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Prayerline & Praise Report

November 2019


1 Friday ~ Philippines—Praise Report!

Student Missionary Outreach celebrated its 42nd year on August 24, 2019. “Due to the Tropical Depression announced earlier by the Philippines Weather Bureau, our attendance decreased,” reports SMO leader Nenita Del Mundo. “From the expected 200-plus students, only half were able to witness the event. But we still thank God for His provision, protection for all those who attended. We celebrate the faithfulness and goodness of the Lord through the good times and bad times in the history of the Ministry.” Del Mundo is also grateful for God’s provision of “the material needs for us to build a bigger house for our livestock – goats, chicken, ducks, and pigs, also for the planting of our crops, vegetation, herbs, and the 150 fruit-bearing seedlings at the SMO Promised Land. Proceeds for these projects will help support our Bible school students and teachers for their everyday food and transportation allowance. God is really good!”


2 Saturday ~ China

Pray for God’s blessings on and protection of Rachel Zee, director of China Ministries. Pray also for God’s blessings on Dorothy Sun’s part-time ministry with China Mission, and for her good health.


3 Sunday ~ Canada

One Faith – One Family (referencing 1 Corinthians 12:26) is the theme for this year’s International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church (www.idop.ca), which Intercede helps to organize. Millions of Christians around the world are being persecuted for their faith—seeing their family or friends martyred, suffering in prison cells, or being forced from their homes and jobs. Some of Intercede’s partner ministries face strong persecution from enemies of the Gospel. Please remember our persecuted brothers and sisters in prayer today—and throughout the year.


4 Monday ~ Bangladesh

On September 8, Louis B. of Indigenous Mission of Bangladesh learned that a fire had destroyed the building of IMB’s West Harinchara Church. Three Christian families in the community also lost their homes and belongings in the fire. Please intercede for them. IMB would like to provide new homes for these families. Please pray for provision.


5 Tuesday ~ Kenya—Praise Report!

Cornerstone Evangelistic Ministries has been blessed with funds to put up 20 new church buildings in different locations where people have been worshipping under trees, reports Timothy Kinyua, CEM leader. “Already we have built three and bought 10 bicycles for some of the pastors and evangelists working there. Thank you for your prayers.” Generous supporters have also donated enough for 20 wells and five motorcycles for missionaries.


6 Wednesday ~ Jordan

Pray for Rev. Isam Ghattas’ (above, left) health and ministry as he leads Manara Outreach Ministries. He is currently wearing a neck brace to support his degenerating spine. Pray for healing for Isam and his wife, Nihad, from recent heart surgery for both of them—and for provision of remaining expenses.


7 Thursday ~ India

“One of our Sunday School teachers, Mrs. Asha Bisumkey from the Himalaya Crusade church in Kalimpong, has been diagnosed with breast cancer,” reports Himalaya Crusade. “Asha is a housewife with four children. Her husband works on a daily wage. She runs a small canteen to support her family and also runs a Sunday School Centre in her house. She is a spirit-filled lady, working with a burden for women and children. Cancer treatment is a huge expense. Our people do not have medical insurance to help them for treatment. We are trying our best to help her in whatever way we can to send her to southern India (three days’ train travel) for her treatment. Please pray for her treatment and for the expenses to be provided.”


8 Friday ~ Canada—First Nations

Pray that Canada Inuit Ministries will bring healing and God’s salvation into the lives of Canada’s Inuit people. Praise God for the lives that have been changed through this ministry, with God’s power.


9 Saturday ~ Azerbaijan

Pray for increased freedom for Azerbaijan Christians to worship God without obstructions from authorities. Pray for God’s protection of Brotherhood of Azerbaijan’s missionaries, pastors and their families.


10 Sunday ~ Turkey

Praise God for opportunities for Turkish Christian Fellowship missionaries to help out Syrian refugees in Turkey. Pray for God’s healing for them, and for His provision for more supplies such as food for them. Thanks to those who have donated generously for this purpose.


11 Monday ~ India—Praise Report!

“My son, Anahang Jobson Sodemba, has committed his life to go to Bible College. He is now studying for a Bachelor of Theology in the All Nations Theological Seminary in Siliguri,” reports Joseph Sodemba, leader of Himalaya Crusade. “We are more than happy—overwhelmed with joy to give our only son for the ministry! Please pray for Anahang Sodemba. We thank the Lord for the faithful contributions of Intercede International for the ministry of Himalaya Crusade.”


12 Tuesday ~ Ethiopia

Pray for Pastor Eshetu Worike as he gives leadership to Rhema Gospel Mission. “I am sick with bronchitis,” he reported recently. “For almost two months, I have been suffering a lot. This problem came to me when I was in ministry in the countryside. I stayed in a dirty place for some weeks. Now I am recovering my health.” Pray for Worike’s complete healing.


13 Wednesday ~ Canada—First Nations

Pray for Rev. Stephen Stoney as he directs Attawapiskat Native Ministries, which reaches out to the youth of that northern Ontario community. Pray that the youth of Attawapiskat will find hope in Christ.


14 Thursday ~ India

India Christian Ministries has a vision to plant 2,020 churches by the end of 2020 in India. Pray that God will bless and provide for this vision. Pray for God’s continued blessings on ICM’s church-planting in northern India—which needs regular support each month.


