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Intercede Articles

Ministries Reach Out to Children and Youth in Biblical Lands - Alan Doerksen

In the midst of the uncertainty of life in the Middle East, two ministries partnered with Intercede are ministering to children and youth in Israel and Jordan in powerful, life-changing ways.

Camp Gilead is the largest youth evangelism program in Jordan, run by Manara Outreach Ministries. Perched on two-and-a-half acres atop a mountain, Camp Gilead has been giving young people the best news in the world since 1976. Many Christians now living in Jordan have attended Camp Gilead—as a believer or unbeliever. Eighty percent of the young people who come each year have never heard the Gospel.

African Ministries Rescue and Nurture Orphans and Street Kids - Alan Doerksen

Rescuing and nurturing orphans, street kids and other troubled children are focuses of two of Intercede’s partner ministries in Africa. The transformed lives of the children in their care show the good results.

Years ago, the Lord placed a burden on Winnie Owiti’s heart for the destitute people in East Africa—such as orphans and street children. In 1993, Winnie established Ebenezer Life Centre in Kenya to reach out to and help those vulnerable people. The Centre includes four primary ministries: the Ebenezer Orphanage, Ebenezer Christian School, the Tido Rehabilitation Centre for Street Children, and the Widow and Single Mothers Program. 

Father’s House Helps Transform Lives of Ukrainian Orphans and Street Kids - Alan Doerksen

Life is hard for the vulnerable street children of Ukraine. They often beg in the streets, sniff glue, and live in public washrooms. Some have been abused by their parents and cannot return home safely. But Father’s House, an indigenous Christian ministry based in Ukraine and partnered with Intercede, is bringing hope, healing and transformation into the lives of these children.

Dr. Roman Korniyko and his wife Natasha started Father’s House in 1996, as a ministry dedicated to rescuing street children, abused, neglected and runaway children, and giving them a safe place to live, in a Christian family environment.

Peruvian Ministry Helps Poverty-Stricken Children - Alan Doerksen

Up in the Andes Mountains of Peru, Churches of Ayacucho missionaries partnered with Intercede have an intensive ministry among poor children—teaching them the Bible and providing for their physical needs.

The Quechua people of Ayacucho have a need for hope after decades of oppression and poverty. For instance Shining Path Communist terrorists swept through this region in the 1980s and ’90s—killing people and burning down or taking over entire villages. The scars still remain, but the Quechuas are finding that Jesus is their hope. 

Ministries in Haiti and El Salvador Offer Freedom to Troubled Children and Youth - Alan Doerksen

Children and youth in Haiti and El Salvador face great challenges such as poverty, voodoo culture and dangerous gangs. But two of Intercede’s partner ministries are reaching out to children and youth with programs that offer God’s message of salvation and freedom.

Guiding and Helping Children in a Youthful Nation - Alan Doerksen

The Philippines is a very youthful country, with 33 percent of the population being aged 14 or younger.  Therefore it should be no surprise that several of Intercede’s ministry partners in the Philippines—such as the Good Shepherd’s Fold and Smoky Mountain Ministries—focus primarily on outreach to children and youth. 


A Higher Call From Tailoring to Sowing - A Tribute to My Parents’ legacy - Eliud Herrera

My father Pablo Antonio Herrera Centeno was born into a humble family in San Miguel, El Salvador, in 1927. His father was a shoemaker, and all his children one way or another helped their father to make end meets, so they started very early in life to work in different jobs  My father was in his youth a cotton picker. He walked long distances to get to the fields, and then started the arduous labour of harvesting.

PERU: Yanesha Tribe Opens Up to Gospel

“A new and exciting development in our ministry is that God has raised up a team of young people in our congregation who have a burden for taking God’s Word to tribal people of the jungle,” reports Peter Hocking of Peru-based Segadores. Hocking is encouraging and orienting them personally, giving them teaching on what it means to follow Christ, and to serve Him in another culture.

PHILIPPINES: Successful, Inspiring National Youth Conference

Student Missionary Outreach had a successful national conference in April and May that “ended in victory.”

“The SMO-NYC 2019 (National Youth Conference) ended in victory as our workers, missionaries, student leaders, pastors convened at the SMO Promised Land in Murcia for a five-day Meeting and Fellowship,” reports SMO leader Neneng Del Mundo.

INDIA: Ministry Grateful For Intercede Container

“Schools of Education students and staff of Orissa Follow-Up gratefully acknowledge the container of love sent by Intercede International,” reports Bishop Hrudaya, leader of this Intercede partner ministry.

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