission by a qualified business or appraiser and then the appraised valuation will be receipted for income tax purposes. Contact us for more information.


5. Donations by Planned Giving:

Call or write Intercede International or check for updates to this site which explain the innovative ways senior citizens can receive income while providing for future giving in a planned manner. For more information on Gift Annuities, trusts, and other Planned Gifing instruments call or write today or visit this web site for future Planned Giving information. INTERCEDE is a co-sponsor with LINK CHARITIES. Please Call for James Eagles 1-800-871-0882 for more details.

6. Donating by Your Will – Estate Planning:

Call or write today for more information.

About Intercede International

You can be a partner today with the exciting and strategic work being done by Intercede International in partnership with indigenous Christian Missions in many nations by your intercessory prayers and gifts for this ministry.

Intercede International is a national Canadian Charity involved in foreign missions work in Canada since 1953 and registered in 1969. The Mission is authorized to issue charitable donation receipts for tax purposes at year end.

Charitable Registration Number: 130520802 RR0001

Intercede International is governed by a Canadian, independent, arms length board of directors and is audited annually by a Chartered Accountant and has been a Certified Member of the Canadian Council of Christian Charities (CCCC) since 1986. Annual reports are published in our magazine and a copy of our Annual Audited report is available upon request. You can give with confidence to Intercede International.

Intercede International Donations Policy

When making a donation to Intercede International, the donor acknowledges that the gift will be pooled with all other donations and disbursed by Intercede International according to its financial policy for donations. Restricted gifts are deemed by Intercede International to include a share of direct expenditures incurred by a ministry project. When gifts exceed a need or if the project for which the gift is designated becomes inactive or unassignable for any reason, then those gifts or any overage shall be used to meet other needs. Assigned and general gifts are expended at the discretion of Intercede International. Gifts will not be accepted for purposes that are not within Intercede International’s objects. Intercede International shall at all times strive to provide comprehensive information about its work and organization to all inquirers. Remuneration of staff and representatives is not based on gifts or commissions. Donors are advised to seek independent professional counsel before committing to a large gift or endowment to Intercede International. Gifts are acknowledged, and where applicable, receipted with an official receipt for income tax purposes at year end.

Your Questions or Comments are Welcome and may be made from this site’s webmail at Contact us:or by emailing us at friends@intercedenow.ca