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Fall 2020




Intercede Articles

Commitment to Serve God in Southeast Asia - Alan Doerksen

Indigenous Christian leaders in Southeast Asia face many obstacles such as persecution, COVID-19 and lack of physical resources. But one thing they have in abundance is commitment—commitment to serve God.

Commitment is something lacking in much of modern western society, from marriage to church involvement. Many people make decisions lightly without reflecting on what the consequences or positive outcomes might be. Some embrace Christianity with enthusiasm, but then abandon their faith when hard times come—not realizing that God is with them and can help them through the rough patches in life.

Missionaries Reach Young Hearts for the Lord in the Philippines - Alan Doerksen

Missionaries with Intercede partner ministry Student Missionary Outreach realize that hearts reached while young will have many years to serve the Lord. So they focus on reaching young people of the Philippines for Christ. “Every Christian student, a campus missionary” is SMO’s motto. And some, indeed, have become fulltime missionaries.

The God Of Great Surprises - Alan Doerksen and Nenita Del Mundo

This year has been challenging for Student Missionary Outreach leader Nenita del Mundo because of COVID-19. She had planned to spend a few months in North America itinerating on behalf of the ministry. But the COVID crisis changed her schedule radically, and she and her son Theonikko (Nikko) were stranded in New York City with her sister and family for several months. Yet despite these circumstances, del Mundo saw the good work God was doing.

Ministry Couple Works Selflessly Among Manila’s Urban Poor - Alan Doerksen

Nemuel and Ruth Palma have literally put their lives on the line to serve the Lord as leaders of Smoky Mountain Ministries. Despite facing life-threatening circumstances and serious illnesses, they continue to serve faithfully with this Intercede partner ministry based in the slums of Manila, in the Philippines.

Mission Inspirations: Today - By Eliud Herrera

After a long and productive Christian life, my father, Antonio Herrera Centeno, passed on to glory on June 10, 2020. In my plans I would visit him after a mission trip to my native El Salvador. I came back on March 1, and I postponed the visit. Then COVID-19 happened. Canada and the United States closed the borders, and I could not go over to Depew, New York, where my Dad lived and died. Hence I did not attend his funeral service—I just sadly watched a video stream of the service. All my plans and millions of peoples’ plans changed because small micro-organisms that at the time of this article are still affecting lives daily.

Middle Eastern Ministries Respond Creatively to COVID-19 - Alan Doerksen

As the world adjusts the COVID-19 pandemic, three indigenous ministries based in the Middle East have been taking creative approaches to helping people in physical and spiritual need.

INDIA: Church Growth During Lock-Down Period

God has blessed Orissa Follow-Up’s ministries recently despite COVID-19 and natural disasters.  

“After COVID-19, each individual family has become a church,” reports OFU leader Bishop Hrudaya. “When family churches begin to worship and pray in their homes daily, the neighbour families are curiously participating—hence growth is taking place.

SIERRA LEONE: Profound Thanks and Appreciation

Mitford Macauley, leader of New Creation Ministries, is grateful to God and to Intercede prayer partners.

I am feeling much better today,” Macauley reported in a June Field Report. “I must say that I am overwhelmed with a lot of emotions. I feel that I belong to a very loving and caring community of brethren.

Sponsor a Child, Save a Life!

In many parts of the world today, children live in deplorable conditions. They lack the basic necessities Canadians often take for granted-such as food, clothing, shelter, educa­tion, medical care-and the love and security of home and family. For many children, this is due to being orphaned at a very early age-while others have single parents living in abject poverty or with chronic disabilities. Indigenous missionaries see thousands of chil­dren who desperately need help, but they are limited in what they can do.