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Remembering His Body Proclaiming the Good News!

Dear Friend in Christ, A cup of cold water, a widow’s mite, a boy’s lunch; Our Lord spoke in terms of simple things with which we all could identify. Thank God the Scriptures speak clearly of not despising the day of small things. Tremendous opportunities to serve Christ and His people and to impact the lost abound on every hand. Let us Hear the Hearts of our partner missionaries and see how we can assist them.

Intercede’s Global Mission Fund - Where Most Needed

Our Global Missions Fund has seven targeted Regional Operation’s Needs: These are expenditures on behalf of Indigenous missions that are often overlooked or rarely mentioned in our mailings because of all the crises currently getting our attention and which primarily need to be addressed. But these also need to be addressed: expenditures and income are needed on behalf of indigenous missions for each World Region to pay for such things as transportation, printing, mailing, representation, distribution and multimedia on their behalf, according to each region.

Intercede’s Home Operations Fund: To Finish Recovery From Deficit and Help Home Operations Going Forward

Intercede International carries out its Gospel programs with 51 indigenous ministry partners. The full-time staff works hard to keep Canadian supporters informed about the work of partner missions.

Sierra Leone, India and El Salvador: Let’s Build Homes for Orphans in West Africa and India, and a Youth Centre in El Salvador

Help our New Creation Ministries partner in Sierra Leone to build a home for the children who have lost their parents to Ebola and establish a mission centre to a region predominantly Muslim.

Enable Orissa Follow-Up in Orissa, India to build its Kuruda Child Development Centre. 120 children live and study at the centre, so the ministry needs more buildings to house and educate these and other children.

New Life Ministries in El Salvador presents the hope of the Gospel to youth to bring them out of the terrible gang violence lifestyle that is ravaging this nation. The vision is to empower youth to find their purpose, to have the presence of God in their lives and to help them find their place in life, away from the gang lifestyle. Help this ministry build and equip a Christian Youth Centre in El Salvador.

LEPERS: Help Lepers in India Experience Care and the Message of Salvation

Pray for God’s blessing on Peace Ministries India’s ministries related to leprosy victims. Over the years, PMI has conducted more than 100 programs for lepers. At each program, they are given bags of rice, new clothes, a fellowship meal and a small amount of cash for their travel.

Iran: "Harvest Iran Ministries" Help Reach Iranians Inside and Outside of Iran With The Gospel

Despite the severe persecution of the church in Iran, it is growing by leaps and bounds! Intercede has means through which we can minister information for prayer, and support to help Iranian Missionaries inside and outside of Iran.

“SILK ROAD NATIONS”: Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkey

Support for outreaches to these Silk Road Muslim nations is a priority now of the Great Commission. Training missionaries, discipling new believers and establishing churches and distribution of Bibles and Gospel literature.

Nigeria, Chad, Niger: Help Intercede For the Persecuted in Nigeria and aid people in IDP camps

Christians who live in these regions have been severely persecuted and congregations have been subjected to shooting rampages by the Boko Haram terrorists.

Canada: VE HICLE: Provide a Vehicle to Attawapiskat By Year End. $10,000 Still Needed.

Attawapiskat Native Ministries needs a new van or fourwheel drive vehicle for its ministry in that northern Ontario comunity, by year end if possible. The remaining amount needed is about $10,000 including the cost to transport it in on a winter ice road. Please pray about this need.


Help Spread the Gospel—Give Them Bibles! Indigenous mission movements everywhere need the Scriptures in the languages of the peoples to whom they are reaching out. Put several Bibles or New Testaments into their hands for just a few dollars.


Help Spread the Gospel—Send a Native Missionary! There are thousands of native missionaries serving the Lord in many nations, and thousands more trained and ready to go, if they just had a little to help provide for their families while they travel to spread the Good News. For a relatively small amount a native missionary can be sent forth: ($50-$200) per month.

Jordan, Syria, Iraq: Help Minister to Refugees in Jordan With the Gospel

Intercede International is at work with indigenous Christian ministries reaching Muslims in these nations. Intercede is able to minister to the great influx of refugees both Christians and non-Christians from Iraq and Syria and bring them help and the Hope of the Gospel in the midst of the chaos of war and atrocities.