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Prayerline & Praise Report


1 Friday ~ Kenya

The Ebenezer Life Centre orphanage needs five tables for $130 each and 50 chairs for $13 each so that the children can use the tables and chairs at meal times and study times. ELC also needs to replace five doors for $100. To replace the broken window panes for the dormitories will cost $200 to save them from mosquito attacks. Please pray for provision for these needs.


2 Saturday ~ Kazakhstan

New Life Ministries Kazakhstan plans to organize four-week courses in five different regions of Kazakhstan to prepare and equip people for ministry. About 120 to 150 people will go through these courses. The cost of a School of Ministry course will be $4,400. Please pray for provision.


3 Sunday ~ Nigeria—Praise Report!

Praise God for His provision of more than $30,000 in funds for two mission vehicles for Intercede’s Nigerian partner mission. These will greatly assist these missionaries to travel safely in this dangerous country.


4 Monday ~ Israel

Please continue to pray for Netivah Christian Ministries missionary Ibrahim, his wife Niveen and their three children as Niveen is still recovering from the effects of brain surgery more than a year ago and months of chemotherapy. Pray for her healing physically and for strength emotionally to press forward. She needs to go through extensive rehabilitation. Pray for Ibrahim and the family to be strong as they go through this time.


5 Tuesday ~ Liberia

Praise God that Christ Evangelistic Fellowship Ministries has dug more than 12 water wells for villages. Currently, there are 20 villages that still urgently need wells. To dig one well costs $2,870. Pray for provision for more wells.


6 Wednesday ~ Tajikistan

Praise God for Churches in Tajikistan’s work of translating and distributing portions of the Scripture. Please pray for God’s continued blessing of this work.


7 Thursday ~ Indonesia

Pray that Oneness Fullness Witness will be able to buy more Bibles to give to the spiritually needy of Indonesia, who are waiting for them.


8 Friday ~ Sierra Leone—Praise Report!

Praise the Lord! New Creation Ministries’ Calvary Children’s Home has been fully funded. Intercede has received and sent the full amount from generous Canadian donors to build and furnish the New Creation Ministries Calvary Children’s Home, for orphans in Sierra Leone who lost their families due to Ebola. Construction is ongoing. Thanks to the Lord, and to those who have given generously.


9 Saturday ~ China

Christians in China are now facing strong persecution. Pray that the Lord will continue to protect Chinese Christians including missionaries with China Mission. Pray that they will stay firm in their faith despite persecution.


10 Sunday ~ India

Pray for the Lord to comfort and provide for Orissa Follow-Up’s Markanda Hesa, whose wife Jema passed away shortly after their baby girl was born. Jema had suffered from COVID-19. They had only been married for over a year.


11 Monday ~ Philippines

“Please pray as COVID-19 cases here in our area are still surging,” requests Nenita del Mundo, leader of Student Missionary Outreach. “Last May 30 was supposed to be the celebration of our 40th Church Anniversary. But it was postponed because a member of our Church died of COVID-19. Since some members of the Church had a direct contact with the deceased member, there were church members who were under quarantine. We are back to our virtual church services and Bible studies. Our Church activities and fellowship meet at the SMO Centre. We shared the same facility. Because of this, we also at SMO were quite limited in doing in-person activities. Please pray that the in-person meet-up will be back soon.”


12 Tuesday ~ Kenya

Pray for finances to help Cornerstone Evangelistic Ministries to provide more wells to communities in need. “Last May we struck water in a Turkana Village and we praise God for this precious commodity,” reports CEM leader Timothy Kinyua. “Pray with us that God will provide a solar pump, which costs about $6,100.”


13 Wednesday ~ Pakistan

Pakistan Gospel Assemblies is building up 300 Bible study groups of men, women, youth and children—plus Sunday schools and 100 church-based Bible schools. Pray for the Lord to provide these with study materials for this great task of saving souls.


14 Thursday ~ Bolivia

Pray for health, strength and wisdom for Marcela Carballo as she now leads Serving Jesus Christ Mission. Pray for God’s comfort and encouragement for her and her family as her husband Eliu passed on to glory earlier this year. Please also pray for Elton Loras, their son, who is labouring with her in the ministry.


15 Friday ~ Uzbekistan

Pray for greater freedom for Christians and churches in Uzbekistan, and for Uzbek Christians to stay strong in their faith despite persecution. Pray for God’s protection of all of Uzbekistan Christian Fellowship’s missionaries, pastors and their families.


16 Saturday ~ Nepal—Praise Report!

Bijaya took a Christian Leadership Training course from Gospel Outreach Centre this year and testified: “My father is a pastor, and he wanted me to take part in this training. I did not want to join but my dad kept insisting so I begrudgingly obeyed. But I am glad I attended. This training has brought a big change in my heart, mind and life. I learned in a classroom setting and gained hands-on ministry experience as I observed pastors and leaders serve their local church. My respect for pastors and leaders, which I had little of before, has grown tenfold. What grueling work they have. When I get back home, instead of being one more ungrateful soul, I will assist my dad as he serves the bride of Christ. I thank the Lord for providing me with this opportunity. Thank you, GOC and everyone who contributed to this training.”



