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Prayerline & Praise Report

September 2020


1 Tuesday ~ Ukraine—Praise Report!

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Father’s House has been ministering in some new ways. Children in the ministry’s care started supporting a local hospital and hospice. They produced 150 masks for medical professionals and handed them out to the hospital along with drawings and videos through which they expressed their gratitude and respect for the efforts of medical staff. Father’s House also started a service for 56 aged and homeless people, who found themselves in social isolation without ample means for living. The ministry has given special attention to 21 families with children, in which parents lost jobs and are without any sources of income—particularly, multi-children and one-parent families, where mothers were the only breadwinners. “In this time of worldwide crisis, it is more important than ever to be sharing the hope, joy and love of Jesus!” writes a Father’s House missionary. “We are very grateful for your help to Father’s House in this difficult time.”


2 Wednesday ~ Nepal

Pray for God to heal Gospel Outreach Centre missionaries Resham and Sita completely from health issues. Resham suffers from Parkinson’s disease.


3 Thursday ~ Canada—First Nations

Pray for Rev. Stephen Stoney as he directs Attawapiskat Native Ministries, which reaches out to youth of that northern Ontario community. Pray that the youth of Attawapiskat will find hope in Christ.


4 Friday ~ China

Pray for the teachers and students of X. Bible School. The school needs a van that seats seven people to travel through the mountains to reach the grasslands of western Chinese villages for outreach work.


5 Saturday ~ India

Himalaya Crusade needs prayer and help to strengthen established churches and build new church buildings. Three new churches under construction in Nepal need immediate intervention for completion, which would cost from $10,000 to $11,500. The church in Upper Munsong needs $7,800 and the church in Samthar Village needs $13,000 for completion. Also, the Himalaya Crusade church in Champasari, Siliguri needs $8,000 for completion. Please pray for God’s provision.


6 Sunday ~ Philippines

Praise God that Nemuel Palma, of Smoky Mountain Ministries, has recovered from COVID-19. Please continue to pray for good health and strength for Nemuel and Ruth Palma, as they lead the ministry of SMM. Ruth has suffered from health problems in recent years. Pastor Nemuel Palma is getting weak because of diabetes, hypertension, Hepatitis B, and only 30 percent of one kidney functioning.


7 Monday ~ Liberia

Please pray for $24,000 needed by Christ Evangelistic Fellowship Ministries to purchase a sturdy four-wheel drive ministry vehicle. The car the ministry currently uses is giving missionaries many problems. Liberia has many challenging roads to traverse.


8 Tuesday ~ Cuba

Please pray for God’s continued blessings on and provision for Churches of the Open Bible’s work with children, youth and elders. The Children’s Ministry needs $700 per month to feed 900 children in different parts of Cuba.


9 Wednesday ~ India

“It is difficult time that we are all going through,” reports George Joseph, leader of Christian Fellowship Centre. “During the Lock-down time we could give a week’s rations to 300 families through Dr. D. Abraham Charitable and Education Trust. These we distributed among slums, migrant labourers and leper colonies. It was my desire to give to at least 1,000 families.” Please pray for provision for CFC to help more families.


10 Thursday ~ Jordan

Pray for Manara Outreach Ministries missionaries as they share a message of hope and encouragement to brothers and sisters within their circles of ministry and support during the Coronavirus crisis. Manara will use its resources to help as many people as possible during this turbulent time.


11 Friday ~ Kenya

Pray for God to bring lasting peace to northern Kenya, where there are serious tribal conflicts happening. Please pray for safety of Cornerstone Evangelistic Ministries missionaries as they sometimes face persecution in that region.


12 Saturday ~ Israel

Netivah Christian Ministries requests intercession for its Soldiers Department as they are planning out programs (Netsor, Arrows) for the graduates—preparing them for their service in Israel’s military. Please pray with Netivah missionaries as they have begun recruiting the participants for the Arrows program.


13 Sunday ~ Kyrgyzstan

Visiting hospitals and helping people in need are important during the pandemic that has affected large families—especially people with disabilities. One of Good News Mission Kyrgyzstan’s tasks is to help more than 2,500 families. “We provide help and hope in Jesus,” reports GNM’s leader. “God has given us an opportunity to reach people and open seven new home churches in the last few months.” Please pray for this vital ministry.


14 Monday ~ Bangladesh

Praise God that Indigenous Mission of Bangladesh has started Bible School training. Pray for God’s blessings on and provision for this program. Since the Bible School students have increased, IMB needs more furniture and other materials for the Bible School, so please pray to the Lord that He will provide. IMB needs for this $2,700.


15 Tuesday ~ Kenya

Thank the Lord for the many abandoned babies and children that Ebenezer Life Centre has been taking good care of. Pray that each of these children will grow up to become healthy, faithful followers of our Lord.


16 Wednesday ~ Pakistan

Pray for God’s continued blessings on and protection of the lives and ministries of all Pakistan Gospel Assemblies missionaries and their families and other Christians in Pakistan, as persecution of Christians increases in that nation.


17 Thursday ~ Indonesia

Pray that Oneness Fullness Witness will be able to buy more Bibles to give to the spiritually needy in Indonesia, who are waiting for them.


