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Prayerline & Praise Report


1 Friday ~ Bangladesh—Praise Report!

Praise God that in October there were 14 Santal people who were baptized in water by Indigenous Mission of Bangladesh missionary Robi Mardi at Kutulpur Church. In addition, IMB missionary Dr. Ajit Paul baptized new believers connected with Chandoish Bishpur Church recently. Praise God for these new believers!


2 Saturday ~ Canada

Intercede International carries out its Gospel programs with 49 national ministry partners. The full-time staff works diligently to keep Canadian supporters informed about the work of partner missions. They communicate with, occasionally visit these ministries, and assist them with many challenges. Please keep Intercede staff and volunteers, their health, and the financial needs of Intercede’s home operations in your prayers. 


3 Sunday ~ Peru—Praise Report!

“For 10 years I had been sharing the message with Victor G. and his family, but they never believed it,” reports Churches of Ayacucho missionary Claudio. “One day Victor’s wife called me, and said that Victor wanted to see me. He was in the hospital with COVID-19. The next day I travelled to the city, and passed through two police checks. When I arrived to the hospital, they did not want me to get in. But after some time they let their guard down, and I went in with a complete anti-COVID suit. Victor asked me to pray for him because he was ready to accept the Lord. I took off my mask and started praying very loud. The doctors were upset because of the noise, and also the way I had entered. Victor got saved and healed the same day. The doctors could not believe it. It was a miracle. They let him go the next day, and we rode together in his car to our village. Once there, the whole family received the Lord.”


4 Monday ~ Nepal

“My doctor told me I have a left vocal cord gap, so I am doing breathing exercises, chin and tongue exercises,” reports Sareeta of Evangelical Christian Fellowship. “I hope that God will heal me and make me able to sing, preach and teach again. My speech is not yet normal. I get frustrated. Please pray for me. These days I tried to read my Bible loud and am doing therapy at home.”


5 Tuesday ~ India

Peter Prakasam, leader of India Christian Ministries, reports, “We had sent Vijay, a Kumbakonam Boys’ Home boy, to his home due to the COVID-19 lockdown with his mother Selvi. In late November, unfortunately the mother who was suffering of heart disease, died suddenly. Now Vijay is in tears. Staying with his poor uncle, we are the only support. So we need to support this child considering his pathetic state. A special support has to be raised for his family. Thank you.” Pray for the financial needs of Vijay and his uncle.


6 Wednesday ~ Kenya—Praise Report!

“On September 29, God saved one of our Pastors: Brother Peter Lupiara in Baringo—after encountering bandits as he was riding his motorcycle to the Church in Amaiya,” reports Timothy Kinyua, leader of Cornerstone Evangelistic Ministries. “The gangsters scared him after shooting in the air, and he was unable to control the motorcycle and fell on the ground. When those boys searched his bag and found his Bible they just left him alone without stealing anything from him. He sustained some slight injuries and on September 30 went for treatment. We thank God for protecting Brother Peter. Also we are thankful for your faithful prayers.”


7 Thursday ~ India

“COVID-19 not only destroyed many things, but also took up a few good souls,” reports Joshua Daniel Adipi of Good Samaritan India. “Pastor David, who served the Lord for more than 57 years, is with the Lord now. He served God with honesty and dignity all his life. GSI has lost many precious people because of the virus. Five of our very valued pastors and elders went to be with the Lord. This is a very big loss for us, but they are with the Lord now. We lost a total of 25 members from different places near Tarlupadu from our small churches.” Pray for God’s comfort and encouragement for the families of those who died.


8 Friday ~ Israel

Please continue to pray for Netivah Christian Ministries missionary Ibrahim, his wife Niveen and their three children as Niveen is still recovering from the effects of brain surgery more than a year ago and months of chemotherapy. Pray for her healing physically and for strength emotionally to press forward. She is currently unable to walk on her own. She needs to go through extensive rehabilitation. Pray for Ibrahim and the family to be strong once again as they go through this time.


9 Saturday ~ India

Pray for regular funds ($1,300 per month) to assist Himalaya Crusade’s Himalaya Theological Seminary. Pray for more students for the seminary–and for its graduates, as they start new churches.


