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Prayerline & Praise Report


1 Saturday ~ Philippines

Student Missionary Outreach’s Promised Land Centre (photo) now needs to secure its property (a three-hectare lot) by putting up a fenced wall and iron gate. To secure the fence and make a metal gate to enter the Promised Land, SMO will need about $2,000. Also this property has broken water pipes because of recent typhoons. Pray for $640 needed for repairs.


2 Sunday ~ Peru—Praise Report!

“Our Lord is doing miracles high up in the mountains,” reports the leader of Churches of Ayacucho. “Many are healed from COVID-19, due to the prayers of the saints, so we are seeing an increase of people knowing more about the Lord in the communities due to the physical healing for those souls.”


3 Monday ~ Jordan

Pray for Manara Outreach Ministries missionaries as they share a message of hope and encouragement with brothers and sisters within their circles of ministry and support during the Coronavirus crisis. Manara will use its resources to help as many people as possible during this turbulent time. Please pray for comfort and healing for those affected by COVID-19.


4 Tuesday ~ South Sudan

Praise God for His generous provision for South Sudan Mission and its Savannah Children’s Centre, and for the Canadian Christians who have been supporting and praying for this project. Pray for God’s protection of SSM missionaries and the children in their care from the Coronavirus.


5 Wednesday ~ Egypt

Reaching All Egypt urgently needs Bibles (about $6 each) to spread the Gospel among the unreached in Egypt. Pray for a plentiful supply of Bibles to distribute.


6 Saturday ~ Israel

“Please keep on praying for us at Netivah as we strive to connect and provide opportunities for fellowship (even in small numbers) and create new online tools to encourage and support the Body,” requests Joel Goldberg, leader of Netivah Christian Ministries. “Pray that we will be wise and creative as we seek to be relevant and effective in reaching out to the youth and soldiers. Pray that we may be a support for them and the youth leaders during the Coronavirus time and afterward.”


7 Sunday ~ Philippines—Praise Report!

“Glory and praises to God!” declared Ruth Palma, leader of Smoky Mountain Ministries. “To rent a pool for baptisms is expensive and we had many expenses. So God in His omniscient power helped me remember the Baptismal Tank made by my husband a long time ago in 1985, when we worked at Balut Baptist Church outside Smoky Mountain before we did full time ministry at Smoky Mountain. And in the same year 1985 he baptized 16 people from Smoky Mountain. On Saturday, December 5, we baptized 15 saved souls who declared that the old self is dead unto sin but alive unto God to serve, honour, love and praise Him. Thank You, Lord. That is part of the goodness of God.”


8 Monday ~ India

“I, myself, was a victim of COVID-19,” writes Good Samaritan India leader Joshua Daniel Adipi. “My parents (Father 79 and Mother 73) got COVID-19, and later it spread to all 23 family members in Tarlupadu. Some went onto a ventilator and some didn’t. At one point of time, I felt myself that I was done. But by His grace, I was saved on several different occasions. God is so gracious to me and my family.” Pray for God’s protection and healing of Adipi’s extended family.


9 Tuesday ~ Ukraine—Praise Report!

Father’s House has helped not only the children in its care, but also those in need from the local community. Thanks to cooperation with the heads of nearby villages, Father’s House missionaries were able to reach more than 100 disadvantaged families in recent months. With the help of additional fundraising and with the involvement of partners, missionaries created and distributed food kits and essential hygiene products in the community. Praise God for this opportunity.


10 Wednesday ~ Kenya

Pray for peace in some parts of northern Kenya, especially in Marsabit and Turkana regions where there are serious tribal conflicts happening among the communities there, requests Cornerstone Evangelistic Ministries leader Timothy Kinyua. Please pray for safety of CEM missionaries as they sometimes face persecution.


11 Thursday ~ Haiti

Pray for God’s blessing on and provision for Living Word Ministries’ Kingdom Kids program. This outreach costs $520 per month per village. The cost entails lesson materials, crafts, and food. Praise God for the many children who have already been reached with the Gospel through this very effective program.


12 Friday ~ India— Praise Report!

“Mr. Chhabi Nayak is working as a driver. He drives a car and earns an income and manages his family,” reports India Christian Ministries. “After the government declared a lockdown, his employer said that he cannot pay his salary and so he did not receive any salary for two months. His family is Christian but the whole family was in hunger. He did not have any savings. Whatever food they had was gone and they had just enough for one more day. During that time ICM distributed groceries to him. He was very much excited that he carried the rice bag on his head and he felt very happy. He expresses his thanks to God and also to you for the poor people. With your help they are having food daily.”


13 Saturday ~ Kyrgyzstan

Visiting hospitals and helping people in need are especially important during the pandemic that has affected large families—especially people with disabilities. One of Good News Mission Kyrgyzstan missionaries’ tasks is to help more than 2,500 families. They provide help and hope in Jesus. Through this ministry, God has given them an opportunity to reach people and open seven new home churches in the last few months. Please pray for this vital ministry.


14 Sunday ~ Nepal

Intercede for Evangelical Christian Fellowship missionaries—that the Lord will grant them wisdom and knowledge to do the right thing for people, and make the right decisions regarding the Coronavirus and its effects. Pray for ECF’s COVID-19 relief work.


15 Monday ~ China

Pray for the teachers and students of China Mission’s X. Bible School. Pray for the need of MP3 players that will be used to share the Gospel with Kazakhs. Each player costs $33.


