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Prayerline & Praise Report


1 Friday ~ Philippines—Praise Report!

Student Missionary Outreach’s biggest recent event was its annual SMO Evangelistic Camp (Camp Forever), which ran from December 26 to 29, 2018. “Praise God for the impact this Camp had in the lives of the 120 students from the high schools and colleges who attended it,” declared SMO leader Nenita Del Mundo. “The Camp is an opportunity for us to deal with them personally about the Gospel.”


2 Saturday ~ Canada—Praise Report!

Due to Lord directing many of our partners to respond to match a $100,000 matching gift challenge, we were able to almost wipe out most of the deficit by the end of December! Our partners gave $150,451 to more than match the $100,000 challenge offered by four of Intercede’s donors, for a total response of $250,451! Then very recently we received notice of an estate gift to come to us with a final amount that will completely eradicate the remaining last part of the deficit! Praise be to our God! He is faithful and many of His people have joyfully responded to His call to help Intercede become financially whole again. To all of you who prayed, interceded and gave, our heartfelt thanks–and to our Lord Jesus who is faithful to provide for His Kingdom work. 


3 Sunday ~ Ukraine—Praise Report!

Good Samaritan Mission’s Slavik Radchuk in the period of 12 months has visited ministries in 18 different countries. Radchuk had 57 crusades and conferences in many countries, at which he preached face to face to more than 59,000 people. Thousands of people came to the front with tears and prayed for the first time for forgiveness. He preached in many churches, and taught students in various Bible schools. Now GSM missionaries are working with 88 unreached people groups.


4 Monday ~ Canada —First Nations

Attawapiskat Native Ministries needs a new van or four-wheel drive vehicle for its ministry in that northern Ontario community. The remaining amount needed is about $4,000. Please pray for this need to be met by early March.


5 Tuesday ~ Turkey

Missionaries with Turkish Christian Fellowship have dedicated their lives to serving the Lord Jesus and His Kingdom. Please pray for them so that they can get more support and be more active with spreading the Word of God with unreached people such as Syrian refugees.


6 Wednesday ~ Nepal

Pray for a stable political situation in Nepal, and for God’s protection of all Evangelical Christian Fellowship missionaries and their families. Pray also for increased freedom for Christians in Nepal.


7 Thursday ~ Philippines

Praise God for the Canadians who are sponsoring and praying for children in the care of Good Shepherd’s Fold. Pray that all the children and youth in the care of GSF will become God-fearing citizens, educationally prepared to be productive members of Philippines society.


8 Friday ~ Colombia—Praise Report!

At one Vineyard of Colombia conference, one missionary shared, “Many times, I shared the Gospel with a family who used to fight each other due to envy of one another. Finally, one man from this family surrendered his life to Jesus and the Lord transformed his life. He began to pray for the rest of his siblings and now, little by little, some are surrendering their lives to Jesus. They are not anymore fighting each other, and villagers can see that there is peace among them.” Praise God for His work among these people.


9 Saturday ~ Kenya

Cornerstone Evangelistic Ministries leader Timothy Kinyua requests prayer for the wife of Joseph Mati Rose, who sustained injuries from their vehicle involved in a road accident as they were travelling to Marsabit. Thank God for saving her life. Pray also for CEM’s Alesio Mwogore, who sustained injuries after falling as he was doing some repairs on his house.


10 Sunday ~ Israel —Praise Report!

“We had a great conference with more than 100 enthusiastic 11- to 13-year-olds together with a team of 20 Grade 12 mentors who helped with the activities and small group time,” reports Joel Goldberg, leader of Netivah Christian Ministries. “The theme of the conference [last November 23 and 24] was ‘Worth.’” At the conference, Goldberg shared from Psalm 139 and other passages about the value of the youth in the eyes of God, ourselves and others. “There is huge potential in this group for serving the Lord,” Goldberg declares.


11 Monday ~ India

In mid-December, Bhavya, one of the AIDS orphans whom Peace Ministries India cares for, was taken to a government hospital fighting death with a very low blood count. “We did not know if she would live or die,” reports PMI leader Dileep.  “The hospital released her on December 21 saying they could do no more for her. But her grandparents brought her to the Christmas program along with her disabled older brother. Then on the December 24 Bhavya took a turn for the worse and was taken to a private hospital in Guntur for better treatment. Bhavya was released from hospital January 2 in stable condition. Pray for a miracle healing to cure the AIDS virus. We are trusting God for the balance of $1,400, to clear the medical bill.”

620PMI-02-39 Bhavya

12 Tuesday ~ Philippines

April 2019 will be Student Missionary Outreach’s National Conference with all of its missionaries, workers, volunteers, and student leaders from the different parts of the Philippines, coming over for fellowship, reporting, and evaluation. SMO will need to raise at least $13,300 for their transportation, food and miscellaneous expenses.


13 Wednesday ~ Peru—Praise Report!

Every year all the Churches of Ayacucho congregations hold Spiritual Festivals. For one week the churches come together for a time of refreshing, preaching, teaching and singing. Every host church offers free food and lodging for the visitors from other churches. Around 200 people attend every festival, and reconciliations, baptisms, and other activities happen during these events. So far 12 churches have celebrated these festivities recently. Praise God for His work within these churches.


