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Prayerline & Praise Report

September 2019


1 Sunday ~ India

Please pray for the orphans and destitute children in Bombay Revival Prayer Band’s Shelter Ark Orphanage—for their well-being and for every need of theirs to be met. Pray that they each would receive overflowing love, and accept Jesus into their lives. “We are very grateful to you for your continuous prayers and financial support that has blessed us and enabled us in our ministry to move forward,” reports Bethela Gabriel of BPB. 


2 Monday ~ Canada—First Nations

Pray that Canada Inuit Ministries will bring healing and God’s salvation into the lives of Canada’s Inuit people. Praise God for the lives that have been changed through this ministry, with God’s power.


3 Tuesday ~ China

Please pray for God’s blessings on and provision for the two Gospel Rehabilitation Centres. Praise God for those men whose lives have been transformed through these centres, with God’s power. The cost for one new trainee is $230 per month, for the 18-month program.


4 Wednesday ~ Peru

Praise God for the work of Francisco B. with Churches of Ayacucho’s Pastoral Program for Quechuan Children. Pray for provision for the children’s ministry. COA needs $900 per month to support the program. COA needs its own building to run the program, running water, four tables and 20 chairs for children, a tape recorder and sports materials. Pray also for funds to provide a healthy lunch for children in meetings. “Teachers and parents are very happy with this support, and we thank God for Intercede providing toward this need,” reports COA’s leader.


5 Thursday ~ Iran

“We are passionate about training tomorrow’s leaders,” declares Lazarus Yeghnazar, leader of Harvest Iran Ministries. “We believe they will be used mightily to glorify God in Iran and see his Kingdom come in their generation. That’s why we are so dedicated to training and investing in Iranian leaders who have a heart for their nation. In order to see Iran changed for Christ we believe it is essential to plant churches in Iran and throughout the Iranian Diaspora. To that end we are training leaders to establish new churches and impact their communities.” Pray for God’s blessings on and provision for HIM’s conferences and training sessions.


6 Friday ~ India

Good Samaritan India now has 28 churches, 15 full-time pastors, two schools with 210 students, and two orphan homes, with about 50 orphans. Pray for GSI’s missionaries to continue to do their best to expand the Kingdom of God in India.


7 Saturday ~ Bangladesh

Indigenous Mission of Bangladesh requests that we pray to the Lord so that He will break the blindness of Bengali Muslim people, Hindu, Buddhist and all tribal and unreached people groups so they may see and know the Truth of God. Intercede for IMB missionaries as they reach out to these people with the Gospel.


8 Sunday ~ Kenya

Pray for Cornerstone Evangelistic Ministries missionary Joseph’s wife, Rose, who was involved in a road accident early this year and is being treated in India. The treatment she is receiving is specialized and cannot be performed in Kenya, explains CEM leader Timothy Kinyua. Her nerves on her left hand were damaged. She will be going for the second operation in September. Pray for provision for that operation.


9 Monday ~ Azerbaijan

Praise God for Brotherhood of Azerbaijan’s successful leadership training seminars. Pray for God’s continued blessing on these training programs.


10 Tuesday ~ Philippines

Pray for provision for the agricultural project at Student Missionary Outreach’s Promised Land property ($2,750 needed). SMO needs a Farm supervisor (with basic $130 monthly support) who will manage the crops and livestock for the livelihood of those of SMO’s Bible school students who have no financial means to support their studies.


11 Wednesday ~ Indonesia

Pray for poor Indonesian children to whom Oneness Fullness Witness ministers who need many books, school bags, clothes and food. Pray that OFW would be able to provide these to many children.


12 Thursday ~ Israel

Please continue to pray for Ibrahim (on Netivah Christian Ministries staff) and Niveen and their three children as Niveen is still recovering from the effects of brain surgery more than a year ago and months of chemotherapy. Pray for her healing physically and for strength emotionally to press forward. She is currently unable to walk on her own.


13 Friday ~ South Sudan—Praise Report!

“We sincerely take the opportunity to thank Intercede International for having provided the hand-held tractor for agriculture produce,” reports Wilson Waswa, director of South Sudan Mission and the Savannah Children’s Centre. “With the support of the hand-held tractor, we have been able to cultivate five acres of maize [corn] plantation. This will boost our Children’s Centre with food security.” Thank the Lord for His provision for SSM.


14 Saturday ~ Sierra Leone

Pray for healing and restoration of New Creation Ministries leader Mitford Macauley’s health and for $1,700 needed for treatment. Pray for the Lord to encourage him and protect him and his fellow missionaries from spiritual attacks that have been affecting them.


15 Sunday ~ Pakistan

Pray for Bishop William Johnson as he provides leadership to Pakistan Gospel Assemblies. Also pray for his wife Nasim Johnson as she is an excellent ministry partner. Pray for their wisdom and sound health as they work together for the lost in Pakistan.


16 Monday ~ Cuba

Churches of the Open Bible needs funds to buy a house in Santa Clara to use for a church. COB has already saved $6,750 for it, and needs $22,950 more to complete the amount. Thank you for your prayers for this need.


