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Prayerline & Praise Report


1 Wednesday ~ Kazakhstan

About 130 people graduated recently from the New Life Ministries Kazakhstan School of Ministry (see photo). NLM conducted these programs in three different regions of Kazakhstan—each program lasting for one week. The leaders had time to study, pray and worship. These programs were excellent opportunities to grow in leadership and fruitfulness. Pray for God’s continued blessings on NLM’s ministry training programs.


2 Thursday ~ Canada—First Nations

Pray for Rev. Stephen Stoney as he directs Attawapiskat Native Ministries, which reaches out to the youth of that northern Ontario community. Pray that the youth of Attawapiskat will find hope in Christ.


3 Friday ~ Jordan

Thank the Lord for successful Camp Gilead Summer Camps, run by Manara Outreach Ministries. Pray for the continued success of Camp Gilead’s camps, and for many young people to receive salvation as a result. Pray that camps can continue safely this summer and not be cancelled due to the Coronavirus. Pray also for continued contact with past years’ campers and their families, and for their salvation.


4 Saturday ~ Ethiopia

Pray for Rhema Gospel Mission’s children’s ministry, as it helps meet the physical and spiritual needs of poor Ethiopian orphans and other children ($625 per month needed).


5 Sunday ~ Israel

Netivah Christian Ministries has been making major adjustments to its work because of the Coronavirus. “We have been making many preparations for our pre-military summer programs, Netsor and Arrows,” reports Netivah leader Joel Goldberg. “Please pray specifically that these two programs in July and August will not be cancelled.”


6 Monday ~ Bolivia

Pray for health, strength and wisdom for Eliu Loras as he leads Serving Jesus Christ Mission. Pray for personal missionary support for Loras and his family. His wife and son, Elthon, are actively involved in this ministry.


7 Tuesday ~ China

Please pray for God’s blessings on and provision for the two Gospel Rehabilitation Centres, connected with China Mission. These focus on helping people addicted to drugs to escape those addictions with help from God. Praise God for those men whose lives have been transformed through these centres, with God’s power. The cost for one new enrollee is $230 per month for the 18-month program.


8 Wednesday ~ Canada

Intercede International carries out its Gospel programs with 50 national ministry partners. The full-time staff works diligently to keep Canadian supporters informed about the work of partner missions. They communicate with, visit these ministries, and assist them with many challenges. Please keep Intercede staff, their health, and the financial needs of Intercede’s home operations in your prayers. 


9 Thursday ~ Egypt—Praise Report!

Reaching All Egypt started 25 years ago and God has blessed tens of thousands of poor families through this ministry partnered with Intercede. RAE has given hope to thousands of unemployed young people by equipping them with marketable skills or enabling them to start new microenterprises to earn their living. Widows have been assisted by loans and have started successful microenterprises to support their families. Many churches have been empowered by RAE’s training of leaders. RAE has presented the Good News to tens of thousands over the years—many of whom have accepted Jesus in their hearts. Praise God for His work through this ministry!


10 Friday ~ Vietnam

Intercede for pastors who are imprisoned for their faith, and for God’s provision for and protection of them, their wives and families. Vietnam For Christ provides support of $660 per year to as many of these families as possible–as they are left with no breadwinner and live in dire poverty.


11 Saturday ~ El Salvador

New Life Ministries is building its headquarters, including a childcare program and its Training and Vocational Centre building in San Miguel. The total cost of the Sanctuary two buildings, which also includes fencing, furnishings, equipment, septic tank and clean water tank, is $85,000.  Generous Intercede prayer partners have offered up to $25,000 in matching grants to help reach this goal.  The Good News is that Intercede donors have matched this amount and beyond so to date including the Matching Grants a grand total of $68,000 has been received! Only $17,000 more has to be raised. Please pray for God’s divine supply to complete this project. Thank you to those who have donated generously toward this project.


12 Sunday ~ Peru

“Please pray for clear guidance for us as we seek God’s will in relation to possible training seminars and trips in Peru from July onwards,” request Peter and Marta Hocking of Segadores, who are considering the effects of the Coronavirus. “There are many uncertain things that depend on what happens in these days. However, we rest in the Lord, remembering that He is in control, and that He will work out everything for the best.”


13 Monday ~ Iran

Pray for a revolution of God’s love in Iran—which will transform that society into a stronger part of God’s Kingdom. Pray for God’s blessings on, protection of and provision for Harvest Iran Ministries’ missionaries. Pray for many souls to be saved through this ministry’s work and the work of the Holy Spirit.


14 Tuesday ~ Bangladesh

Please pray for healing for Indigenous Mission of Bangladesh leader Louis Biswas from typhoid. Recently a doctor found typhoid germs in his blood. “That is why I felt fever,” Biswas wrote to Intercede. “So, the doctor gave me medicine and I hope I will recover soon by God’s grace.”


15 Wednesday ~ India

India Christian Ministries has a vision to plant 2,020 churches in India. Currently, ICM has more than 1,600 congregations. Pray that God will bless and provide for this vision. ICM’s church-planting in northern India needs support each month of at least $1,000.


16 Thursday ~ Colombia

Vineyard of Colombia has more than 1,500 children connected with its ministry. They need shoes and other clothing, and VOC missionaries are praying for the provision of at least one meal per week to help their struggling parents with something. Please pray for these needs.


17 Friday ~ Vietnam—Praise Report!

“Christians in rural villages are often prohibited use of public well water because of their faith in Christ,” reports Daniel Lee, leader of Vietnam For Christ. “Deprived of fresh water, most are forced to walk many miles to obtain water from a polluted river, causing great sickness. We step in by drilling or digging fresh water wells for these believers. These wells supply clean water and are also an evangelical tool, as nonbelievers are allowed to use the wells. Last year, we were able to provide 12 wells for different villages of various tribes.”


