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Multicultural Outreach

Reaching the Nations at Home
Canada has become home for people from many Nations. The world practically has come to us! Fort Erie is a Gateway for Immigrants and Refugee Claimants. Every year Refugee claimants come and live in Town, while others just pass through the city or stay for a few days. Our Home Mission – Multicultural Outreach – is two fold: To be a witness to those ones who don’t know Jesus as their Lord and Saviour – by sharing the love of God toward them in words and in actions and (2) we seek to be a bridge over troubled water, helping the Lord’s people who are fleeing from persecution and turmoil to feel welcome in Canada. Our Lord Jesus Himself was a Refugee, for the Bible declares “Out of Egypt have I called my Son”. During the time of His and his family’s persecution, Our Lord and Saviour experienced the sufffering of having to flee his home land and take up residence in a unknown land.

Refugee Claimants and Church members sharing during a summer BBQ

Refugee Claimants and Church members sharing during a summer BBQ

The SAH Program
Sharing God’s Love with Refugees

Intercede International is a Sponsorship Agrement Holder with Citizenship and Immigraton Canada. We aim to bring into Canada our Christian refugee brothers and sisters that are scatered around the world in refugee camps or in countries that are not their homeland. We seek to partner with churches or organizations that like us have compassion for the suffering Christians around the world and would like to provide for them a better place to live while their jouney continues on this earth. If you are interested in Sponsoring a refugee family or and individual, please contact Pastor Eliud Herrera and we will work together to bring our brethen into Canada.