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Prayerline & Praise Report

Prayerline & Praise Report

January & February 2019


1 Tuesday ~ India

Bombay Revival Prayer Band leaders request that we pray for the orphans and destitute children in their Shelter Ark Orphanage—for their well-being and for every need of theirs to be met. Pray that they each would receive overfl owing love, and accept Jesus into their lives.


2 Wednesday ~ Vietnam

Pray for Vietnam For Christ’s printing and distribution of Bibles ($6.50 each) and hymnals, so that many Vietnamese Christians will benefit from this work.


3 Thursday ~ Pakistan

Pray for William Johnson as he provides leadership to Pakistan Gospel Assemblies. Also pray for his wife Nasim Johnson as she is a wonderful ministry partner. Pray for their wisdom and sound health as they work together for the lost.


4 Friday ~ India

Good Samaritan India churches and ministers have been working diligently to carry the Gospel to unreached people. They require at least five motorcycles to reach remote places. Please pray about this need. Each motorcycle will cost about $780.


5 Saturday ~ Ukraine—Praise Report!

The Mother And Child Together Centre run by Father’s House (see photo), has been operating since November 2012. A total of 26 families have received support through this program. Twenty mothers participating in the project became capable of caring for their children. Today this centre supports six families: six adults and nine children. Thank the Lord for this effective ministry. 



6 Sunday ~ Uzbekistan

Intercede for greater freedom for Christians and churches in Uzbekistan, and for Uzbek Christians to stay strong in their faith despite persecution. Pray for the Lord to strengthen and protect Uzbek Christians who are being persecuted because of their faith.


7 Monday ~ Philippines—Praise Report!

“We praise the Lord for the 46 Kalangoya church leaders and church workers who finished their Bible and missionary training in November 2018,” reports a leader of Nationals for Tribal Ministries of the Philippines. “These church workers will continue their ministries in their own local churches and some will be working as volunteer workers in reaching their own peoples–the Kalangoya tribes.”


8 Tuesday ~ Canada

Intercede International carries out its Gospel programs with 52 indigenous ministry partners. The full-time staff works diligently to keep Canadian supporters informed about the work of partner missions. They communicate with, visit these ministries, and assist them with many challenges. Please keep Intercede staff and the financial needs of Intercede’s home operations in your prayers. 


9 Wednesday ~ Thailand—Praise Report!

“Our Evangelistic Seminar on August 12 in Mahachai was a great harvest. Praise His name!” declares Chowkee, leader of Elios Ministries.
“Around 220 non-Christians were invited to hear the Good News; 97 people came out to the front, confessed their sins and accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour. It was only a one-day event from 9 a.m. till 5 p.m. but many migrant workers were invited to that place. We are so thrilled to see these people made the most important decision to receive Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour. Elios Mahachai is now nourishing and counseling these new believers. During 2018 God has been raising up many young people and also many new believers were added to local churches. We are so thrilled to do many discipleship trainings and also build up young
believers to mature.”


10 Thursday ~ Kyrgyzstan

“Our need is for prayer for God’s followers, for helping new believers to become stronger in their faith, and for Muslims to whom we seek to deliver the Gospel, for their hearts to open for Jesus Christ,” reports the leader of Good News Mission Kyrgyzstan. “Please pray for churches in our region because we have a challenging time to reach unreached people.” Pray for God’s encouragement and enabling for GNM missionaries, as they face many obstacles in taking the Gospel to their countrymen. 


11 Friday ~ Liberia

Christ Evangelistic Fellowship Ministries requests prayer for $24,000 needed to purchase a sturdy four-wheel drive ministry vehicle. The car the mission has currently is giving
the missionaries many problems on the rough roads of Liberia. 


12 Saturday ~ Israel

Please continue to pray for Ibrahim (on Netivah Christian Ministries staff ) and Niveen and their three children as Niveen is still recovering from the effects of brain surgery more than a year ago and months of chemotherapy. Pray for her healing physically and for strength emotionally to press forward. She is currently unable to walk on her own.


13 Sunday ~ India—Praise Report!

Romila Sodemba, the younger daughter of the late Dr. Sodemba (founder of Himalaya Crusade), is now actively church planting. Romila has been ministering with the Lepcha tribe in a village called Samthar since 2016. Now there are about 20 families saved. Praise God for these good spiritual results. 


14 Monday ~ Ethiopia

Pray for Rhema Gospel Mission’s children’s ministry, as it helps meet the physical and spiritual needs of poor Ethiopian orphans and other children ($625 per month needed). Pray that each of these children will be healthy and will become a committed Christian in the near future.


15 Tuesday ~ El Salvador

New Life Ministries plans to build its headquarters, including a childcare program and its Training and Vocational Centre building in San Miguel. Pray for funds needed. NLM has now completed the foundation and needs a total of $26,000 to build the multipurpose chapel hall portion of this centre. Missionaries are praying for God’s divine provision to completely build the “Sanctuary” that will host also the vocational training centre, the children’s centre, NLM offices and the dormitories. Please pray for NLM. Thank you to those who have given generously for this project.


