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God is enabling indigenous missions to work in powerful ways in the Middle East and Central Asia. These regions are the cradle of civilization and include many Biblical lands. We will explore these regions and the ground-breaking work of Intercede’s partner ministries in this issue.

Although I have never travelled to Central Asia, my grandparents on both sides of the family were born and grew up in part of southern Russia in between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea.  They lived in an area just slightly north of Georgia (the other one) and Azerbaijian.

Manara is the Arabic word for lighthouse, and Manara Outreach Ministries shines the light of God across the Middle East through its Christian literature, refugee and youth work.

Manara’s book ministry started in 1977 as a bookshop serving the evangelical community in Jordan. Over the years this ministry has expanded immensely. Today it holds displays in secular book fairs and exhibitions throughout the Middle East, using educational books along with Scriptures and Christian literature.

Netivah Christian Ministries is an inspired indigenous youth ministry based in Israel that works with both Jewish and Arabic youth. Through conferences, camps, and online events such as Bible studies Netivah has been engaging youth in enthusiastic ways—even during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Netivah became a partner of Intercede International in 2013. Intercede’s Eliud Herrera, who visited the ministry in the summer of 2013, explained, “This is a fantastic opportunity for us to bless the nation of Israel through the work of Netivah. We are excited that God has made this connection for us, after many years of prayer about it.”

Reaching All Egypt has given hope to thousands of unemployed young people by equipping them with marketable skills or enabling them to start new microenterprises to earn their living. In 2012 Intercede began to work with RAE, which is based in Cairo. Started in Egypt in 1995, it is a holistic Christian ministry working in four areas: spiritual, social, practical development and health.

RAE’s main goal is “to preach the Gospel,” asserts founder and leader Rev. Zaky (name changed for security reasons). “But we can’t preach the Gospel to an empty stomach. So we use development activities to introduce ourselves to the community and to begin making some bridges with the people. It leads to preaching the Gospel.”

New Creation Ministries’ Calvary Children’s Home for orphans in Sierra Leone is progressing well. “We have made tremendous progress on the project as we hope to have the children in very soon, all being well,” reports NCM leader Mitford Macauley.

“Dormitory 1 is more than 95 percent complete; just some finishing touches to go. Dormitory 2 is more than 80 percent complete and work is ongoing to see it completed very soon.”

Ramya is studying in Grade 10 and hails from a Hindu background, reports Siloam Evangelical Fellowship leader Mariamma Buraga. “Her parents have financial problems, and due to that they were never sending her to school. But she comes to our Children’s Bible Club regularly and Sunday school every week. Then we talked to her parents and convinced them to send her to school.

“Several of our missionary co-workers were able to travel to rural areas of the jungle in recent months,” reports Segadore leader Peter Hocking. “This way they discovered that in rural areas there is much more freedom for ministry, and little danger of infection from the COVID virus!”