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2012-2 Spring-Summer

2012-2 Spring-Summer

Miracles in Missions

Miracles in Missions
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Miracles in Missions
Table of Contents/Supporters Speak
Dramatic Healings in India
Two Raised From the Dead in Pakistan
Dramatic Conversions and Rescues in Africa
God Transforms Lives in Eastern Europe
Miracles in the Jungle
Disasters Averted, Lives Spared in Indonesia
Swept Away in a Flood
‘How Can You Live With This?’
Transformation On the Way to Attawapiskat
Blessings Amid Persecution in Laos
Visionary Filipino Ministry Leader Passes On to Glory
Haiti: Pray For Wisdom and Protection
Churches Forced to Cease Persian Services
New Life Amid Violence in Nigeria
Philippines: Ministry Finds Its Promised Land
China: Freddie Sun Healed
Cuba: Tremendous Growth
Bolivia: Adults and Children Saved
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