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Equipping a Broadcasting Ministry to Expand God's Kingdom

UKRAINE (INS)—Broadcast evangelism has been an especially effective outreach method for the Ukraine-based Good Samaritan Mission, an Intercede partner. The Lord has opened a wide door for GSM to reach huge areas of Eastern Europe and Central Asia and beyond with the Good News via radio and television.

When the Communists lost power in Ukraine in 1990, Ukrainian evangelist Slavik Radchuk and other members of GSM immediately started preparing to broadcast the Gospel over government-run TV. “It will cost $150,000 for a weekly program for a year,” they were told. This was far more than they could hope to collect, so they prayed about the situation.

Several years later, a new man was placed in charge of media communications for the government. When Radchuk learned of it, he said, “Why, that’s the man who had his office next to mine when I was evangelism director for GSM.”

Radchuk paid him a visit. The new man offered him a bargain price of only $17,000 to broadcast a TV program every other week for a year. When Radchuk shared this news with believers in North America, one man immediately wrote a cheque to cover the cost of the air time. As a result, the Gospel was broadcast for one year to 54 million Ukrainians.

“Radio and television are expensive,” says Radchuk. But GSM’s radio and TV broadcasts reach a potential audience of millions for Christ, across vast areas. “I started a radio program when freedom came,” explains Radchuk, referring to the fall of Communism in the former Soviet Union. “The Communist system built a special radio system.” Under the Communists, there was only one national radio station, through which programs were broadcast throughout Ukraine. To publicize Communist propaganda, each home, government office, hotel or factory had radio receivers installed which could not be shut off, so that people had to listen to broadcasts. Now, GSM is using that system, and Ukrainians are receiving a better message: the Good News of Jesus Christ!

The Gospel continues to be broadcast weekly over a radio network that has the potential to reach every home in Ukraine and neighbouring countries. The radio program currently has the potential to reach more than 100 million people.

As a result of these programs, GSM receives up to 10,000 letters per month from people asking for Bibles, New Testaments, or tapes of messages. Many people have come to Christ through the radio ministry. They can phone in, receive counselling, and are referred to local churches.

GSM’s TV programs are broadcast from Tel Aviv, Israel, to more than 135 nations in the Middle East, Asia, China, India, all 10/40 window countries, Europe, Scandinavia, the former U.S.S.R., North Africa, U.S.A., Canada, the Caribbean, Australia and South America. People send letters with testimonies of their salvation from many of these countries.

GSM’s TV broadcasting costs are now about $68,000 per year—for about 104 original programs and the same number of re-broadcasts. This is a fraction of what such programs would cost in North America. Pray for God’s continued blessings on GSM’s radio and television evangelism ministries.

Photo: Slavik Radchuk checks out some of the thousands of letters that viewers and listeners have sent in to Good Samaritan Mission.

September 18, 2017


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