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Child Sponsorship


Millions of families live in simple huts easily blown away by the next typhoon. Parents who live in such conditions cannot afford education, or even food for their children. Many children die of sickness and malnutrition.

The children come in rags or naked – malnourished, untrained, and unloved. They are brought by relatives or parents who are too poor to feed and educate them. Sometimes strangers find a child wandering the streets and bring the child to the Christians to care for.

Thousands of children find love and care in children’s homes and boarding schools run by indigenous Christian groups. Assistance given through such groups to families enable thousands more to be properly nourished and educated while living with their parents. Praying sponsors who send $30 or more monthly make possible the food, clothing, and schooling of many needy children.


Through the process, young lives who otherwise would have no contact with the gospel attend Sunday School, see and experience the love of Christ in the lives of native missionaries, and seek to follow their example. Years later many will become missionaries or committed Christians in business and professions, thereby strengthening the local church in its life and witness.