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Prayerline & Praise Report


1 Wednesday ~ India—Praise Report!

During Siloam Evangelical Fellowship’s recent Annual Gospel Campaign in India, missionaries distributed almost 7,000 pieces of Gospel literature and baptized 10 people. “Your precious love and support of prayers are strengthening us very much and the Lord is blessing the ministry to win many perishing and lost souls for His soon-coming Kingdom,” reported Mariamma Buraga, leader of SEF. “We are glad to inform you that many souls are touched by the saving Gospel and 46 souls have accepted and received Christ as their personal Saviour and 10 souls were baptized into Christ. We praise God for the miracle He is doing in many hearts.”


2 Thursday ~ Canada

Intercede International carries out its Gospel programs with 52 indigenous ministry partners. The full-time staff works diligently to keep Canadian supporters informed about the work of partner missions. They communicate with, visit these ministries, and assist them with many challenges. Please keep Intercede staff and the financial needs of Intercede’s home operations in your prayers. 


3 Friday ~ Ukraine—Praise Report!

During last year’s Christmas period, some children from Father’s House staged and performed their Christmas Nativity Play 29 times. More than 6,000 people, including children with disabilities, homeless and children from disadvantaged families, were able to see it and hear the Good News. Praise God for that opportunity!


4 Saturday ~ Haiti

Intercede International will host its Haiti Gateway Conference on May 4 at the All Nations Mission Centre in Ridgeway, Ont. Pray that many people will join this event as Living Word Ministries leaders Patrick and Barb Lataillade share what God has been doing through this mission since the devastating earthquake that hit Haiti nine years ago.


5 Sunday ~ Nepal

Evangelical Christian Fellowship Missionary David K. has taken over the ministry and school that ECF started in his village. “He studied under our care in Kathmandu for a long time and completed his Master’s in English and Media but went back to help a village,” reports ECF’s Sareeta. “His mother died and he needs to take care of children, school, church and other activities.” Pray for David’s new ministries with ECF.


6 Monday ~ South Sudan

Please pray for ongoing provision of food, educational and medical costs for the children in the care of the Savannah Children’s Centre, which is run by South Sudan Mission.


7 Tuesday ~ Pakistan—Praise Report!

“As the result of Gospel outreaches and teaching programs, 3,700 people have repented and joined in the local churches; 2,200 have received water baptism,” reports William Johnson, leader of Pakistan Gospel Assemblies. “Many others are in follow-up discipleship programs. More than 125 new house churches have been reported by PGA leaders. A Marwari Hindu ethnic people church has been established with a Marwari Pastor named Abdullah John.” Praise God for the growth of His church in Pakistan.


8 Wednesday ~ India

Pray for God’s continued blessing of India Christian Ministries’ work with people with leprosy, including the Lepers’ Church and the medical care program. ICM is dedicated to serving these people. Because many cannot work, they are completely dependent on support that ICM provides. Missionaries send groceries, income-producing farm products and animals, clothes, and various other provisions, as well as providing education for the children. The cost is approximately $70 per couple per month, and there are 32 families in the community.


9 Thursday ~ Colombia—Praise Report!

“We thank God for the privilege of continuing serving the eight departments in Colombia where we operate in spite of the harsh conditions that we endure many times due to the bad roads, and other dangers of those areas,” reports Vineyard of Colombia leader Luis Guerrero. “We are increasing the numbers of missionaries to reach the most inhospitable places in our nation. We have a crew of 79 missionaries and 75 Sunday school teachers that work to spread the Word of God to the lost souls. We are witnessing a large number of new converts obeying God, and being baptized, and also sharing with others the gift they have received.”


10 Friday ~ Philippines

Please pray for Student Missionary Outreach as it plans to extend its ministry to the graduates and alumni of SMO by opening an extension Bible school program for them in June 2019. Pray also that the young people who attended SMO’s Camp Forever and Bible studies will be willing to be discipled and grow in the Word of God.


11 Saturday ~ Turkmenistan

“Our mission was able to buy in the countryside a house to serve drug addicts and alcohol-addicted people, in which people who have lost all hope for the future will undergo our rehabilitation program,” reports Churches of Turkmenistan. “In this House of Hope, people will have the opportunity not only to return to life free from dependence, but most importantly they will receive precious salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ.” Pray for the Lord to bless this program.


12 Sunday ~ Bangladesh

“By 2020 if it is the Lord’s will we want to reach all the tribal people of Panchagarh, Thankurgaon and Dinajpur districts,” reports Louis Biswas, a leader of Indigenous Mission of Bangladesh. “So, we will make five teams of 10 Gospel workers whom our Lord will choose and they will go out to fulfil God’s vision. There are 4,008 villages in these three districts.” Pray for the fulfilment of this vision.


13 Monday ~ India

Intercede for increased freedom for Siloam Evangelical Fellowship’s missionaries to spread the Gospel, and for protection of SEF’s missionaries and their families. Pray for God’s power to triumph over the opposition to Christianity that there is in India.


14 Tuesday ~ Turkey


Pray for complete healing and further medical treatment for Savana, a refugee girl in Turkey who has suffered severe burns. “The surgeries performed on Savana greatly lessened her pain but recently her pain started again since the development and growth of her body is not sufficiently flexible in the burned areas,” report TCF missionaries. Praise God for Canadians who have offered generous support for her earlier treatments.