16 Tuesday ~ Tajikistan

During the Coronavirus epidemic, Churches in Tajikistan missionaries have a chance to visit families in different villages and help them. They offer some food and use the opportunity to share the Gospel. As a result, 30 percent more people are interested in learning about Jesus, prayer, and salvation. Many freely accept a Bible or a New Testament. Pray for God’s continued blessings on this work.


17 Wednesday ~ Nepal —Praise Report!

Praise God for Gospel Outreach Centre’s GLOW ministry and the many people it has impacted for God’s Kingdom. Pray for God’s continued blessings on this ministry, especially its COVID-19 relief work. Praise God that GOC has been able to provide relief to many people who are suffering as a result of COVID-19. Praise God that GOC could provide food rations to 70 families in Makawanpur among the most primitive community in Nepal, the Chepangs. They were happy and pleased to receive the relief.


18 Thursday ~ Kenya

“We thank God for the gift of life and continue to pray for people all over the world who have suffered from the COVID-19 pandemic,” writes Winnie Owiti, director of Ebenezer Life Centre. “Thank you for having helped the many children who needed food.” ELC’s schools have been opened but there are many requirements to ensure the children’s safety at school. Pray for provision of medications for ELC’s schools.


19 Friday ~ Jordan—Praise Report!

“What a joy it has been for us the last days to sort out hundreds of clothes boxes for distribution,” declares Isam Ghattas, leader of Manara Outreach Ministries. “In early December, we gave away 483 clothes boxes to 161 Syrian refugee families at five camps in the Mafraq area, which is five kilometres away from the Jordanian-Syrian border. Each family has received three boxes of men’s, women’s and children’s clothing. What a delight to see their smiles and happy faces—it brought so much joy to our hearts!”Manara also distributed packages of Christian educational and colouring sets, hygiene kits, gifts and snacks to 1,540 children late last year.


20 Saturday ~ Bangladesh

Please pray for God’s healing for Elizabeth Debnath, who suffered a heart attack in late January. Elizabeth is the wife of Indigenous Mission of Bangladesh founder, the late Timothy Debnath. IMB needs funds to treat her in a private clinic, because no beds were available in a nearby hospital. Please pray for the divine intervention for healing and provision.


21 Sunday ~ Colombia

“In spite of all the protective measures, we have experienced the attack of COVID-19,” reports a missionary with Vineyard of Colombia. “At least five cases have been reported in our Mission. We have been supporting them and their families in prayers, and also financially. Pray that they will recover soon.”


22 Monday ~ Pakistan

In Pakistan, children at brick kiln factories are involved with parents in bond labour—making bricks for their living. Pakistan Gospel Assemblies is focusing on opening hope centres for these children’s literacy and education. Pray for provision for this project.


23 Tuesday ~ India

Pray for God’s continued blessing of and provision for India Christian Ministries’ work with people with leprosy, including the Lepers’ Church and the medical care program.


24 Wednesday ~ Peru—Praise Report!

Last October the leader of a large association of churches in Peru contacted Segadores leader Peter Hocking asking him if he could orient their missionary candidates on how to best reach out to the tribes of Peru, so that these tribes could be effectively reached with the Gospel. “What a big challenge!” reports Segadores. “Peter accepted the request. Carefully, he prepared two PowerPoint presentations: ‘The Spiritual and Social Realities of Peru’s Tribes’ and ‘The Necessary Strategies for Effectively Leading Them to New Life in Christ.’ On November 4 Peter gave this teaching to 30 key Christian leaders and missionary candidates (using Zoom technology). The kinds of questions that surfaced during this orientation showed that Peter’s teaching was challenging many of the traditional ways of doing missionary work. At the end, Peter was asked to continue giving them more guidance and training as to how to reach tribal peoples more effectively for Christ. Pray that God will guide in our future cooperation with this association of churches.”


25 Thursday ~ Iran

Intercede for Harvest Iran Ministries as it provides help to persecuted Christians. Pray for God’s protection of persecuted Christians across the Middle East. Pray for God’s protection of all Christians in Iran, especially those in prison, and for release of those prisoners. Pray also for freedom for Iranian churches to worship God more openly.


26 Friday ~ Egypt

Reaching All Egypt urgently needs Bibles (about $6 each) to spread the Gospel among the unreached in Egypt. Pray for a plentiful supply of Bibles.


27 Saturday ~ Thailand—Praise Report!

“We were able to conduct our 26th Evangelistic Meeting from December 10 to 12, 2020 at a hotel in Bangkok,” reports Elios Ministries leader Rev. Chowkee. “We invited 88 non-Christians to join; 87 people accepted Jesus Christ and 55 people decided to follow Jesus Christ by taking water baptism as well. Praise the Lord!”


28 Sunday ~ South Sudan

https://intercedenow.ca/product/missions-where-most-needed-24/Praise God for His generous provision for South Sudan Mission and its Savannah Children’s Centre, and for the Canadian Christians who have been supporting and praying for this project. Pray for God’s protection of SSM missionaries and the children in their care from the Coronavirus.


29 Monday ~ Azerbaijan

Pray for increased freedom for Azerbaijani Christians to worship God without obstructions from authorities. Pray for God’s protection of Brotherhood of Azerbaijan’s missionaries, pastors and their families.


30 Tuesday ~ Nigeria

Intercede’s partner ministry in Nigeria’s missionaries need to provide at least 12,000 Hausa Bibles to displaced people in Nigeria. Each Bible costs $2. Please pray for plentiful provision.


31 Wednesday ~ Turkmenistan

Churches of Turkmenistan’s missionaries have distributed 36,000 brochures with prayers of repentance. Pray that all those who have received or will receive those brochures will become committed Christians.