18 Friday ~ Sierra Leone—Praise Report!

Mitford Macauley, leader of New Creation Ministries, is grateful to God and to Intercede prayer partners. “I am feeling much better today,” Macauley reports. “I feel that I belong to a very loving and caring community of brethren. Thank you so much for your prompt response to my appeal. I have been discharged from the hospital, as the surgeon saw that I am fit to return to my country. We are also thankful to God again for His faithfulness to provide the funds we so desperately needed. I am still in Ghana and I thank God for His mercies and healing. It is my hope and faith that His healing shall be perfected upon me soon and that I shall return home as soon as the borders between our countries are open and flights are resumed.”


19 Saturday ~ Peru

Churches of Ayacucho needs a Bible Institute so that this mission can prepare its workers better. COA needs $6,000 per year to run this program—which includes lodging, manuals, food, and teachers’ compensation. Please pray for these needs.


20 Sunday ~ Nepal—Praise Report!

“Over the last three months, through your generosity, you have helped more than 500 families survive the pandemic,” reports Gospel Outreach Centre. “About 100 aid recipients are pregnant and nursing mothers. Disabled, elderly and single mothers are the others who benefited by your cheerful giving. Because you helped the most vulnerable, the name of Christ is being exalted by people including some of those in authority. While arranging relief aid for distribution one of our local elected officials remarked, ‘Whatever negative things some people and the mainstream media have said about you (Christians), when things get difficult, you are the ones quietly serving. Thank you.’”


21 Monday ~ Ethiopia

“Because of COVID-19, churches are closed and many pastors and Gospel workers are hungry,” reports the leader of Rhema Gospel Mission. Pray for more support for RGM’s missionaries ($875 per month total needed), so that more churches will be planted and more people reached with the Gospel in Ethiopia.


22 Tuesday ~ Canada

Intercede International carries out its Gospel programs with 49 national ministry partners. The full-time staff works diligently to keep Canadian supporters informed about the work of partner missions. They communicate with, visit these ministries, and assist them with many challenges. Please keep Intercede staff, their health, and the financial needs of Intercede’s home operations in your prayers. 


23 Wednesday ~ Bolivia

“We ask you to please pray for our missionaries in diverse places like San Joaquin, Trinidad, and Guayaramerin who right now are in their homes unable to travel, but also are suffering economically to support their families,” requests Eliu Loras, leader of Serving Jesus Christ Mission. “Most of our missionaries and myself we are tentmakers, so our income is low now. Please pray for His divine supply for our families.”


24 Thursday ~ India

Praise the Lord that Good Samaritan India has raised enough funds to complete the main (ground) floor of its orphanage, which includes a bore-well. Thanks to those who have given generously. Please pray for funds needed to complete this building.


25 Friday ~ South Sudan

Praise God for His generous provision for the Savannah Children’s Centre, and for the Canadian Christians who have been supporting and praying for this project. Pray for God’s protection of SSM missionaries and the children in their care from the Coronavirus.


26 Saturday ~ Canada—First Nations—Praise Report!

Earlier this year, Roger Armbruster of Canada Inuit Ministries helped lead an outreach to the Little Grand Rapids First Nation, 268 km northeast of Winnipeg on the shores of Family Lake near the Manitoba/Ontario border. One of the highlights of the visit was the official licensing into the ministry of the Gospel of two young men from the Little Grand Rapids First Nation: Robert Leveque and Aaron Leveque (photo). Armbruster also had the opportunity to share about faith issues on the local radio station for two hours one day. Praise God for this outreach opportunity.


27 Sunday ~ Colombia—Praise Report!

Praise God for Vineyard of Colombia’s good work with indigenous children and their families in isolated communities. Missionaries are reaching tribes such as the Sikuanis, Piapoco, Guahivo, and Piriri. Many people are coming to the Lord in those regions.


28 Monday ~ India

Peace Ministries India’s Pastor Joseph passed away in May. “On May 1 he went to work on agricultural land. Suddenly he fell down due to low blood pressure and had a heart attack,” reports PMI. “His family members took him to the hospital. But he has already reached the Lord’s Kingdom.” Pray for God’s comfort and encouragement for Pastor Joseph’s family and colleagues.


29 Tuesday ~ Thailand

One of Elios Ministries’ pastors, Mr. Kyaw Moe Khaing, has been having blood dialysis for a year because of kidney failure. Both husband and wife are our fulltime ministers with Elios. Pray for complete healing for Khaing.


30 Wednesday ~ Tajikistan

During the Coronavirus epidemic, Churches in Tajikistan missionaries have had a chance to visit families in different villages and help them. They offer some food and use the opportunity to share the Gospel. As a result, more than 30 percent more people are interested in learning about Jesus, prayer, and salvation. Many freely accept a Bible or a New Testament. Pray for God’s continued blessings on this work.


October 1 Thursday ~ Uzbekistan

Church leaders from Uzbekistan spend three weeks every year in Uzbekistan Christian Fellowship’s Bible training, in which study with prayer, fasting and fellowship awes and inspires them with the presence of God. Pray for provision for the cost of each person attending ($100). Pray that leaders carrying heavy burdens will be restored and recharged.