10 Sunday ~ Peru

Churches of Ayacucho missionaries need more Audio Bibles in the Quechuan Language. Please pray for a generous supply of these.


11 Monday ~ Liberia

Please pray for $24,000 needed for Christ Evangelistic Fellowship Ministries to purchase a sturdy four-wheel drive ministry vehicle—suitable for the rough roads of Liberia. CEF’s current ministry vehicle is causing many problems.


12 Tuesday ~ Ethiopia

Pray for God’s blessings on and provision for Rhema Gospel Mission’s evangelism and church-planting work, especially during this time of the COVID-19 pandemic. Pray that RGM’s churches will be able to open soon and that RGM’s missionaries will be able to travel freely soon. Pray for COVID-19 to be eradicated quickly from Ethiopia.


13 Wednesday ~ India

Pray for provision for Peace Ministries India’s tailoring classes—which aim to provide marketable skills to both women and older teenage girls who have had to drop out of school due to poverty. PMI would like to add one more machine (about $470). To cover costs of a teacher, materials, and the charitable part of this program, PMI needs an estimated $5,300.


14 Thursday ~ Ukraine—Praise Report!

“From the bottom of our hearts, we would like to thank you for your great support of our ministry,” writes the leader of Father’s House. “Father’s House in Ukraine greatly appreciates your generosity and open hearts for Ukrainian children who have lost parental care. Your support provides us with the possibility to help numbers of children and families in need, to spread the glory of our Lord. Thanks to your help, we were able to successfully reach the following results in 2020: 57 children who have lost parental care were admitted into the Centre of Social Care for Children; 107 children participated in our Christian summer camps: 54 children were supported as students with learning difficulties and special educational needs; seven mothers with a total of 21 children were supported in our Mother and Baby Centre. Two mothers received Christ in their hearts and one mother was baptized in water.” Praise God!


15 Friday ~ India

Please pray for the orphans and destitute children in Bombay Revival Prayer Band’s Shelter Ark Orphanage, for their well-being and for every need of theirs to be met. Pray that they each would receive overflowing love. BPB’s missionaries are very thankful to you for your support and prayers for these orphans.


16 Saturday ~ Nigeria—Praise Report!

“Thank God for how far the Treasure Audio Bible has been used to spread the Gospel in Nigeria—which is 46 percent illiterate,” reports the leader of Intercede’s partner ministry in Nigeria. “We have had several other languages alongside English and Hausa. We have expanded the distribution as so many people are making demands to reach their people. I just encountered a testimony when two elderly men and another man were testifying about how they know the Lord because of hearing the Treasure. Many people are now asking to own the Treasure instead of community or class listening alone.”


17 Sunday ~ Kazakhstan—Praise Report!

“Through active social service, doors have been opened to establish home communities in various unreached nations,” reports the leader of New Life Ministries Kazakhstan. “During the Coronavirus crisis, we were able to visit dozens of different villages where people opened their homes for the Good News. Sometimes we were asked, ‘Why have you come to help us?’ We answered, ‘We do it with love for God and love for our neighbour.’ We have recognized that people desperately want and need to hear words of hope and comfort.” Praise God for these opportunities.



18 Monday ~ Bangladesh

Please pray for God’s healing for Elizabeth Debnath, who is experiencing serious health problems such as memory loss. Elizabeth is the wife of Indigenous Mission of Bangladesh founder, the late Timothy Debnath.


19 Tuesday ~ Thailand

Elios Ministries is sending out booklets and Bible correspondence to inquirers to encourage them to have a personal relationship with Christ. Recently, Elios has been receiving more than 50 to 70 requests per week from different places for Bible correspondence courses and booklets. Pray that these inquirers will take the courses and draw closer to God.


20 Wednesday ~ Kenya

Ebenezer Life Centre’s Ebenezer Rehabilitation and Rescue Centre program comprises street boys mostly from the streets of Kisumu city. Funds sent from Intercede International in 2020 were used to support needed renovations of the building, painting, fencing, door replacement and bathroom floor repairs. ELC supports 54 street boys. “The challenge of COVID-19 has affected the children because schools, colleges were closed down,” reports ELC. “But we continue to support them while others were being partly integrated back to the community.” Please pray for continued provision for this ministry.


