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Winter 2019



Intercede Articles

Editorial - Thanks be to god!
- Alan Doerksen

When a good friend of mine reads the Bible at our church, he often closes by saying, “The Word of the Lord—thanks be to God!” What an appropriate response to the most significant book ever written. Perhaps you have heard that phrase in your church, too.
For indigenous ministries partnered with Intercede International, the Bible is vitally important. For example, distributing the Bible and other Christian literature are integral to three India-based ministries partnered with Intercede. Thousands of people have become Christians as a result of this work.

the power of the word in Latin America
- Eliud Herrera

A new reformation is dawning in the Spanish-speaking church. From the south in Chile to the north in Mexico, and throughout the Caribbean, the historic Christian faith is spreading now more than ever. More than 400 million people speak Spanish, so this represents a significant opportunity.

bible distribution integral to india-based ministries
- Alan Doerksen

Distributing the Bible and other Christian literature are integral to three India-based indigenous ministries partnered with Intercede. Thousands of people have become Christians as a result of this work. 

The lord gave the word. Great was the company of those who published it!
- James S. Eagles

Our Fiscal year ended last June with a deficit. But hold on, there is GREAT NEWS! Due to many of our partners responding to match a $100,000 matching gift challenge offered by four of Intercede’s donors, in June, we were able to almost wipe out most of the deficit by December! Our donors gave more than $150,000 to more than match the $100,000 challenge, for a total response of $250,000! Then a Legacy estate came to us with the final amount that will completely eradicate the remaining part of the deficit! Praise be to our God! He is faithful and many of His people have joyfully responded to His call to help Intercede become financially whole again. 

stewardship: giving planned for his purpose
- James s. Eagles

The Lord has commissioned His people to take the Gospel to the entire world and He has made a way so that all of us can be involved through the responsible stewardship of the resources God has entrusted to us. In addition to the gifts that come in daily from God’s people, Intercede also receives deferred or planned gifts, which are contingent on a future time and date and which often provide a stream of income to provide for loved ones and—depending on how it is setup—a future or even an immediate donation to the Lord’s work. We call these creative ways of giving Planned Giving. Let’s take a look at some of them.

in memoriam/supporters speak

Knowing the certainty of eternal life in Christ, many mission-minded friends and family members of departed loved ones honour their lives with gifts to Intercede International in their memory. Such gifts help indigenous missionaries proclaim the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ among all nations. The names of the memorialized ones and the givers are recorded in our Book of Remembrance.

mission inspirations: anne eagles poetry

January 25, 1988
Isaiah 42:1-11

Behold my servant, my Elect
In Him do I delight
My Spirit is upon Him
Unto nations He’s a light.

haiti: from voodoo to victory

HAITI—God has delivered a Haitian man from an evil past into a bright future, report Living Word Ministries leaders Patrick and Barb Lataillade.
“Patrick and I have known Paul, not his real name, for more than 15 years,” writes Barb Lataillade. “Paul was living a life within the world of voodoo. He was serving demons, participated in RahRah (a demonic celebration at Easter time), and many other ceremonies in the voodoo culture. 

kenya: new churches and many baptisms

KENYA—In the last half of 2018, Cornerstone Evangelistic Ministries missionaries planted six new churches in Kenya, and baptized 116 new believers in one village alone.

philippines: ministry celebrATES 41 YEARS OF gOD'S BLESSINGS

PHILIPPINES—God has been blessing Student Missionary Outreach in amazing ways during its 41 years of ministry. Last August 25, 2018, about 200 SMO alumni, staff, students, both from High School and College whom SMO ministers to, and some guests flocked to the SMO Centre in Bacolod City to celebrate God’s faithfulness to the ministry for 41 years.


CUBA—Churches of the Open Bible are flourishing as missionaries reach out successfully to the children and youth of Cuba.
“The Churches of the Open Bible continue growing,” reports COB leader David Moreno. “More than 30 souls received baptism at the end of August, and started a new life in Christ.”

may 4 haiti gateway conference and itinerary

Missionaries to Haiti Rev. Patrick and Barb Lataillade both survived near-death experiences in the January 12, 2010 devastating earthquake in Haiti. Hear their personal stories of how God saved their lives. Despite the loss of their home and injuries they suffered they continue today to serve the people of Haiti. Hear how God is moving in the nation of Haiti, bringing the transforming Gospel of Jesus Christ to the unreached peoples in this nation.