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Prayerline & Praise Report


1 Thursday ~ Ukraine

Praise God for blessing Father’s House Treasure Island camps this past summer, on land provided by the President of Ukraine. Pray for God’s blessings on the Treasure Island camps being held this summer. Treasure Island has several needs: sports instructors, nurses, sports equipment, board games, and utensils.


2 Friday ~ Canada—First Nations

Pray for Rev. Stephen Stoney as he directs Attawapiskat Native Ministries, which reaches out to youth of that northern Ontario community. Pray that the youth of Attawapiskat will turn away from the horrors of drug addiction and suicide and find hope in Christ.


3 Saturday ~ Philippines—Praise Report!

“Praise God for His provision!” reports Nenita del Mundo, leader of Student Missionary Outreach. “The Student Centre after the repair has no more leaks now—even if it rains hard. Another major repair was made on the water pipes at the SMO Promised Land in Murcia, Negros Occidental—where the Bible school is located. During a recent typhoon, many of our water pipes had been broken and we had no water for almost a month. Even the main source where we get our water supply suffered from broken pipelines. Thank God once again for providing for our need. Our workers, students and staff did a great job to trace where the broken pipes were and to replace them and bury them again underneath the ground. Praise God that the water supply was restored and sufficient enough for all the need. God is good!”


4 Sunday ~ Cuba

“The Churches continue to be closed in the whole country,” reports Churches of the Open Bible in Cuba. “The situation is very tense, and complicated. It is very frustrating. We know that in other countries the Internet is a great tool to reach out to the believers and non-believers; but not in Cuba. Even though we have Internet services, it is very expensive, and not available to the majority in most of the country. I record short messages of five to 10 minutes, I send them to leaders who have Internet access, and they transfer them to USB ports, and pass them over to members of their congregations, but this is a very challenging situation.” Pray for the Lord to provide for all the needs of COB’s churches, and pray that they will be able to worship openly soon.


5 Monday ~ Uzbekistan

Praise God that Uzbekistan Christian Fellowship missionaries have purchased more than 3,000 Bibles this past year in Uzbek, Kazakh, Karakalpak and Russian languages. UCF needs to buy more Bibles in the Uzbek, Russian, and Karakalpakian languages. Pray for provision of $5,000 needed for this.


6 Tuesday ~ India—Praise Report!

“One woman came to our church, because she was living in her father’s house. She had a problem,” reports Pastor Chris Doss of India Christian Ministries. “She was possessed and she could not sleep and could not eat. The woman said that the evil spirit came near her and was trying to make her kill herself and also would give her no sleep. We prayed together and the Lord gave the woman deliverance. The girl’s father called and said that she is now able to eat and sleep. Praise God!”


7 Wednesday ~ Nepal

“I have been diagnosed with motor neuron disease and second stage cancer,” reports Sareeta of Evangelical Christian Fellowship. “My prescription medicine is injection and twice-a-day oral medicine. I am doing therapy for my speech. I am considering more cancer and neurology treatment. Prayer is the best medicine for me. Keep praying for me. I have to regain my health and go to different provinces.” Please pray for Sareeta’s complete healing. She needs ongoing financial support for any future medical treatments.


8 Thursday ~ Israel

Pray for the Netivah Christian Ministries team as they plan ahead—that God will be glorified in the work and that many young people will come to saving faith in Him. Pray that they might work united in love and purpose to glorify our Lord. Pray also for lasting peace in Israel and the surrounding region, which has been hit by violence recently.


9 Friday ~ Haiti—Praise Report!

“A team from Florida was planning to build a house for a very poor family in our village,” report Patrick and Barb Lataillade, leaders of Living Word Ministries. “Because of several issues, one issue being COVID, they had cancelled the trip. Our local men were encouraged to build a metal house instead of waiting on a team to come build it. They did a wonderful job, and we are so proud of them. The house was for a family of seven children. The family was living in a very small mud house that was not safe to live in anymore. The family is overjoyed! Our local men are now making church benches. This was also a project that a mission team had planned to do. Again, they could not travel, so they sent the blueprints to Patrick and they are now working on this project.” Praise God for these creative solutions!