21 Thursday ~ Iran

Pray for Harvest Iran Ministries’ Pearl program, which focuses on counselling and supporting women who have experienced abuse and brokenness in their lives such as domestic violence, co-dependent relationships, incest, sexual abuse, or rejection.


22 Friday ~ Ukraine

Pray for God’s protection of children and adults connected with Father’s House during the Coronavirus pandemic. Pray for steady financial support during the Coronavirus pandemic.


23 Saturday ~ Tajikistan

To have a church building in this country where a majority of the population is Muslim (98 percent) is a miracle by itself, so Churches in Tajikistan missionaries are grateful to God for their church buildings. CIT continues to build and reconstruct churches in different places in the country.  CIT needs to buy more buildings, so churches can gather in their own places, and so they can train their people there.


24 Sunday ~ Peru

Pray for God’s provision for and good health for all of Segadores’ missionaries and their families—especially during the COVID-19 crisis.


25 Monday ~ Canada—First Nations

Pray for Rev. Stephen Stoney as he directs Attawapiskat Native Ministries, which reaches out to youth of that northern Ontario community. Pray that the youth of Attawapiskat will find hope in Christ.


26 Tuesday ~ Ukraine

Pray for God’s continued blessings on and provision for Good Samaritan Mission’s help for Ukrainians displaced by the current conflict in eastern Ukraine. To purchase food and other supplies and pay for fuel expenses for trucks to travel from West Ukraine to Donbass costs $1,340 to $2,000 per trip. Pray for a peaceful end to the current political and social turmoil in eastern Ukraine.


27 Wednesday ~ Turkey

Turkish Christian Fellowship missionary Joshua David and his wife contracted COVID-19 and are in recovery. Pray for the Lord to completely heal them.


28 Thursday ~ Canada—First Nations

Pray that Canada Inuit Ministries will help bring healing and God’s salvation into the lives of Canada’s Inuit and other First Nations people. Thank the Lord for opportunities CIM has had recently, such as its successful ministry to the Little Grand Rapids First Nation, in Manitoba. Praise God for the lives that have been changed through this ministry, with God’s power.


29 Friday ~ Haiti

Approximately 80 percent of the children in Living Word Ministries’ Kingdom Kids program come from families barely able to provide food, let alone buy school supplies. To help these precious children with school needs, $85 each would provide a uniform, a pair of tennis shoes, books, and a book bag. Please pray about these needs.


30 Saturday ~ Bolivia

Serving Jesus Christ Mission is revamping its effort in reaching out to the people in the area, but also is planning to re-launch its fluvial outreach to the shores of the riverside communities. Please pray for divine provision for a new boat that will help missionaries to navigate again the waters of the Mamore River and other Amazonian rivers close to Guayamerin.


31 Sunday ~ Ukraine—Praise Report!

“The preaching of the Gospel, the touch of the Holy Spirit and the conversion of people to Jesus, is my whole life and ministry,” reports Slavik Radchuk of Good Samaritan Mission. “I thank God that two days before the temporary closure of the borders, I had the opportunity to visit the church in Lutsk and Rivne, Ukraine. In two evangelistic services in churches, several dozen young people came forward to pray a wonderful prayer: ‘Lord, I repent, I ask you for forgiveness and show me how to serve you with a clear conscience.’ Oh, how joyful and lovely it was to look into the beautiful eyes of the 64 youth, as they were filled with tears of happiness, and remember the verses from the Holy Scriptures, ‘For everyone that calls on the Name of the Lord will be saved.’”


February 1 Monday ~ Colombia

In sad news, Sister Carlely Perez, wife of Vineyard of Colombia Pastor Victor Nelson Agudelo, passed onto glory recently. Both of them have been serving in Puerto Gaitan, Meta. We request your prayers for the family of our sister.


2 Tuesday ~ Azerbaijan

Praise God for Brotherhood of Azerbaijan’s successful leadership training seminars. Pray for God’s blessing on and provision for BOA’s training programs.