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Christian Ministry Sponsorship

Adopt an Indigenous Group

Indigenous mission boards are formed when God anoints men and women from indigenous churches for special service among their own people. Since their work is beyond the scope of the local church, they band together as a team to preach the gospel, win souls, plant churches, teach the Word, and help the needy.
Several thousand indigenous mission groups are now active for the Lord in Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe, and Latin America. They have a combined total of more than 200,000 missionaries either on the field or ready to go.
Already in place, already in effective ministry, these groups, ministering primarily in impoverished areas, are able to do so much more with the help of your gifts. With Ministry Brochures and quarterly Field Reports published by Intercede International, these will keep you up-to-date on the work of your group, you are now equipped, not only to give, but to pray. Mission leaders testify to the profound impact prayer has had in the direction, effectiveness, and safety they have experienced as individuals and as a missions group.
Intercede International currently works with many ministries worldwide involved in everything from church planting and street evangelism to Bible colleges and emergency relief. Hundreds of formerly “unreached” people groups are now being reached. Perhaps you, your church, or group has a particular burden to target an unreached people group, nation, or geographical region of the world. Intercede International will seek to match you with an Indigenous Mission Group that is penetrating those areas or peoples.

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How Adopt a Mission Works

When sponsoring an Indigenous Mission Group, Intercede will provide you with a history of the group, their mission focuses, and quarterly field reports to keep you up-to-date with how your help is impacting the people that the mission you are supporting is ministering to.
Intercede International can provide you with detailed information as to in what nations we are helping God’s servants and to what peoples within those nations. Or you may choose to let Intercede choose for you. We are partnering with many groups in pioneer areas that are virtually unheard of in the west, and we seek to make their extremely effective ministries known for intercession and support.
You may choose to target one indigenous mission group or spread a regular contribution among several groups in different parts of the world. The countries listed on the response form, are not the only ones, but they are given as a starting point. At Intercede International we have published specialized brochures on each Mission group and we can help you choose a group and even provide details of each ministry’s doctrinal beliefs, practices, and ministry objectives. You will receive quarterly or semi-annual reports of each Mission’s outreach. By pledging a faith promise today, you will enable the Lord to work through you to provide a witness among the Nations for His Name.

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The Discover Program for Your Church

Survey the World. Perhaps your church or denomination has a particular burden to reach out to an unreached people group, nation, or geographical region of the world. Your church, your particular vision. Perhaps a doctrinal emphasis is valued.
The church can clearly identify its position, goals, and expectations. Intercede International, if requested, will seek to match your church’s doctrinal position and vision for mission with that of like-minded groups overseas.
Intercede International can assist your church in setting up a missions program to match your budget and concerns. Bulk publications, videos, and outstanding missionary speakers are available. These speakers offer inspiring and challenging testimonies and exclusive insight which serve to elevate the vision for mission in your church.