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Intercede Magazine  ®

  Intercede magazine, formerly known as Mission Gateway, is the thrice yearly Canadian Journal of Indigenous Missions published by Intercede International. Articles focus on the work of indigenous mission groups at work around the globe and how Christians in Canada can effectively intercede on their behalf.


Prayerline ®

 Prayerline is the Daily Guide to Intercession for Indigenous Missions, with Reports on Answered Prayers. Information is gleaned from the reports of mission leaders of more than 60  indigenous mission groups working in more than 50 nations that are in partnership with Intercede International.


Intercede News Service  (INS)

 Intercede News Service (INS) is the Christian news gathering and reporting service of Intercede International which provides Christian publishers and subscribers to RSS Newsfeeds with up to date news and information from the frontlines of the Great Commission.


Field Reports

 Field Reports are the quarterly letters written by the leaders of indigenous missions to inform Christians and churches of the effect of their partnership together in advancing the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Available upon request.


Intercede Books

 Several books published or distributed by Intercede are available. Featuring inspiring life testimonies from national missionaries.


Intercede Videos

Intercede has produced Video productions on several of the ministries we partner with and featuring also key elements of the Mission's strategy itself.


Intercede Brochures

 Brochures designed to introduce each indigenous ministry and other brochures which hilight Intercede programs, beliefs and activities are available.



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