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Fall 2021



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Indigenous missionaries in Africa face many challenges such as how to reach numerous isolated tribes, dealing with increased persecution of Christians, widespread poverty and rampant diseases such as COVID-19 and Ebola. But with God’s empowerment—along with support from Intercede International and its prayer partners—these missionaries are expanding God’s Kingdom rapidly across Africa.

In this issue of Intercede, we will explore the work of Intercede’s eight partner ministries in Africa.

Since 1998, New Creation Ministries, led by Rev. Mitford Macauley, has been reaching out to poor and suffering people of Sierra Leone such as war amputees and Ebola orphans with encouragement, help and the love of God.

From March 2014 till early 2016, Sierra Leone suffered from an Ebola crisis which caused thousands of children to become orphans. “It is my conviction that hundreds of these orphans will end up left out to fend for themselves,” declared Macauley around that time. “I have been strongly thinking of pursuing a vision to start an orphanage for both boys and girls, which I have had within me for some years now—waiting for the right time. I feel strongly that now is the right time—yet we know we cannot do it alone. We will need the help and support of our friends out there.”

Rev. Sylvester Okang’o began Kenya Evangelism Team in 1972 with one church. Intercede partner ministry KET now has more than 350 churches with more than 700 pastors, evangelists and missionaries, who lead thousands of believers. KET concentrates on reaching those who have never had exposure to the Gospel. Its missionaries live simply, and go into the most remote rural areas to reach different tribes—such as the Turkanas.

Missionaries with Intercede partner Christ Evangelistic Fellowship Ministries travel to the hinterlands of Liberia—through jungles, across lakes, and along unforgiving roads. Although they face opposition from Muslims and idol-worshippers, they share the Gospel faithfully across this western African nation.

In the mid-1980s, Rev. James Cuffee started Christ Evangelical Fellowship Ministries after receiving a special message from God.

Even in the 21st century, some tribes in Kenya have not been reached yet with the Gospel. But Intercede partner  Cornerstone Evangelistic Ministries is focused on reaching them—no matter what obstacles are in the way.


East African street children are hard to love. “They don’t take a bath, they sniff glue, they’re dirty, and they’re rough,” says Winnie Owiti, director of Intercede partner ministry Ebenezer Life Centre in Kenya. “For sure, if you don’t have a calling to deal with street children, you just don’t want them around.” But Winnie has been called by God to work with street kids, and has made a dramatic difference in their lives and the lives of other destitute people, through the ministry of Ebenezer Life Centre.

South Sudan is a nation that has suffered from years of civil war in which more than 400,000 people have died and four million were displaced before the government and opposing forces signed a fragile peace accord in October 2020. In this dangerous environment, Intercede partner South Sudan Mission has been reaching out to the suffering children and youth of South Sudan with the love and compassion of Christ.

Ethiopia is a land that has seen decades of underdevelopment due to wars and famines. From 1974 till 1991, a Marxist regime ruled the country and persecuted Christians. But since 1991, there has been unprecedented freedom for Christian evangelism, and Protestant churches have been growing rapidly. In this environment, Rhema Gospel Mission, partnered with Intercede, has been planting churches, teaching and evangelizing across the country—along with helping poor and orphaned children.

Like your name, so distant

I’ve often wondered how you are

Your photo shows your shyness,

Only a likeness from afar.

HAITI (INS)—On August 14, Haiti was struck by a devastating 7.2 magnitude earthquake, which caused major destruction in southwestern Haiti and killed more than 2,100 people. Living Word Ministries, Intercede International’s partner ministry in Haiti, plans to assist people hurt by the earthquake.

UKRAINE—At a spring 2021 Christian evangelistic meeting in Ukraine, evangelist Slavik Radchuk heard a dramatic testimony from a woman who attended.