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Winter 2021




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Editorial - Surviving and Thriving Through the Pandemic - Alan Doerksen

For better or worse, 2020 was the year of COVID-19. That virus changed a lot for Intercede international and its partner ministries. But despite challenges posed by COVID-19, God has helped Intercede and its partner ministries to survive and thrive.

Here at Intercede, last spring some of our staff worked from home for several weeks, because of the national lock-down of businesses at that time. I worked from home for five weeks, and took some time to adjust to the different working conditions. To achieve this, I needed to bring an office computer system home and get it connected with the office network, with some computer tech help. 

Faith in a Time of Crisis
- Eliud Herrera

The Word of God is filled with wonderful promises, and now more than ever we need to rise up in faith and believe them. The COVID-19 crisis has affected the whole world, and in developing countries the situation is worse than anywhere else.

As I requested information from our ministry partners in Central and South America and the Caribbean, I had the opportunity to hear some of the leaders in phone conversations, and with others only by email, but all of them concurred in one thought: “God is merciful and full of compassion.”

2020 Annual Report: A Year Like No Other
-James. S. Eagles

Early in the morning hours of the fall of 2018 I heard the Lord Jesus speak to me these words:  “A reign of terror is coming to Canada.” At the time, I interpreted this to mean that terrorists were going to attack Canada in a big way. I was very troubled by what I heard and I prayed and told the Lord that I did not want my loved ones and our nation to be attacked by terrorists.  But as we entered into 2019 I sensed I needed to understand just what the Lord meant.

Then in December 2019 and January 2020 the News began to report on the Coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, China. 

Stewardship: Giving Planned For His Purpose
- James s. Eagles, President

The Lord has commissioned His people to take the Gospel to the entire world and He has made a way so that all of us can be involved through the responsible stewardship of the resources God has entrusted to us. In addition to the gifts that come in daily from God’s people, Intercede also receives deferred or planned gifts which are contingent on a future time and date and which often provide a stream of income to provide for loved ones and—depending on how it is setup—a future or even an immediate donation to the Lord’s work. We call these creative ways of giving Planned Giving. Let’s take a look at some of them.

In Memoriam

Knowing the certainty of eternal life in Christ, many mission-minded friends and family members of departed loved ones honour their lives with gifts to Intercede International in their memory. Such gifts help indigenous missionaries proclaim the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ among all nations. The names of the memorialized ones and the givers are recorded in our Book of Remembrance.

Different Opportunities to Serve God in Southeast Asia During Pandemic
- Alan Doerksen

Despite obstacles cause by COVID-19, some of Intercede’s partner ministries in Southeast Asia have found good and slightly different opportunities to serve the Lord during the pandemic.

For instance, Indigenous Mission of Bangladesh missionaries Ajit Paul and his wife, Maya, have been visiting IMB’s various churches to distribute masks among believers in Naogaon District. In Porsha Upozila on the way they found a few tribal people without masks on the street, reports IMB leader Louis Biswas. “So, they stopped and asked them, why they were on the street without masks in this Coronavirus pandemic—because it is not good for them. They replied, ‘We have no masks and since we have no work because of this Coronavirus. That is why we cannot buy our food. Then how we will buy masks?’

He Left a Legacy of Love
- Alan Doerksen

One of the most significant people in my life has always been my father, Daniel William Doerksen. Last August 6, he passed on to glory at age 88. Allow me to tell you something about who he was and what he meant to me.

You might know me as the Managing Editor of this magazine, but I am also the second son of Daniel and Nettie (Nan) Doerksen. What a privilege it is to be the son of two faithful, talented, thoughtful and caring people!

Intercede Sends Overseas Material Aid Shipping Container to Turkey

FORT ERIE, Ont. (INS)—Generous prayer partners helped Intercede International to fill its latest Overseas Material Aid (OMA) shipping container with goods such as books and winter clothing for two ministries in the Middle East. Intercede sent out the container on November 6, bound for Turkey, and it reached Turkey in the third week of December.

UKRAINE: Father’s House Had Successful Year of Ministry

UKRAINE—Father’s House has had a successful year of ministry and has seen the lives of many youth transformed through God’s power.

‘From the bottom of our hearts, we would like to thank you for your great support of our ministry,” Father’s House leader Roman Korniyko reported to Intercede in a recent Field Report.

UKRAINE: Providing the Most Important Thing

UKRAINE—Providing Bibles is “the most important thing for our country is to be blessed and have strong future,” asserts Slavik Radchuk of Good Samaritan Mission. GSM missionaries have consistently evangelized Ukraine and neighbouring countries and provided Bibles to people who have requested them. 

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