17 Tuesday ~ Kenya

A paralytic at a Kenya Evangelism Team meeting was healed through God’s power. His semi-permanent house needs plastering. The family does not have enough food and also they are in need of plowing, buying seeds and fertilizers. Pray that the Lord will provide $1,420 for their needs.


18 Wednesday ~ India—Praise Report!


Earlier this year, Christian Fellowship Centre’s Union Church in Joginder Nagar held a convention in which people received spiritual and physical healing. The church was full and overflowing in that three-day convention. CFC leader Rev. George Joseph reports that two years back during a similar convention a Hindu girl Aarti was healed from throat cancer. Now her whole family believes in Jesus and attends the Sunday service regularly. Praise God for His work of healing and salvation!


19 Thursday ~ Ukraine

Praise God for the hundreds of orphans and street children whose lives have been transformed by God through the ministry of Father’s House. Pray that each of the children and youth in the care of Father’s House will accept Jesus into their lives and grow in their spiritual lives.


20 Friday ~ Canada

At Intercede, funds are needed to pay for the new Overseas Material Aid container, as Intercede gathers goods to send to its partner ministry in Turkey. Pray for provision of thousands of dollars needed for this. Pray also that our supporters will donate needed goods to help out refugees in Turkey.


21 Saturday ~ Kenya

The Ebenezer Life Centre orphanage needs five tables for $130 each and 50 chairs for $13 each so that the boys living there can use tables and chairs at meal times and study times. ELC also needs to replace five doors for $100 and broken window panes of the dormitories for $200 to save them from mosquito attacks.


22 Sunday ~ Turkmenistan

“Our mission was able to buy in the countryside a house to serve drug addicts and alcohol-addicted people, in which people who have lost all hope for the future will undergo our rehabilitation program,” reports Churches of Turkmenistan. “In this House of Hope, people will have the opportunity not only to return to life free from dependence, but most importantly they will receive precious salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ.” Pray for the Lord to bless this program.


23 Monday ~ Peru—Praise Report!

“A new and exciting development in our ministry is that God has raised up a team of young people in our congregation who have a burden for taking God’s Word to tribal people of the jungle,” reports Segadores in the latest Field Report. “Peter (Hocking) is encouraging and orienting them personally, giving them teaching on what it means to follow Christ, and to serve Him in another culture. Pete and Cesar took the most qualified members of this team to a Yanesha village in late July for a week of ministering to the children, while they also adjusted to living in a jungle environment. We are seeing this as a great opportunity for God to call young people to His service among tribal people.” Praise God for this opportunity.


24 Tuesday ~ India—Praise Report!

Siloam Evangelical Fellowship reports this encouraging testimony: “My name is K. Graceamma, and I have been suffering from a kidney problem from many years. I was taking treatment regularly. I have spent all my amount for my medicine and doctors, but I was not cured and there was no peace in my heart. One day a pastor came to my house with a tract written by Pastor. J. Buraga: ‘Wilt thou be made whole?’ The pastor explained to me from that tract that Jesus is the only Saviour and healer of all kinds of diseases. I believed in God and prayed for my healing, and I received peace in my heart and was healed. I praise God for His healing power.”


25 Wednesday ~ Kenya—Praise Report!

Here is an encouraging testimony from Ebenezer Life Centre: “My name is Jeremiah Agunga. I joined ECS in Grade 2 in 2011. My mother died when I and my brother, Zakayo, [see photo] were very young. Life was not easy at home. We want to thank Ebenezer for the rescue, and we have received food, shelter, education and clothing for the last eight years. We are waiting to join a vocational training school for a course in plumbing and masonry. Thank you for your love and support. God bless the works of your hands.” Praise God for His work in the lives of these youth.


26 Thursday ~ Canada—First Nations

Pray for Rev. Stephen Stoney as he directs Attawapiskat Native Ministries, which reaches out to the youth of that northern Ontario community. Pray that the youth of Attawapiskat will find hope in Christ.


27 Friday ~ Nigeria

“Thank you all for standing with us during the months of May and June,” writes the leader of Intercede’s partner ministry in Nigeria. “They were intense months of suffering and death for our people as some herdsmen burnt well over 13 villages and displaced many or killed them. As we struggle to use our few resources, hundreds of people, children and women are dying. The government is concerned about the Fulani who are killers rather than the victims. None of these killers has been arrested at any time.” Pray for God’s protection of the Christians of Nigeria. Intercede for this ministry as it helps many displaced Nigerians with their physical and spiritual needs.


28 Saturday ~ Nepal

Pray that all children cared for in Evangelical Christian Fellowship’s children’s homes will receive salvation. Pray for their need of school admission fees and uniforms.


29 Sunday ~ India

Please pray for Siloam Evangelical Fellowship to receive the support it needs to conduct medical camps in villages where there are hindrances to preaching the Gospel (about $680 cost for each medical camp). Pray also for open hearts in those villages ready to receive salvation.


30 Monday ~ Thailand

Elios Ministries held a Camp for Children in April 2019 and will host another one in October. Pray for funds needed to run Elios’ camp ministry. Pray that many children will attend these camps and become committed Christians.