14 Thursday ~ Azerbaijan

Over the past year, Brotherhood of Azerbaijan launched several missionary trainings and field seminars for pastors and leaders outside the country. BOA also conducted joint leaders’ seminars and pastoral retreats. “Each of the trainings were attended by 30 to 40 ministers of various churches who were trained in Azerbaijan and in Georgia,” reports the leader of BOA. “We can only imagine what benefit they will bring to missionary fields, which will lead to the salvation of dozens and hundreds of people.” Pray for God’s continued blessings on BOA’s ministries.


15 Friday ~ Haiti—Praise Report!

“Every time it rained, a family of 10 would get wet. Now they have a roof that protects them,” reports Barb Lataillade of Living Word Ministries. “We praise the Lord for the donor who supplied a new roof for Erian and his family (photo). We are thankful for LWM missionaries Tim and Lori Mast, who worked hard to get the roof done. What a blessing! This couple was one of the early converts when we planted the church in Mayette many years ago. They are still active in the church.”



16 Saturday ~ Iran

Intercede for Harvest Iran Ministries as it provides help to persecuted Christians. Pray for God’s protection of persecuted Christians in Iran, especially those in prison, and for release of those prisoners. Pray for freedom for Iranian churches to worship God more openly.


17 Sunday ~ Nepal

Gospel Outreach Centre needs a person to work from its office with proposals, reports and to meet government regulations. Please pray that God will provide someone with a servant heart. Pray also for our mission’s renewal process with the government.


18 Monday ~ South Sudan

Please pray that South Sudan Mission soon will be able to obtain a good four-wheel drive vehicle for the mission for $10,000 to $20,000.


19 Tuesday ~ Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan is one of the most closed countries in the world for the Gospel. Evangelical Christians are under constant oppression and persecution for their faith in Jesus Christ—especially a difficult situation in villages where there are unwritten laws. Pray for God’s protection of all of Churches of Turkmenistan’s missionaries, pastors and their families. Pray that God will grant increasing freedom to Christians in Turkmenistan, and that He will transform the lives of authorities.


20 Wednesday ~ India

“With great sorrow we would like to inform our dear ones of the home-going of my beloved mother Rev. Mrs. Ruth Sodemba, in early January,” reported Himalaya Crusade leader Joseph Sodemba. “She was admitted into the Intensive Care Unit of Kalimpong hospital on January 1, 2019 under serious condition. She had lost her consciousness earlier and had been battling for her life. Her organs slowly stopped working. The entire region was praying for her but God had a different plan and we submit ourselves to the divine will. We thank you all for your prayers, and please continue to pray for the family.”


21 Thursday ~ Egypt

Reaching All Egypt urgently needs Bibles (about $6 each) to spread the Gospel among the unreached in Egypt. Pray for a plentiful supply of Bibles to distribute.


22 Friday ~ China

Pray for God’s blessings on China Mission’s Beatitude Christian Academy. Please pray for the site of the elementary school. The rental contract for the current location expired in 2018 and the school is looking for a new place with a playground that holds at least 80 students, at a price less than $74,400 per year.


23 Saturday ~ Nigeria—Praise Report!

“In 1983, we had only two missionaries,” reports the leader of a Nigeria-based ministry partnered with Intercede International. “Intercede from Canada gave us audio Bibles in Hausa. After 31 years, we are still working together fulfilling the Great Commission work. Now we have 176 missionaries working among many people groups in Nigeria and outside. Apart from our 176 missionaries and other logistics staff of more than 30, this ministry has many workers who are from the churches we plant. We thank our partners for being there all these years making us the biggest non-denominational mission agency in Nigeria.”


24 Sunday ~ India

Urgently Siloam Evangelical Fellowship wants to print at least 100,000 tracts to meet the need of Gospel Workers. Pray for funds needed for this important task.


25 Monday ~ Sierra Leone

New Creation Ministries leader Rev. Mitford Macauley requests prayer for healing and restoration of his health and for $1,700 needed for treatment.


26 Tuesday ~ Bangladesh

Since Indigenous Mission of Bangladesh has established more new churches, the ministry needs seven more worship houses ($11,100 each). IMB also needs to repair the worship house at Mamanpur village (for $1,670). Please pray for God’s supply of these needs.


27 Wednesday ~ Philippines

Smoky Mountain Ministries’ missionaries live sacrificial lifestyles as they help the poorest of the poor in the Philippines. Please intercede for Ruth and Nemuel Palma and their fellow SMM workers: for health, strength, and wisdom to do their best with their ministries.


28 Thursday ~ Pakistan

Pray for God’s continued blessings on and protection of the lives and ministries of all Pakistan Gospel Assemblies missionaries and their families and all Christians in Pakistan, as persecution of Christians increases there.


29 Friday ~ Ethiopia

Praise God for His continued blessings on the ministries of Rhema Gospel Mission and for those who are becoming new believers through this ministry and God’s work. Pray for Pastor Eshetu Worike and for his pastor colleagues, as they preach Christ with power.


30 Saturday ~ Kyrgyzstan

Good News Mission Kyrgyzstan is preparing literature for the spiritual development of those people who have recently come to their churches. Each set includes a textbook, a workbook, and a diary. One set of books costs $7. In all, GNM need 80 sets of books. Please pray about this need.


31 Sunday ~ Canada—Praise Report!

In January, Intercede sent its latest Overseas Material Aid container to Orissa, India, for partner ministry Orissa Follow-Up. Praise God for providing all shipping and delivery costs. Intercede is grateful for those who have donated supplies and funds for this project.