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Prayerline & Praise Report


1 Wednesday ~ India

“Please pray for recovery for Nageswara Rao,” requests Pradeep Donepudi, Director of Peace Ministries India. “He is one of the beneficiaries from our ministry’s HIV group. His wife is also an AIDS victim. He is in bed. Hospitals rejected to admit him. Please pray for him.”

620PMI-01-21 Rao

2 Thursday ~ Pakistan

Pray for God’s continued blessings on and protection of the lives and ministries of all Pakistan Gospel Assemblies missionaries and their families and all Christians in Pakistan—as persecution of Christians increases in that nation.


3 Friday ~ Nepal

Evangelical Christian Fellowship has been experiencing “a lot of difficulties with Hindu extremists,” reports the ministry. “They are disturbing the church functions. They have put restrictions on Christian believers to enter some villages under any circumstance. Recently, one of the pastors, Keshav A., was arrested and put in prison because he was preaching and baptizing. We are requesting prayers for his family.” Pray also for greater freedom for Christians in Nepal to worship and serve God.


4 Saturday ~ India

“Please pray for our urgent and very long pending need of the ministry to purchase a nine-to-12-seater van for our ministry purpose, as we are spending a huge amount in repairing our old van, which is 10 years old and in very bad condition,” requests the leader of Siloam Evangelical Fellowship. SEF needs $22,000 for a large van. 


5 Sunday ~ Liberia

“I regret to inform you that Christ Evangelistic Fellowship Ministries has lost one of its missionary workers again, by the name of Martha Tartron,” reports CEF leader James Cuffee. “She died February 28. Her death took us unaware because she was not sick at all. In fact, she was in a church service the previous Sunday and we talked together. I am hurt. She was a hard worker and committed to the church’s work. Please keep us in your prayers. Especially, please pray for her family. We miss her a lot.”


6 Monday ~ Azerbaijan

Pray for Brotherhood of Azerbaijan’s missionaries to reach out successfully to the Talysh people, and to print more Christian literature in the Talysh language (about $9,000 needed). Praise God for the thousands of people whom BOA has already reached through this ministry.


7 Tuesday ~ Cuba

Churches of the Open Bible needs funds to build or repair some of its churches. For instance, the El Purio Church needs a new building ($3,500). The ministry greatly needs construction materials. Please pray about this need.


8 Wednesday ~ India

Bombay Revival Prayer Band’s Sharon English School, which operates for its orphans and destitute children and for village children in the surrounding area, and which is also the only local Christian school, needs a second building soon. The present school building has very limited classrooms. Hence there is a huge need to build another building with eight classrooms on the campus. The total cost was $152,000. Praise God that generous Intercede prayer partners have provided $56,000 for this project, leaving $96,000 left to raise. Please pray for the Lord’s provision for this.


9 Thursday ~ Nigeria

Go Ministries needs to provide at least 12,000 Hausa Bibles to displaced people within Nigeria. Each Bible costs $2. Please pray for plentiful provision.


10 Friday ~ Ukraine

Pray for God’s continued blessings on and provision for Good Samaritan Mission’s help for Ukrainians displaced by the current war in Ukraine. Pray for a peaceful end to the war in Ukraine.


11 Saturday ~ Tajikistan

Pray for God’s blessings on and provision for Churches in Tajikistan’s work assisting Afghan refugees. “Our missionaries and Christian people who accepted Christ through our ministries are now suffering from persecution from radical leaders,” reports CIT. “We have decided to help our missionaries to escape from Afghanistan and to help our Christian brothers and sisters. Thousands of Afghani people are crossing the border to Tajikistan and they live under tents. Our missionaries are distributing food and different kinds of needs, including New Testaments and Bibles in the Farsi language. We are distributing food packages, blankets and pillows.” Please pray for more provision for this work.


12 Sunday ~ Kenya—Praise Report!

“My name is Steven Keengwe,” writes a student at Ebenezer Life Centre. “My main purpose of writing this letter is to thank you for your support through the strength of Almighty God. I joined Ebenezer Life Centre when I was still five years old. I have learnt from nursery school up to Grade 8 without any difficulty of school fees. I never paid even a penny for delicious meals being provided in the school. I have never been sent home because of lack of school fees. How blessed I count myself when I see others going home while I stay at school learning without any disturbance. I did KCPU and passed well and I have joined Grade 9.”


13 Monday ~ India

Pray for Christian Fellowship Centre’s missionaries to continue to expand the Kingdom of God in northern India, and plant many churches.


14 Tuesday ~ Sierra Leone

Intercede has received and sent the full amount from generous Canadian donors to build and furnish the New Creation Ministries Calvary Children’s Home. Construction is ongoing. Pray that construction of the compound will be completed soon. Thanks to those who have given generously.