18 Saturday ~ Peru

Praise God for the work of Francisco B. with Churches of Ayacucho’s Pastoral Program for Quechuan Children. Pray for provision for this children’s ministry. COA needs $900 per month to support the program—which includes teaching, sharing with children God’s love and teaching them how valuable it is to share the Gospel with others, and a healthy lunch for the children.


19 Sunday ~ Uzbekistan

Pray for greater freedom for Christians and churches in Uzbekistan, and for Uzbekistan Christian Fellowship missionaries and other Uzbek Christians to stay strong in their faith despite persecution some of them are experiencing.


20 Monday ~ Kenya

“Due to a long drought and then heavy rains which caused floods, agricultural farming was severely damaged in Kenya,” reports Kenya Evangelism Team leader Felix Misiko Murunga. “Many people did not have any harvest. We are praying and trusting God that we get funds so that we can buy foodstuffs to help victims who are suffering because of hunger. Some of the affected parts are where our churches are and people are starving because there is no food in their barns.” Please pray that KET will be able to help many people affected by these issues.


21 Tuesday ~ India

Pray for the Lord’s blessing on and provision for Good Samaritan India’s help (especially food) for poor people affected by the Coronavirus. Praise God that none of GSI’s church members or orphan home children have been affected so far by the virus.


22 Wednesday ~ Egypt

Pray for God’s continued blessings on Reaching All Egypt’s work with vulnerable and poor people, including those affected severely by the Coronavirus crisis. RAE has started to focus on helping daily wage earners, elderly people and widows who cannot meet their monthly financial commitments.


23 Thursday ~ Haiti

Pray for God’s blessing on and provision for Living Word Ministries’ Kingdom Kids program. This outreach costs $570 per month per village. The cost entails lesson materials, crafts, and food. Praise God for the many Haitian children who have already been reached with the Gospel through this program.


24 Friday ~ Turkey—Praise Report!

Praise God for the provision of aid needed for an operation for Savana, a refugee girl in Turkey who had suffered severe burns. Praise God for Canadians who gave generous support to Turkish Christian Fellowship for her treatments.


25 Saturday ~ Philippines

Pray for good health and safety for Student Missionary Outreach leader Nenita del Mundo (photo) and her son, Theonikko, as they travel on behalf of their mission. “We have had fever and symptoms of the disease from March and April but have recovered and now recently tested negative for Covid-19,” reported Nenita recently. Pray also for good health for other SMO missionaries as they face major restrictions in the Philippines due to the Coronavirus.


26 Sunday ~ Cuba

Churches of the Open Bible need funds to build or repair some of their churches. For instance, the El Purio Church needs a new building ($3,500). The ministry greatly needs construction materials. Please pray about these needs.


27 Monday ~ Philippines

Please pray for the construction and completion of the new permanent headquarters and ministry building for Smoky Mountain Ministries. SMM needs $2,000 for the renovation of the Tempo Building and $10,000 to finish the Permanent School Ministry Building.


28 Tuesday ~ South Sudan

South Sudan Mission’s missionaries request prayer for safety and ongoing provision of food, educational and medical costs for Savannah Children’s Centre children’s needs. Pray that the next agriculture season, which begins in August, will be successful and that the plague of locusts that started affecting South Sudan in February will not continue.


29 Wednesday ~ Ukraine

Pray for Father’s House as it takes care of some families displaced by the conflict in eastern Ukraine. Today Father’s House runs four two- bedroom apartment module houses that hold eight families from the east of Ukraine. Pray for a peaceful end to the current political and social turmoil in eastern Ukraine.


30 Thursday ~ India

Please pray that Siloam Evangelical Fellowship will be able to conduct medical camps in villages where there are hindrances to preaching the Gospel. SEF missionaries offer free treatment and medicines at these camps. Each camp will cost about $680.


31 Friday ~ Pakistan

Pray for William Johnson as he provides leadership to Pakistan Gospel Assemblies. Also pray for his wife, Nasim Johnson, as she is a great ministry partner. Pray for their wisdom and sound health as they work together for the lost in Pakistan.


August 1 Saturday ~ Sierra Leone

Praise the Lord! Good News! Intercede has received $20,000 from donors across Canada to Match the Matching Gift Challenge for a total of $40,000 and has sent it to Sierra Leone to finish the Girls’ and Boys’ Dormitories of the NCM Ebola Orphanage. Now all that is needed and remaining is about a further $5,000 to build the Kitchen, Recreation Hall and office with furnishings. Please pray for this. Thanks to those who have already given generously for this. Praise God that NCM missionaries are already counseling and catering for more than 40 orphans.


August 2 Sunday ~ India—Praise Report!

Bombay Revival Prayer Band’s Mission’s School, Sharon English School, which operates for our orphan and destitute children and for village children in the surrounding area, and which is also the only local Christian school, needs to construct and complete the second floor of the school building to include additional classrooms, furniture and fixtures soon. Please pray for God’s provision for this important project. 


3 Monday ~ Nigeria


Pray that Intercede’s partner ministry in Nigeria will be able to provide borehole wells to more communities. The Koma people need one that will cost about $5,000.


4 Tuesday ~ Indonesia

Pray for peace between Christians and Muslims in Indonesia, and for many Muslims to receive salvation. Pray for God’s protection of all Christians and churches there. Intercede for Oneness Fullness Witness missionaries as they share their faith in creative ways with Muslims across Indonesia.