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 A Project at Intercede International speaks of an indigenous ministry that partners with Intercede or a targeted region for missions. Programs of Intercede are carried out in these project regions and by these indigenous agencies that partner with Intercede. It is the goal of Intercede to make known these indigenous ministries and their works.



 Campaigns are special activities conducted by Intercede International in concert with indigenous mission groups having a specific identified goal and conducted over a number of years.



 Sponsorships are a method by which individuals or churches may support on a regular basis a needy child or national misionary. The great thing about a Sponsorship is that the Sponsor gets to know the child or the missionary worker by the personal reports that are sent at least once per year to the Sponsor. This means that in addition to the financial support much prayers and concern and intercession are being provided to the sponsored individual by the Sponsor .


Mission Action Teams

 On a Mission Action Team  one can Go, Serve and Receive - A Vision for Mission on the foreign mission field. Your church or group may wish to visit one of the indigenous missions you support or are interested in.


Overseas Material Aid

 Overseas Material Aid: Helping Ministries in a Practical Way

For churches and individuals that want to help an indigenous ministry in a practical way, Intercede International has a solution: the Overseas Material Aid program (OMA). OMA is all about sending shipments of needed goods and equipment to national missionaries in other countries.


Multicultural Outreach

 Multicultural Outreach is all about reaching the Nations at Home! The nations have come to us here in Canada, and Intercede has been conducting outreach and encouraging others to get involved.


Volunteers in Partnership

 Volunteers in Partnership with Intercede International is the way in which much good can be done to further the goals of the kingdom. VIP's are essential to the successful implementation of this MIssions' mandate to help indigenous ministries.


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