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Multi-Media Ministries

Multi-Media Ministries
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Using Multi-Media Ministries to Expand God’s Kingdom
Table of Contents/Supporters Speak
TV and Internet Spread Gospel in Pakistan and Iran
Modern Technology Speeds Spread of Gospel in Africa
Radio Reaches Beyond the Barriers in Southeast Asia
Reaching India Through Movies and Music
Isolated Latin American Villagers Reached With Christian Films
Broadcast Evangelism is Powerfully Effective
Come Come to Colombia
Vision of Hope For First Nations Shared at Conference
Dramatic Testimonies From Central Asia
Working For Total Transformation
Rescuing Children From Danger
Call For Christian Unity
Grateful For Generous Supporters
India: Two New Churches Planted
Nepal: Faithful New Leaders
Haiti: Amazing Results in Amazon
Philippines: Successful Spiritual Emphasis Week
About Intercede International
Helping Hidden Missionaries Reach Hidden Peoples