15 Wednesday ~ Myanmar

Pray about Myanmar’s instability and fighting in many places. Pray for peace to come to that nation. Witnessing For Christ missionaries need so much of His protection daily. Pray for the health and strength of WFC workers who need to travel sometimes into very difficult areas.


16 Thursday ~ Uzbekistan

Pray for greater freedom for Christians, churches and Uzbekistan Christian Fellowship missionaries in Uzbekistan, and for Uzbek Christians to stay strong in their faith despite persecution. Pray for Christians in that nation who are being persecuted because of their faith. Pray also for aid to help Afghan Christians in refugee camps in Uzbekistan.


17 Friday ~ Indonesia

Pray for peace between Christians and Muslims in Indonesia, and for many Muslims to receive salvation. Pray for lasting peace in Indonesia, and for God’s protection of all Oneness Fullness Witness missionaries and other Christians there. Pray for the Lord to bless OFW missionaries as they share their faith with Indonesians.


18 Saturday ~ China—Praise Report!

G.S. Ministries, partnered with Intercede’s China Mission, shares this testimony: One church member was very passionate about soul-winning. This member often shared the Gospel with people in his community. Once he shared the Good News with an elderly lady. This lady responded with great enthusiasm. Later, one small group invited her whole family to come to an evangelistic meeting. They all came. This elderly lady accepted Christ at the end of the meeting. Now she faithfully attends Sunday worship every week. Praise God for her transformed life!


19 Sunday ~ Kenya

Kenya Evangelism Team missionaries are trusting God to help them build permanent church buildings. Please pray for the financial needs of KET churches currently under construction.


20 Monday ~ Vietnam

Pray for God’s protection of Timothy and other Vietnam For Christ missionaries. Pray that Vietnamese Christians who are persecuted for their faith will persevere in their faith. Pray for God’s protection of them and their families. 


21 Tuesday ~ Nepal

Pray for good health and God’s provision for all of Gospel Outreach Centre’s missionaries. Pray also for God’s protection of them and their families from evil and danger. Praise God that some GOC missionaries have recovered from a COVID-19 infection by God’s grace.


22 Wednesday ~ Thailand

“After so many years of prayers and continuing to share the Gospel in Thailand, many Thai people contact us through social media, looking for hope and the meaning of life that are missing from their hearts,” reports Elios Ministries leader Chowkee. “Continue to pray that His love will be shared through Bible correspondence, online and by telephone.”  


23 Thursday ~ India

“The Lord God has blessed Himalaya Crusade to bless the church and community to extend a lending hand for food and house supplies to landslide victims in Kalimpong,” reports Joseph Sodemba of Himalaya Crusade. Pray for God’s blessings on and provision for Himalaya Crusade’s aid program for these landslide victims.


24 Friday ~ Philippines

Praise God for providing for Student Missionary Outreach’s Promised Land Centre. God has provided SMO with generous partners in the ministry who were used by the Lord for the construction. Construction of all these is still ongoing. $7,000 is needed to complete the guest house. Last December, Typhoon Odette seriously damaged the Promised Land buildings, so $9,000 is still needed for repairs.


25 Saturday ~ Bangladesh

“Many churches of our ministry have no worship house,” reports Indigenous Mission of Bangladesh leader Louis Biswas. “That is why they are worshiping the Lord under the open sky. Please pray to the Lord so that He helps us to make five worship houses at least. All sides and roof will be tin and the floor will be brick and cement. We need for this $1,300 to $1,600 for each.”


26 Sunday ~ Bolivia

Pray for health, strength and wisdom for Marcela Carbalho as she leads Serving Jesus Christ Mission. Pray for God’s comfort and encouragement for her and her family as her husband Eliu passed on to glory last spring. Please pray for Elton Loras, their son, who is labouring with her in the ministry.


27 Monday ~ Kyrgyzstan

Good News Mission Kyrgyzstan requests: “Our need is for prayer for God’s followers, for helping new believers to become stronger in their faith, and for Muslims to whom we seek to deliver the Gospel, for their hearts to open to Jesus Christ. Please pray for churches in our region to reach unreached people effectively.”


28 Tuesday ~ India

India Christian Ministries has a vision to plant 2,020 churches in India. Pray that God will bless and provide for this vision. Pray for God’s continued blessings on ICM’s church-planting in northern India, which needs support each month of at least $1,000.


29 Wednesday ~ Colombia

One of the needs of Vineyard of Colombia’s El Boral congregation is to build a place of worship. For now even a temporary construction will help to protect the people from the elements. Please pray for $7,000 to build a permanent place. A temporary shelter can be built for $1,000.


30 Thursday ~ Nepal—Praise Report!

Gospel Outreach Centre missionaries are grateful to have baptized 25 believers since January. “God continues to save the lost through the preaching of the Good News,” declared GOC leader Anugraha. “Despite the cold weather and freezing river water, 25 people have been baptized by your Gospel partners. Would you pray for the 25 who were baptized that they will grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ?”