16 Wednesday ~ Jordan

Pray for provision for Manara Outreach Ministries’ work with Syrian refugees in the Middle East (thousands of dollars needed). Pray for lasting peace to come to Idlib and other parts of Syria. Pray also for peace in Iraq, and for Manara’s work with refugees from there.


17 Thursday ~ Myanmar

Pray for continued provision for Witnessing For Christ’s tract ministry. Because of demand increasing, WFC now prints about 200,000 sheets, costing nearly $1,000 every month. Pray also that many people will read these tracts and draw closer to God.


18 Friday ~ Kenya

Pray for peace at the border of Kenya and Ethiopia as there are two Kenyan tribes clashing: the Bulji and Borana Gare clans. Such ethnic clashes can turn nasty as they spread in the villages, reports Cornerstone Evangelistic Ministries leader Timothy Kinyua. “We sent our brother Paul there in September to do some assignments as we want to plant churches there.” Pray for God’s blessings on that church-planting ministry.


19 Saturday ~ Turkmenistan

Praise God that Churches of Turkmenistan recently was able to buy a house in the countryside to minister to drug addicts and alcohol-addicted people. Pray for God’s blessings on this rehabilitation work.


20 Sunday ~ Philippines—Praise Report!

“God has been so good in answering our prayers,” reports Nenita Del Mundo, leader of Student Missionary Outreach. North American prayer partners gave generously to SMO to purchase a secondhand van—“which we can use in going places to conduct seminars for pastors, Christian workers, and churches, as well as in visits to inmates in jails to share the Gospel and for book distribution. Last September 13, 2018, the new van we named ‘Snow Flakes’ was dedicated to the Lord.”


21 Monday ~ Sierra Leone

“The Ebola Orphanage needs about $53,000 to complete, and this is project we are praying and hoping that we will complete as soon as possible,” reports Mitford Macauley, leader of New Creation Ministries. “The two main buildings which are the dormitories are ready to be roofed, and then three more lesser buildings need to be built. We are already counseling and catering for more than 40 orphans.” Pray for provision of the $53,000 needed to complete this orphanage.


22 Tuesday ~ Ukraine

Praise God for the hundreds of orphans and street children whose lives have been transformed by God through the ministry of Father’s House. Pray that the children and youth in the care of Father’s House will accept Jesus into their lives and grow in their spiritual lives.


23 Wednesday ~ China

Twelve students in China Mission’s X. Bible School are Uygur and minister to Arabic shepherds twice per month, visiting and discipling Arabic converts and leading their Bible study fellowship in a mountainous area of western China. They need prayer and financial support for their travel fees and living allowances of $200 per person per month.


24 Thursday ~ Canada—First Nations

Attawapiskat Native Ministries needs a new van or four-wheel drive vehicle for its ministry in that northern Ontario community. The remaining amount needed is about $10,000, including the cost to transport it in on a winter ice road. Please pray about this need.


25 Friday ~ Cuba

Please pray for God’s continued blessings on and provision for Churches of the Open Bible’s work with children, youth and elders. The Children’s Ministry needs $700 per month to feed 900 children in different parts of Cuba.


26 Saturday ~ India

Pray for God’s blessing on Peace Ministries India’s ministries related to leprosy victims, AIDS patients, orphan children, widows, and bringing the Gospel to the unreached. The ministry to AIDS patients currently needs $2,400 to meet the costs of rice for people in need.


27 Sunday ~ Philippines

In April 2019 will be Student Missionary Outreach’s National Conference with all of its missionaries, workers, volunteers, and student leaders from the different parts of the Philippines, coming over for fellowship, report, and evaluation. SMO will need to raise at least $12,600 for their transportation, food and miscellaneous expenses. Please pray for provision.


28 Monday ~ South Sudan

Pray for good health and God’s financial provision for all of South Sudan Mission’s missionaries as they strive to meet the physical and spiritual needs of the children and youth in their care.


29 Tuesday ~ Kenya

The Ebenezer Life Centre orphanage needs five tables for $130 each and 50 chairs for $13 each so that the boys can use the tables and chairs at meal times and study times. ELC also needs to replace five doors for $100. To replace the broken window panes for the dormitories will cost $200 to save them from mosquito attacks. Please pray for God’s provision.


30 Wednesday ~ Ukraine—Praise Report!

“Our ministry increased by new 25 missionaries after the Missionary Bible School in 2018, which took place from February to May 2018,” reports Good Samaritan Mission. “In addition, we trained another 16 students in our Bible School. Our missionaries, evangelists and singing groups held hundreds of crusades in cities and in small and big villages in various regions of Ukraine, at which hundreds of people repented of their sins and took Jesus Christ into their hearts.”


31 Thursday ~ Nigeria

Intercede’s partner ministry in Nigeria needs to provide thousands of Hausa Bibles for displaced people living in camps. Each Bible costs $5. Please pray for an abundant supply of Bibles.