15 Friday ~ Kazakhstan

Praise God for His blessings on New Life Ministries Kazakhstan’s programs for rehabilitating those addicted to drugs and alcohol. Pray for His continued blessings on them. Pray also for God’s blessings on NLM’s Mercy Ministry, which helps poor families.


16 Saturday ~ Colombia

On September 6, Vineyard of Colombia missionary Armando Mendez Linares (see photo) passed on to glory after suffering complications from heart surgery. Armando had been suffering from diabetes and due to that sickness his heart was malfunctioning. He had lost his sight, too, but even with those disabilities he never stopped going to the mission field searching for souls to preach the great love of Christ among them. His wife served him as a guide, taking him by his hand. Pray for God’s comfort and encouragement for Armando’s wife, family and colleagues. 


17 Sunday ~ India—Praise Report!

Here is an encouraging testimony from Siloam Evangelical Fellowship: “My name is P. Shanty. I was suffering from heart pain. I have visited hospitals and taken treatment advised by the doctors, spent much amount for medicine but there was no healing in my body. One day Pastor. P. Israel visited our house with Gospel tracts and a Bible and explained to me from the Bible about Jesus and His healing power, and prayed for me and for my family. I prayed in my heart to heal my disease. Soon after that I was released from pain and I was healed. I believed in God and daily I am reading the Bible and praying daily in my house. I thank God for healing me.”


18 Monday ~ Nigeria

A Nigeria-based ministry partnered with Intercede needs to provide thousands of Hausa Bibles for displaced people. Each Bible costs $5. Please pray for provision of many Bibles.


19 Tuesday ~ Cuba

Churches of the Open Bible needs funds to build or repair some church buildings. For instance, the El Purio Church needs a new building ($3,500). The ministry greatly needs construction materials. Please pray about these needs.


20 Wednesday ~ Canada

At Intercede, funds are needed to pay for the new Overseas Material Aid container, as Intercede gathers goods to send to its partner ministry in Turkey. Pray for provision of thousands of dollars needed for this. Pray also that our supporters will donate needed goods to help out refugees in Turkey–such as winter jackets for children and adults, blankets, tents and propane heaters


21 Thursday ~ Philippines

Student Missionary Outreach requests prayer for good working relationships between SMO missionaries and pastors and churches and youth, in evangelism and discipleship. Pray that SMO ministry leaders, missionaries, and youth will live lives consistent to God’s Word and be living, powerful testimonies of lives changed by our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.


22 Friday ~ Thailand

The need of Burmese Bibles is urgent and essential, reports Elios Ministries. The cost of the Bible in Burmese is $3.50 per copy. Kindly pray for provision of many Bibles.


23 Saturday ~ India

As persecution of Christians increases in India, pray for God’s protection of all Emmanuel Christian Fellowship missionaries and congregations. Pray for ECF’s missionaries to continue to expand the Kingdom of God across India despite any opposition.


24 Sunday ~ South Sudan

South Sudan Mission requests prayer for a good four-wheel drive vehicle for the mission for $10,000 to $20,000. Please pray about this need.


25 Monday ~ Egypt—Praise Report!

“Mary [above] is 25 years old, from a small village in Minya governorate,” reports Reaching All Egypt. “She lives with her husband, two children and her mother-in-law. The family’s financial situation was very difficult. The husband was working for a daily wage, quarrying stone from the mountains, and most of the time he had no work. He is responsible for his family and his elderly mother. Mary took a loan from RAE to start a new microenterprise selling fodder. The microenterprise succeeded and the family’s situation improved. All the family members became happy with the change which took place.” Praise God for His work in the lives of Mary and her family.


26 Tuesday ~ Ukraine

The Father’s House main building in Kiev needs $3,430 for the reconstruction of the roof; and some funds for the repair of the heating system. Father’s House leaders are grateful for generous donations made by Intercede prayer partners recently to fix the roof.


27 Wednesday ~ Iran—Praise Report!

“Mary lives in Iran, but was introduced to us by a friend in Holland,” reports Harvest Iran Ministries follow-up team member Anna. “She has cancer which has spread to many parts of her body; intestines, and then a tumour formed in her upper leg. After sharing my own child’s miraculous healing, I prayed for her over the phone and asked her to watch the live Sama TV program with Brothers Lazarus and Sammy. She asked for prayer. Two days later, when she went for a scan, the doctors announced with amazement that there was no sign of any cancer in her body. Praise God for her complete and total healing!”


28 Thursday ~ Nigeria—Praise Report!

“Thank God that the clinic in Koma that served many people and now serves also the Hausa School of Missions and their family has now been roofed,” writes the director of a Nigeria-based ministry partnered with Intercede. “A rainstorm destroyed that building in June. Thanks to our friends who gave us the money for the re-roofing.”


29 Friday ~ Israel

Please intercede for Netivah Christian Ministries missionary Ibrahim’s wife, Niveen. “She has recently had a setback in her medical condition and needs to go through extensive rehabilitation,” explains Netivah leader Joel Goldberg. “Pray for Ibrahim and the family to be strong once again as they go through this time.”


30 Saturday ~ India—Praise Report!

Praise God for Orissa Follow-Up’s work among Unreached People Groups. OFU plans to open 100 literacy centres. Praise God for generous supporters who have given enough funds for training and educational materials for these centres.