15 Wednesday ~ Thailand

Pray for God’s blessings on and provision for Elios Ministries’ work with refugees in Thailand. Pray that Elios will be able to continue to print tracts for migrant people and distribute tracts among them.


16 Thursday ~ Ukraine

Good Samaritan Mission in Ukraine has a great need to buy 6,000 Children’s Bibles. Each Bible costs $6.70 (including delivery and distribution). “We organize many camps for kids during spring and summer time in the towns and villages where our missionaries work,” reports one GSM leader. “On the last day of camps children usually get presents from our team. We believe that the Bible would be the best present for them.” Last year, thousands of people were spiritually saved at these camps. Please pray for a plentiful supply of Bibles.


17 Friday ~ Ukraine

Praise God for the hundreds of orphans and street children whose lives have been transformed by God through the ministry of Father’s House. Pray that the children and youth in the care of Father’s House will accept Jesus into their lives and grow in their spiritual lives.


18 Saturday ~ Canada—First Nations

Pray that Canada Inuit Ministries will help bring healing and God’s salvation into the lives of Canada’s Inuit people. Praise God for the lives that have been changed through this ministry, with God’s power.


19 Sunday ~ Haiti

Living Word Ministries missionaries have experienced problems with their two older vehicles, including witnessing the wheel of one truck breaking off while missionaries were on the road on January 17. Pray for a new pickup truck for this ministry.


20 Monday ~ India—Praise Report!

Vikas Gaikwad, from Latur, India, was a strong Hindu devoted to his gods, reports Bombay Revival Prayer Band. He was suffering from a heart ailment, and when BPB Pastor Paul Hajare and his team visited his village, he readily heard the Gospel and believed in Jesus. He was prayed for and was healed of his heart ailment. His family has put their faith in in Jesus and have been attending church for almost one year. Vikas was baptized last December.


21 Tuesday ~ Philippines

Intercede for good health, strength, wisdom and protection for Nemuel and Ruth Palma, as they lead Smoky Mountain Ministries—based near Tondo Dump in Metro Manila. Ruth suffers from chronic health problems. Pastor Nemuel Palma is getting weak because of diabetes, hypertension, Hepatitis B, and only 30 percent of one kidney functioning.


22 Wednesday ~ Kenya

Praise God that Cornerstone Evangelistic Ministries could provide wells to Kareterete village and a Turkana village recently. Pray for the provision of more wells ($2,400 each to install). These wells help open up communities to receive the Gospel.


23 Thursday ~ Israel

Pray that many Israeli youth, both Jewish and Arab, will come to Christ through the work of Netivah Christian Ministries, inspired by the Holy Spirit. Please pray that Netivah’s speakers will learn how to speak the Word of God effectively to youth and soldiers. May they be relevant and used as vessels to preach God’s Word.


24 Friday ~ Kenya—Praise Report!

In the Kenya Evangelism Team church in Eldoret, Pastor Etemesi baptized 18 members in water on January 6, 2019, reports KET leader Felix Murunga. “We thank God so much; these missionaries are continuing to preach the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Remember them always in your prayers.”


25 Saturday ~ Canada—Praise Report!

In March, Intercede’s latest Overseas Material Aid container arrived in Orissa, India, at the headquarters of partner ministry Orissa Follow-Up. Praise God for providing all shipping and delivery costs. Intercede is grateful for those who have donated supplies and funds for this project.


26 Sunday ~ El Salvador

New Life Ministries is grateful to supporters in Canada for their love and compassion toward children of El Salvador. By God’s grace NLM has been able to continue the feeding program for 30 children once a week. Pray for all of the needs of NLM’s Children’s Ministry ($800 per month needed).


27 Monday ~ India

Himalaya Crusade needs prayer and help to strengthen established churches, build new church buildings and send out new missionaries to establish more churches. Three new churches under construction in Nepal need immediate intervention for completion, which would cost from $10,000 to $11,500.


28 Tuesday ~ Jordan—Praise Report!

“Because of you, we could make this past Christmas a joyful celebration for more than 500 Iraqi refugee and unfortunate local kids in three different activities,” explains Isam Ghattas of Manara Outreach Ministries. “They enjoyed a puppet storytelling show, danced to Christmas songs, coloured the nativity coloring page, ate a hot meal and received a gift pack. Their facial expressions were so precious and their happiness was indescribable.” Thank the Lord for Manara’s effective outreach work with refugee children.


29 Wednesday ~ Kenya

The Ebenezer Life Centre orphanage needs five tables for $130 each and 50 chairs for $13 each so that the boys can use the tables and chairs at meal times and study times. ELC also needs to replace five doors for $100. To replace the broken window panes for the dormitories will cost $200 to save them from mosquito attacks.


30 Thursday ~ India

Orissa Follow-Up needs 2,000 Bibles for its evangelism program, including some in the Odia language to present to new believers. Please pray for provision.


31 Friday ~ Kazakhstan

“Our work began with Gypsies, visiting four Gypsy houses and establishing friendships, providing social assistance, holding Gospel ministries and acquaintance with the Bible, translating children’s books and the Gospel into one of the Roma dialects,” reports the leader of New Life Ministries Kazakhstan. “Due to circumstances, many Gypsy families, sometimes in three generations, have no documents. At the moment we know about 100 people who need help with getting ID cards. Solving this issue will allow these families to take advantage of educational opportunities and free medical care. There are many other aspects of ministry that relate to the elimination of illiteracy, getting education and biblical education.” Pray for God’s blessings on this outreach work.