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End Time Missions In Focus:

End Time Missions In Focus:
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End Time Missions in Focus
Supporters Speak/Table of Contents
Rescuing Children and Seniors From an Uncertain Future
Missionaries Work Courageously in Ukraine and Beyond
Successful Youth Outreaches in the Middle East and Central Asia
Indigenous Ministries Reach Out to Syrian and Afghan Refugees
Spreading the Gospel Across Central Asia’s New Frontier
God Works Powerfully in Leaders’ Lives
Christian TV and Internet Break Through Boundaries in Iran, Pakistan
Missionaries Persevere Amid Persecution
The Drums of War
Nigerian Terrorists Become Christians
Relief From Catastrophic Bolivian Floods
Typhoon Relief Continues in Philippines
Haiti: Smiling With Joy
India: New Christians Experience Baptism and Transformation
Thailand: Principal Testifies Through Baptism
China: One of the Best Bible Schools
About Intercede International
Sponsor a Child, Save a Life