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Prayerline & Praise Report


1 Monday ~ Jordan

Manara Outreach Ministries’ Camp Gilead receives 750 campers annually, 500 of whom are new campers. This is one of Jordan’s greatest evangelistic opportunities. Currently Camp Gilead needs $3,620 for 130 mattresses, and $7,220 for 13 tents’ canvas. Please pray for these needs.


2 Tuesday ~ Ukraine


Good Samaritan Mission is launching a new project to open 10 missionary churches, which would not require a lot of time or finances for their construction. This is a so-called temporary house (church). This house is installed on concrete slabs, does not necessitate documentation for the building. It takes two weeks to make one church house. GSM needs $9,700 for 100 seats for each one.


3 Wednesday ~ India—Praise Report!

Praise God that India Christian Ministries now has about 1,124 churches and 1,204 pastors and leaders. Praise God for the many churches started and 3,548 people baptized in the past year. The ministry in northern India is growing, especially.


4 Thursday ~ Kenya

“On March 24 one of newest churches in a village called Kareterete was swept [away] by strong winds,” reports Timothy Kinyua of Cornerstone Evangelistic Ministries. “Praise God nobody was injured. Pray for God’s provisions to build another church. Now we will need to put up a stronger building using steel poles. This will cost almost $5,400.”


5 Friday ~ Egypt

Reaching All Egypt urgently needs Bibles (about $6 each) to spread the Gospel among the unreached in Egypt. Pray for a plentiful supply of Bibles.


6 Saturday ~ Canada—First Nations

Pray that Canada Inuit Ministries will help bring healing and God’s salvation into the lives of Canada’s Inuit people. Praise God for the lives that have been changed through this ministry, with God’s power.


7 Sunday ~ Kyrgyzstan

“Our need is for prayer for God’s followers, for helping new believers to become stronger in their faith, and for Muslims to whom we seek to deliver the Gospel, for their hearts to open for Jesus Christ,” writes the leader of Good News Mission Kyrgyzstan. “Please pray for churches in our region because we have a challenging time to reach unreached people.”


8 Monday ~ Israel

“We have a need for a 4 x 4 vehicle in order to reach hard-to-access places during the Sea-to-Sea hike and Netsor and Chetzim pre-military discipleship programs,” reports Joel Goldberg, leader of Netivah Christian Ministries. “In the past few years we have borrowed or rented extra vehicles.” Pray for provision for a new ministry vehicle.


9 Tuesday ~ India

Pray for protection for Himalaya Crusade’s missionaries, who work in dangerous areas such as Bhutan, where Christians face persecution. Pray that God will defeat the powers of darkness throughout the regions in which this mission works. Pray that God would protect Christians in this region.


10 Wednesday ~ Canada

Intercede International carries out its Gospel programs with 52 indigenous ministry partners. The full-time staff works diligently to keep Canadian supporters informed about the work of partner missions. They communicate with, visit these ministries, and assist them with many challenges. Please keep Intercede staff and the financial needs of Intercede’s home operations in your prayers. 


11 Thursday ~ Nepal—Praise Report!

With help from Intercede’s prayer partners, 128 young women participated in Gospel Outreach Centre’s God’s Effective Agents three-day seminar, reports the ministry. “I am blessed by this seminar,” shared Pabirtra, a 17-year-old young woman. “I was challenged to build a strong foundation of faith in the Lord Jesus through His Word. The panel of speakers, all women, with many years of experience serving their family, church, missions and business, exhorted us to live lives worthy of our calling wherever God has placed us. Thank you for making it possible for me to attend.” GOC assisted six churches host a training session each to help start the process of discipleship in their local churches; 169 people who had just come to the faith through GOC evangelism attended these trainings.


12 Friday ~ Kenya

Kenya Evangelism Team’s missionaries are trusting God to help them build permanent church buildings. Please pray for this need—especially for $1,600 for roofing materials for those churches.


13 Saturday ~ Bangladesh

Pray for God to rescue and protect many endangered R. people. 55 R. believers flew from Myanmar and they are living in Bangladesh now. But they have no good living facilities. For each family Indigenous Mission of Bangladesh needs $130 to make simple houses of bamboo and plastic paper.


14 Sunday ~ India

India Christian Ministries has a vision to plant 2,020 churches by 2020 in India. Pray that God will bless and provide for this vision. Pray for God’s continued blessings on ICM’s church-planting in northern India, which needs support each month of at least $1,000.


15 Monday ~ Iran

Intercede for Harvest Iran Ministries as it provides help to persecuted Christians. Pray for God’s protection of persecuted Christians in Iran, especially those in prison, and for release of those prisoners. Pray for freedom for Iranian churches to worship God more openly.


16 Tuesday ~ Nigeria—Praise Report!

The Kamberi people of Nigeria’s Niger state have been neglected over the years by the government. But the leader of Intercede’s partner mission in Nigeria reports, “We have more than 15 churches in the Kamberi field. This is a great blessing as the entire leadership of this state is Islamic and it is a Sharia state. Now Muslims had tried to plant mosques by bribing the people, but we came with the Word and conquered. The people are massively accepting Christ.” Praise God for this good result.


