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Christian Student Sponsorship

As one indigenous missionary leader has said, the challenges facing native believers who wish to be missionaries are often so great that only the most devoted and most eager to study God’s Word ever even consider full-time missionary service. Whether these committed indigenous believers receive support or not, they know Christ as their Saviour, and they will fulfill His calling to take His message to the unreached in their own lands, whatever the cost. But it would be tragic indeed if God’s most promising servants were to lack support for their work! And imagine how much more far-reaching their impact for Christ might be, enhanced by the intensive training your loving generosity might provide.


Who are the students?

Most native missionary students are men and women with deep faith, great determination and self-denying zeal to reach out in their own lands to people who’ve never heard the gospel. Some missionary students are able to devote just a few months to intensive, practical Bible study. Others receive as much as four years of Biblical education.

Where are they trained?

Intercede International has contact with scores of Bible institutes and missionary training schools in “mission field” countries. Some even exist in “closed” lands, such as China, Nepal, and Turkey. Students who attend these schools sense strongly their deep need to become well-grounded in the truth of God’s Word. Yet most have very little financial support. Many come from families too poor to provide for any post-secondary education. Some students suffer rejection by their families for accepting Christ. These students–and the missions that train them—rely on the Lord for resources to pay tuition, lodging, books, food, and transportation.

What kind of training is received?

In addition to Bible study, native missionaries-in-training usually receive classroom instruction in soul winning, doctrine and combating spiritism, animism, and other false religious beliefs.
Almost every indigenous mission-field school emphasizes practical experience–some require a student to plant at least one church before he or she can graduate! (Few, if any, North American Bible schools and seminaries have such stringent graduation requirements.) This combination of classroom instruction and on-the-field experience results in strong, effective, and fruit-bearing missionaries.

702 ECF Bible school students

How much does training cost?

Indigenous Bible schools often operate on a shoestring budget–especially in poorer and “closed” countries. Despite “no frills” conditions and scarce funds, these Bible schools continue to produce highly productive missionaries, at a fraction of the cost of seminary training in Canada. In fact, an entire Bible institute in a poorer country can operate on about $30,000 for a whole year.
You”ll rejoice in knowing that you’ve enabled and encouraged these students by helping to shoulder their God-impressed burden to win souls for His glory. The missionary students will rejoice in the Lord, knowing that you share their vision and their heart to save a people for His name out of every tribe, tongue, and nation on earth!