10 Saturday ~ Liberia—Praise Report!

Christ Evangelistic Fellowship Ministries held its annual conference in late March. “Our total attendance was 226 participants as well as our missionary workers,” reports CEF leader James Cuffee. “During the conference 36 persons gave their lives to the Lord. As the teaching, prayers and preaching went on, the presence of the Lord was great among us.”


11 Sunday ~ Egypt

Pray for God’s continued blessings on and provision for Reaching All Egypt’s work with vulnerable and poor people, including those affected severely by the Coronavirus crisis.


12 Monday ~ Myanmar

On February 1, the military took control of Myanmar following a general election in which Aung San Suu Kyi and her political party won a landslide victory. Since then, the military has declared a year-long state of emergency and has killed many protestors. Please intercede for the people of Myanmar and pray for a peaceful resolution. Pray for God to protect missionaries with Intercede partner ministry Witnessing For Christ as they serve the Lord faithfully in that troubled nation.


13 Tuesday ~ India

Pray for God’s continued blessing of India Christian Ministries’ Widow Care and Family Care programs, and ICM’s development work with women living in poverty. Praise God that ICM now supports about 165 widows every month in eight different centres.


14 Wednesday ~ India

Praise God for Orissa Follow-Up’s work among Unreached People Groups such as the Mankidias, Khadias and Lodhas. Pray for the transformation of these groups, and for strongholds to be broken. OFU plans to open 100 literacy centres. Pray for funds for training and for educational materials.


15 Thursday ~ El Salvador

Pray for New Life Ministries Missionary Mariano Saravia, (photo) who is very ill. He is at home receiving daily dialysis. He is 71 years old, and is one of the co-founders of the ministry. Please pray for his healing.


16 Friday ~ Nepal

Some of the young participants at Gospel Outreach Centre’s Advanced Tailoring Training are sick. Some had a hysterectomy at a young age. Three are suffering with kidney-related illnesses and others have other health issues. Please pray for them.


17 Saturday ~ Kenya

Ebenezer Life Centre’s schools have been re-opened, but there are so many requirements to ensure the children’s safety at school. Pray for provision of medications for ELC’s schools.


18 Sunday ~ Kenya—Praise Report!

“Praise the Lord that on March 21, Brother Thomas baptized 11 new believers in Samburu,” reports Timothy Kinyua, leader of Cornerstone Evangelistic Ministries. “Since the churches were closed because of COVID-19 we have had no baptisms. We have many people to baptize but the third wave of COVID-19 is threatening this.” Pray that all CEM churches will be able to open safely soon.


19 Monday ~ Kazakstan

Praise God for His provision of Kazakh Bibles through His people to New Life Ministries Kazakhstan missionaries. Pray for more Bibles for NLM missionaries to distribute to those waiting for them.


20 Tuesday ~ India

To provide bridging care between home care and hospital care, Good Samaritan India is actively running COVID-19 Centres at its orphanage building and at another campus. The Government requested them to do so via the Pandemic Act, but the government is not helping financially. The estimated cost of setting up the 50-bed care centre for three months is about $53,000 [$30,000 has been provided already by Intercede prayer partners] and will be run with the help of health care professionals and volunteers. Please pray for this project.


21 Wednesday ~ Kenya

“Brother Dipson Lempoe, one of our pastors from Samburu, fell down and collapsed and is in a coma and was admitted into a hospital,” reports Timothy Kinyua, leader of Cornerstone Evangelistic Ministries. “He has been given a referral to a bigger hospital. The doctor said he had a stroke on one side. Keep him in prayer as he receives treatment.”