17 Wednesday ~ India—Praise Report!

So far this summer, Good Samaritan India has presented several Children Bible Camps and more than 1,200 children attended their four major events, reports leader Joshua Daniel Adipi. More than 75 children accepted Christ. Praise God for His work in their lives!


18 Thursday ~ Colombia

Pray for Luis Guerrero as he provides leadership to Vineyard of Colombia. Luis and his wife, Rita Guerrero, are suffering from some health problems. Please intercede for their complete healing.


19 Friday ~ Philippines

Student Missionary Outreach’s Promised Land Centre now needs to secure the Promised Land property (three-hectare lot; see photo) by putting up a fence and an iron gate. To secure the fence and make a metal gate to enter the Promised Land SMO will need an amount of about $2,000.


20 Saturday ~ Tajikistan

“The only method we use to share the Gospel is personal testimonies,” explains the leader of Churches in Tajikistan. “The reason why we use this method mostly is that it is hard for people in this culture to open their hearts if their friends or relatives are around, so we are looking for an opportunity to meet people face to face.” Pray that CIT’s missionaries will find many opportunities to share their testimonies with non-Christians. Pray that God will open those people’s hearts to receive salvation.


21 Sunday ~ India

“Please pray for our urgent need of our main building,” requests the leader of Siloam Evangelical Fellowship. “We need to renovate and expand the church porch area. The floor has been damaged and is in very bad shape. We require about $6,800 to get the work completed.”


22 Monday ~ Canada—First Nations

Pray for Rev. Stephen Stoney as he directs Attawapiskat Native Ministries, which reaches out to the youth of that northern Ontario community. Pray that the youth of Attawapiskat will find hope in Christ.


23 Tuesday ~Uzbekistan

Pray for God’s blessings on and protection of Uzbekistan Christian Fellowship’s missionaries. Pray for them as they reach out to Muslims in Central Asia. Pray that many lives will be transformed as a result of their work and the Holy Spirit.


24 Wednesday ~ China

Yunnan Evangelical Mission’s translation teams have successfully completed translating the Bible into four ethnic languages. YEM is part of Intercede’s China Mission team of ministries. Next they plan to translate four more reference and devotional books into the Miao language, to help nurture church growth in those remote areas. The translation, printing, and distribution expenses for these four books are $13,750. Please pray about this need.


25 Thursday ~ Egypt—Praise Report!

Milad from A. village in Minya governorate told Reaching All Egypt: “I didn’t have a relationship with God, and my life was miserable because of conflicts between me and my brothers and sisters over inheritance. Our relationship was broken for a long time. The [RAE] village worker visited us in our homes, praying and talking with us. He succeeded to help us to restore our relationships and to forgive each other.” Praise God for the good ministry of RAE’s village workers.


26 Friday ~ Peru

Pray for strength and healing for Segadores missionary Antonia Yalta, who suffers pain due to damaged disks in her back.  Pray also for healing of missionary Saul Huaman’s high cholesterol, for Clara Huaman’s borderline diabetes, and for healing for missionary Oscar Tello, who has a serious problem with one leg.


27 Saturday ~ India

Pray for God’s blessing on Peace Ministries India’s ministries related to leprosy victims, AIDS patients, orphan children, widows, and bringing the Gospel to the unreached. The ministry to AIDS patients currently needs $2,400 to meet the costs of rice for people in need.


28 Sunday ~ Kenya—Praise Report!

Here is the testimony of Mercy Adhiambo Ondago (above), of Ebenezer Life Centre. “I am 20 years of age. I joined this institution in 2003 after my parents passed on, rendering me a total orphan. I would like to say that the institution has not only helped me but also my sister. I have been in Ebenezer from my nursery, primary and secondary level. Ebenezer has been a home to us. I have served as an intern for two years, helping in toddler development. I would like to thank the Almighty that I gotten my admission to Eldoret Polytechnic and I am pursuing a two-year course in catering and accommodation. Thank you for your support over the years.”


29 Monday ~ Vietnam

Praise God that Vietnam For Christ  distributed 3,000 Old and New Testament Bibles in the Vietnamese language to the Hre, Stieng and Koho tribes recently. Pray for VFC’s printing and distribution of Bibles ($6.50 each) and hymnals, so that many Vietnamese Christians will benefit from this work.


30 Tuesday ~ South Sudan

Intercede for safety for children who live at Savannah Children’s Centre—which is operated by South Sudan Mission. Pray that all of them will be able to continue to live safely at the Centre, and that the civil war will stop. Please join us in prayer for a just and lasting peace for South Sudan.


31 Wednesday ~ Indonesia

“Please do pray for renovation of our home church in Tabalong, Sanggau village, Borneo island,” requests Daniel Antone, leader of Oneness Fullness Witness. “We need $2,000 for that.”