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Prayerline & Praise Report


1 Wednesday ~ El Salvador

“We are very happy to inform that the Main Hall of the Sanctuary is in the last stages of completion,” reports Pablo Gonzales, leader of New Life Ministries. “We are finishing the walls. We need help to finish the building. We need finances for the roof, windows, doors, floors, and the finishing parts. We estimate the cost is $16,000. Please pray for God’s divine supply. Once this building is finished we will be able to open the doors for more than 8,000 people living in the immediate area.”


2 Thursday ~ India

Himalaya Crusade Sunday school teacher Mrs. Asha Bishumkey has been diagnosed with breast cancer. She is receiving treatment, which will cost $2,000 per month for 10 months. Please pray for her treatment and complete recovery.


3 Friday ~ Israel—Praise Report!

On November 8 and 9, Netivah Christian Ministries ran a large youth conference with youth attending from around the country. “We are so thankful to the Lord for His faithfulness and mercies,” writes Netivah leader Joel Goldberg. “It was a very blessed time. We really sensed the Lord’s presence and work in our midst. The theme of the conference was ‘Shalem’ (full or complete). Around 390 youth attended together with volunteer staff and youth workers. Praise God the teens left the conference refreshed and happy. We continue to pray that the Lord will watch over and guide them. Thank you for your prayers.”


4 Saturday ~ Ukraine

Pray for God’s continued blessings on and provision for GSM’s help for Ukrainians displaced by the current conflict in eastern Ukraine. To purchase food and other supplies and pay for fuel expenses for trucks to travel from West Ukraine to Donbass costs $1,340 to $2,000 per trip. Pray for a peaceful end to the current political and social turmoil in eastern Ukraine.


5 Sunday ~ Indonesia

Praise God for the dynamic growth of Oneness Fullness Witness’s house church planting operation through its evangelistic efforts every week. Pray for God’s provision for and protection of OFW missionaries and their families.


6 Monday ~ India

Praise God that Peace Ministries India has purchased the land adjacent to its main building. The next step is to raise the level of the land and construct security walls ($6,700 approximately). The long-term goal is to build a night shelter for homeless widows and a hospice for HIV patients. Please pray about this project.


7 Tuesday ~ Kenya

Cornerstone Evangelistic Ministries requests prayer for God’s provision to rebuild its church in Kareterete that was destroyed by strong winds. Now the mission will need to put up a stronger building using steel poles. This will cost almost $5,400.


8 Wednesday ~ Iran

Intercede for HIM as it provides help to persecuted Christians. Intercede for God’s protection of persecuted Christians across the Middle East. Pray for God’s protection of all Christians in Iran. Pray for freedom for Iranian churches to worship God more openly.


9 Thursday ~ Peru

“We continue to face the challenge of how to best disciple our foster daughter Janet (and her daughters Romina and Bianca) as they live with us while they prepare to live on their own in another part of Lima,” report Peter and Marta Hocking of Segadores. “The girls are responding well to the Scriptures that we are teaching them, but they have yet to surrender their lives to Christ. Please pray for a deep work of God in the lives of Janet, Romina and Bianca for a genuine conversion experience soon.”


10 Friday ~ Jordan

Thank the Lord for last summer’s successful Camp Gilead camps run by Manara Outreach Ministries. Pray for the continued success of Camp Gilead’s camps, and for many young people to receive salvation as a result. Pray also for continued contact with past years’ campers and their families, and for their salvation. Pray for $51,700 needed for updates to the camp.


11 Saturday ~ Haiti

Pray for God’s blessing on and provision for LWM’s Kingdom Kids program. This outreach costs $510 per month per village. The cost entails lesson materials, crafts, and food. Praise God for the many children who have already been reached with the Gospel through this program.


12 Sunday ~ Turkmenistan

“Our mission was able to buy in the countryside a house to serve drug addicts and alcohol-addicted people, in which people who have lost all hope for the future will undergo our rehabilitation program,” reports Churches of Turkmenistan. “In this House of Hope, people will have the opportunity not only to return to life free from dependence, but most importantly they will receive precious salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ.” Pray for the Lord to bless this program.