22 Thursday ~ Egypt—Praise Report!

“We thank God for the obvious change we see in the lives of a lot of people who committed their lives to Jesus, and to believers who became nearer to God and went deeply into His Word and changed a lot of traditional beliefs they had inherited,” reports Rev. Zaky, leader of Reaching All Egypt. “Magda from Ebwan village declared by saying: ‘I knew God through the evangelistic outreach in our church and God has opened my heart. I received Him by faith and repentance. Now I live enjoying my relationship with Him and with the believers.’” Praise the Lord for His work through the good outreach ministry of RAE.


23 Friday ~ South Sudan

South Sudan Mission’s leader requests that we pray for new orphans who have come to live at the Savannah Children’s Centre. Pray for good health for them and the other children and youth currently living at the Centre.


24 Saturday ~ Kenya—Praise Report!

Odida Byron Omondi (photo), now 23 years old, joined Ebenezer Life Centre in the year 2007. “I started my nursery education, graduated and joined the best-ever good primary school of Ebenezer Christian School without paying a penny,” Odida reports. “I thank you so much for that. I sat for Kenya Certificate of Primary Education examination in 2015 and by God’s grace I passed well and joined Ebenezer Christian School – Secondary Unit in the year 2019. In 2019 through God’s grace, hard work and self-determination I got a university grade. Now I am doing internship at Ebenezer while waiting to attend Laikipia University.” Praise God for ELC’s help for Odida and many other youth.


25 Sunday ~ Azerbaijan

Pray for Brotherhood of Azerbaijan’s missionaries to reach out successfully to the Talysh people, and print Christian literature in the Talysh language ($9,660 needed). Praise God for the thousands of people whom BOA has already reached through this ministry.


26 Monday ~ Pakistan

Pray for God’s continued blessings on and protection of the lives and ministries of all Pakistan Gospel Assemblies missionaries and their families and all Christians in Pakistan, as persecution of Christians increases in that nation.


27 Tuesday ~ Ukraine

Praise God that many people have received Bibles from Good Samaritan Mission missionaries in recent months. Pray for thousands of dollars needed to purchase more New Testaments and Bibles for GSM missionaries to distribute across Ukraine.


28 Wednesday ~ Haiti

“This past year has been difficult but we know God has given us patience in persevering,” reports Barb Lataillade of Living Word Ministries. “Patrick Lataillade has not been able to return stateside very much due to COVID-19 restrictions. But God has blessed our villages in that we have had no COVID-19 victims. We shut down some activities for several months, but now are up to full, normal schedule. Mission teams have not been able to travel to help us. We have not had any outreach programs to other villages, as yet. But Patrick is hoping they can have an evangelistic outreach in August 2021.” Pray for the Lord to bless and provide for LWM’s outreach programs.


29 Thursday ~ Peru

Pray for provision for Churches of Ayacucho to buy oxygen tanks. The mission needs three for an estimated total of $2,700. These will help some communities in which COA missionaries work. Local hospitals are not well-equipped and if COA can provide help it will be very beneficial.


30 Friday ~ Turkmenistan

Churches of Turkmenistan’s missionaries have distributed 36,000 brochures with prayers of repentance. Pray that all those who receive those brochures will become committed Christians.


31 Saturday ~ Vietnam

Pray for pastors who are imprisoned for their faith in Vietnam, and for God’s provision for and protection of them, their wives and families. Vietnam For Christ provides support of $660 per year to as many of these families as possible–as they are left with no breadwinner and live in dire poverty.


August 1 Sunday ~ Peru

Pray for Augusto Diaz, an Ashaninka church-planter with Segadores who is ministering to five small congregations that he started a few years ago. He and his team risk their lives at times when they swim across a swollen river, and then hike several hours to reach the community where they will minister God’s Word. Pray for God’s protection of Augusto and his colleagues.


2 Monday ~ Jordan

Pray for provision for Manara Outreach Ministries’ work with Syrian refugees in the Middle East (thousands of dollars needed). Pray for lasting peace to come to Syria. Pray also for peace in Iraq, and for Manara’s work with refugees from than nation.