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Book Resources

Christians in many countries are taking a bold stand for their faith, on the spiritual frontline. Intercede International has a number of exciting Books available, which can help Canadian Christians to receive a greater “Vision for Mission” to intercede for and learn about their suffering and persecuted brothers and sisters in other countries.

Our Books contain the exciting and challenging testimonies of ordinary people who were called of God to do extraordinary things in lands of poverty and persecution where the good news of the Gospel is penetrating the darkness.

Although not required we ask that consideration be given for a contribution which helps cover book production, postage and mailing costs. We normally limit one copy per Book Title per person. If multiple copies of one Book Title are required, please contact the INTERCEDE office at 1-(800) 871-0882 or email us for details.


Clay in the Potters Hand

Clay in the Potters Hand

Dorothy Sun, born and raised in China, is the product of three generations of committed Christians. She describes herself as a piece of clay in the Potter’s hand. Broken. Molded. Shaped. God never forced her onto the spinning wheel, but there she has remained through all the years of heartache and accomplishment, defeat and victory. 900CHM





The Man in the Fiery Furnace

The Man in the Fiery Furnace




This is the story of the late Dr. Freddie Sun, a geologist who was sentenced to 10 years in a prison slave labour camp in China. These years of suffering and deprivation refined him like gold in a fiery furnace, and prepared him for his later ministry. Freddie and his wife, Dorothy, were directors of the China Mission for Intercede International and Christian Aid in the U.S.A. and served as links to the underground church in China. Free upon request. 900CHM




Under the Rubble and Other Stories

Under the Rubble and Other Stories





This is the dramatic story of Patrick and Barb Lataillade, leaders of Living Word Ministries–an indigenous ministry partnered with Intercede International that works in Haiti. Featured in this book is the story of how the Lataillades survived the devastating earthquake of January 2010 in Haiti. Free upon request. 120LWM









Dorothy Sun, born and raised in China, is the product of three generations of committed Christians. He Alone is the story of one life that God has used to bring the saving knowledge of God’s mercy and grace to thousands around the world. Her story brings to life some of the history of the Second World War, and the rise of Communism. Twenty years of forced hard labour and home imprisonment due to her faith in Jesus moulded her into a faithful servant of God. Free upon request. 900CHM






In late 2019, Intercede published It All Started With A Shoemaker, by Eliud Herrera. It is a story of the power and presence of God in the life of a man who had it all and then lost it all. But God was at work in his life, and you will read about God’s transformation of Eliud’s life into a faithful servant of God—who has worked with Intercede International for the last 20 years and is its Director of Overseas Ministries.









You will be stirred by these stories, which tell the dramatic testimony of Dr. Robert Finley, founder of Christian Aid Mission (now Intercede International in Canada), and his vision for working with indigenous missions. In 1953, Dr. Finley founded Christian Aid Mission to assist indigenous evangelistic ministries in mission field countries around the world. In March 2019, Dr. Finley passed on to glory at age 96. His legacy lives on through the work of CAM in the U.S.A. and Intercede International in Canada.