13 Monday ~ Kyrgyzstan

Good News Mission Kyrgyzstan missionaries face many obstacles as they take the Gospel to their countrymen. Pray for them, as they overcome cultural stigmas and opposition. Pray also for financial provision, as many work in rural areas where unemployment is widespread and providing for families is challenging. Financial gifts will greatly aid GNM’s missionaries.


14 Tuesday ~ Vietnam

“Would you pray for me, please!” requests Daniel Lee, leader of Vietnam For Christ. “I have been in the hospital the last few weeks for my gallbladder infection and stones, but when doctor did some tests, he found that I also have liver and stomach cancer.” Please pray for healing for Daniel Lee.


15 Wednesday ~ Azerbaijan

Pray for Brotherhood of Azerbaijan’s missionaries to reach out successfully to the Talysh people, and print Christian literature in the Talysh language ($9,660 needed). Praise God for the thousands of people BOA has already reached through this ministry.


16 Thursday ~ India—Praise Report!

Seven-year-old Jothi Dantani (photo) came to Bombay Revival Prayer Band’s Orphanage three years ago. “She comes from a broken family,” reports BPB’s Bethela Gabriel. “Her father is addicted to alcohol and deserted the family about four years ago. The mother is illiterate and fends for herself and the siblings selling old clothes. They lived in a slum, on a roadside pavement in a makeshift shack of plastic and cloth. Their condition was miserable. One of our staff saw these children playing near their house, and through that the mother approached us, and this child was accepted into our Orphanage. Jothi is going to Senior Kindergarten, and is learning to read and write. She is a bright child and is happy to be in the company of children at the Orphanage.”


17 Friday ~ Bangladesh—Praise Report!

“By God’s grace we have been able to start a Bible School in our ministry,” writes Louis Biswas of Indigenous Mission of Bangladesh. “We have started a six-month short course firstly by faith and by God’s grace we will increase it slowly. In these six months the students will learn 12 subjects and the class duration is four days a month. That means they will come for four days a month and they will learn two subjects. Accordingly they will learn 12 subjects in six months. Praise God that we have already completed two subjects. Although we have made the plan to start with 12 students, because of much demand we have to start this with 14 students by the Lord’s will.”


18 Saturday ~ Peru

Pray for Churches of Ayacucho missionary Delia H., who has been recently been under attack—including a break-in by thieves into her home. This has affected Delia’s mental health, so she is recovering in the city receiving psychological aid, and the ministry is supporting her. So please pray for Delia, and for funds needed for her treatment.


19 Sunday ~ Canada

At Intercede, funds are needed to pay for the new Overseas Material Aid container, as Intercede gathers goods to send to its partner ministry in Turkey. Pray for provision of thousands of dollars needed for this. Pray also that our supporters will donate needed goods to help out refugees in Turkey–such as winter jackets for children and adults, blankets, tents and propane heaters.


20 Monday ~ India

Pray for God’s continued blessing of India Christian Ministries’ work with people with leprosy, including the Lepers’ Church and the medical care program.


21 Tuesday ~ Ethiopia

Pray that monthly rental costs for Rhema Gospel Mission’s churches will be provided ($875 for five churches). Pray for a good new location just outside of Addis Ababa for one RGM church, and for thousands of dollars needed for land and a ministry building.


22 Wednesday ~ Myanmar

“Just like any country, any community, the spread of the Gospel and the growth of His Kingdom always has confrontations and difficulties, which is natural!” reports the leader of Witnessing For Christ. “But the false prophets, bogus evangelists and teachers are on the increase here in Myanmar. So we need your prayer support more than anything else. Pray for the safety of our Associated Evangelists, who are in sensitive locations; and pray for them to be wise and harmless.”