17 Sunday ~ Peru—Praise Report!

“A new and encouraging development in the work is that a Christian leader in Peru who participated in one of our missionary training programs when he was a young man, has recently contacted us, inviting us to participate in his weekly radio program, nurturing missionary vision, and stimulating prayer on behalf of the unreached tribes of Peru,” reports Segadores. “As a result, Peter Hocking [leader of Segadores] has begun giving short devotionals on the radio program, teaching on the Biblical basis of missions. In each program, the brother promotes prayer for an unreached tribe, using the information that we have provided on our prayer cards. Thank God for this new open door, and pray that He would use this radio program to raise up many intercessors and more Peruvian missionaries for the tribes of Peru.”


18 Monday ~ Canada—First Nations

During this year, it is the vision of Canada Inuit Ministries to provide online, interactive discipleship training that can be made available to believers in Manitoba’s most isolated northern communities. Please pray for God’s blessing of these plans.


19 Tuesday ~ India—Praise Report!

Bombay Revival Prayer Band’s Sharon English School, which operates for its orphans and destitute children and for village children in the surrounding area, and which is also the only local Christian school, needs a second building soon. The present school building has very limited classrooms, insufficient for the growing demand from Nursery, Kindergarten, and from Grades 1 to 10. Hence there is a huge need to build another building with eight classrooms on the campus, where space is available. This project consists of building the ground and two more floors, with eight classrooms total. Praise God that generous Intercede prayer partners have provided $50,000 for this project, leaving $102,000 left to raise.


20 Wednesday ~ Sierra Leone

Pray for a spiritual revival in Sierra Leone, which has a majority of Muslims. Pray for God’s protection of New Creation Ministries’ missionaries and new converts, who face persecution from Muslims.


21 Thursday ~ Canada

Intercede International carries out its Gospel programs with 49 national ministry partners. The full-time staff works diligently to keep Canadian supporters informed about the work of partner missions. They communicate with, occasionally visit these ministries, and assist them with challenges. Please keep in your prayers Intercede staff and volunteers, their health, and the financial needs of Intercede’s home operations. 


22 Friday ~ Philippines

Praise God for progress with developing the new Student Missionary Outreach Campsite and Student Centre in General Santos, Mindanao. SMO needs about $13,000 to continue building the next portion of the structure.


23 Saturday ~ Kenya

Kenya Evangelism Team Pastor Amos reports that his church is sinking on one side. The congregation now sits outside when they come for fellowship in fear that the building might fall on them. The place of this church is swampy. They are praying that if they can get funds, they can buy a plot in a better dry place and build a church. Please remember them as you pray, that the Lord may provide for this need.


24 Sunday ~ India

Please pray for the orphans and destitute children in Bombay Revival Prayer Band’s Shelter Ark Orphanage—for their good health, well-being and for every need of theirs to be met. Pray that they each would receive overflowing love. BPB workers are very thankful to you for your support and prayers for these orphans.


25 Monday ~ India—Praise Report!

Praise God that in recent months Siloam Evangelical Fellowship has reached thousands of people through online messages, devotional emails and online videos every month.


26 Tuesday ~ El Salvador

New Life Ministries is grateful to supporters in Canada for their love and compassion toward children of El Salvador. By God’s grace NLM has been able to provide a feeding program for 23 children once a week. This program has been adjusted due to the pandemic. Pray for the other needs of NLM’s Children’s Ministry ($800 per month needed).


27 Wednesday ~ Ukraine

Intercede for God’s continued blessings on and provision for Good Samaritan Mission’s evangelistic crusades and radio and television evangelism ministries. GSM needs thousands of dollars per year to cover the cost of evangelistic crusades.


28 Thursday ~ Nepal

The Nepali government has introduced new measures to restrict Gospel work. Pray with Gospel Outreach Centre’s missionaries for Nepal: that the doors will remain open for the work of the Gospel. Please pray for this nation to turn to God.


29 Friday ~ India

Pray for God’s provision for Himalaya Crusade’s relief help for people suffering as a result of the Coronavirus and its effects. HIC missionaries have been reaching these people with basic medical assistance, supplementary vitamins and food stocks. Thank the Lord that HIC has been able to help many such people.


30 Saturday ~ Ukraine

31 Sunday ~ Thailand

November 1 Monday ~ Philippines—Praise Report!

Praise God for the hundreds of orphans and street children whose lives have been transformed by God through the ministry of Father’s House over the years. Pray that the children and youth in the care of Father’s House will accept Jesus into their lives and grow spiritually.


Praise God that many people have been showing an interest in Elios Ministries’ Bible correspondence courses. Pray for the Lord to continue to bless this program, and for many people to become Christians after reading this literature, through the Lord’s work.


“Although the local government may have closed the door for churches to meet in person with 100 percent capacity, yet, God has opened windows of opportunities through feeding programs to children on the streets, Bible studies to people in their homes, in empty spaces, even in shaded areas,” reports Nenita del Mundo, leader of Student Missionary Outreach. “Hence, a pioneering church was started in Handumanan, which they call Felisa Christian Church. This new church is led by Pastor Junefer Oyanib. Junefer was an alumnus of SMO’s Bible Training Institute. Together with his new members, they hope to build a place where they can meet for worship every Sunday. SMO had been instrumental for them to purchase a small lot on which they are now building a structure.”