23 Thursday ~ Canada—First Nations

Pray for Rev. Stephen Stoney as he directs Attawapiskat Native Ministries, which reaches out to the youth of that northern Ontario community. Pray that the youth of Attawapiskat will find hope in Christ.


24 Friday ~ South Sudan

South Sudan Mission asks for prayer for safety for Savannah Children’s Centre children. Pray that all of them will be able to continue to live safely at the Centre, and that the civil war will stop. Join us together in prayer for a just and lasting peace for South Sudan.


25 Saturday ~ India


Praise the Lord that Good Samaritan India has raised enough funds to complete the main (ground) floor of its orphanage, which includes a bore-well. Thanks to those who have given generously. Please pray for funds needed to complete the rest of the building.


26 Sunday ~ Nigeria—Praise Report!

“Argida, Nigeria, is located more than 87 km from the nearest town and has a population in the surrounding area of about 3,000 to 5,000 people including children, women and men,” reports the leader of an Intercede ministry partner based in Nigeria. “The people virtually had no social services in the area and the people drank from ponds also used by animals. This resulted in so much of a death rate in the area as waterborne diseases have done a lot of harm to them. I want to thank Rosedale Church and Intercede—our partners who helped provide the funding for this water well borehole. As the Lord helped, the people now have clean water and finally also may have a school for the children. Thanks to all the donors who gave for this need.”


27 Monday ~ Canada

Intercede International carries out its Gospel programs with 51 indigenous ministry partners. The full-time staff works diligently to keep Canadian supporters informed about the work of partner missions. They communicate with, visit these ministries, and assist them with many challenges. Please keep Intercede staff and the financial needs of Intercede’s home operations in your prayers. 


28 Tuesday ~ India

Pray for financial provision for Orissa Follow-Up’s Women Empowerment Program. OFU has lined up six training programs to equip 200 women among three unreached people groups. The ministry requires $390 for a single training program. Each program will have 30 women at a time so OFU requires $2,340.


29 Wednesday ~ Haiti—Praise Report!

Yonel, his wife Fania, and six children were living under a tarp as a makeshift house for one year, after Hurricane Matthew destroyed their house. They lost their home and everything in it. Yonel and his family have been changed through the generosity of donors and the work of Living Word Ministries, which provided: a new duplex-style house for their family; a small plot of land for gardens; a bundle of used clothes (to be sold to restart their business). Currently, they are able to support their family from the gardens and used-clothing business. They are also a part of the church family in the village. Praise God for providing for this family.


30 Thursday ~ China

Dorothy Sun, due to health and age-related problems, is no longer traveling officially for the China Mission. Therefore please remember her in your prayers. Please also pray for God’s blessings on and protection of Rachel Zee, the current director of Intercede’s China Mission.


31 Friday ~ Philippines

Pray for provision for the agricultural project at Student Missionary Outreach’s Promised Land property ($2,750 needed). SMO needs a Farm supervisor (with basic $130 monthly support) who will manage the mission’s crop and livestock for the livelihood of their Bible school students who have few financial means to support their studies.


February 1 Saturday ~ Bangladesh

“Since we have established more new churches, we need seven more worship houses ($11,100 each),” reports Louis Biswas of Indigenous Mission of Bangladesh. Pray for the Lord’s provision for this need.


February 2 Sunday ~ Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan Christian Fellowship works with 16 people groups, reaching unreached people and bringing the Gospel to every city and village in Uzbekistan. Most of its missionaries work secretly with unsaved people, with “underground ministries.” Many Christians pay a penalty if they are caught during ministry—home group meetings, distributing Bibles if not published in Tashkent (the capital city), youth and children ministry. Pray for God’s protection of UCF missionaries as they serve God faithfully amid persecution.


February 3 Monday ~ Colombia

Vineyard of Colombia has 1,580 children connected with its ministry. They need shoes and other clothing, and VOC missionaries are praying for the provision of at least one meal per week to help their struggling parents with something. Please pray for these needs.